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She walked on and on until she could bear the burning sun above her she walked in the hot sun just for her love who had gone away from her foolishness and misunderstanding she didn’t have any option but to search for her love who had gone away she didn’t lose her hope but her efforts were of vain it had been a month that she had been searching for him were ever she got a clue about him now she had no option than move on in life rather than searching her love for a month .

Than she gets a flashback
Guy : Naira listen I want to tell u something ..( yes the girl who I described above was naira and the guy is none other than karthik)
Just then he gets interrupted by Naira .
Naira : Karthik just stop it Ik that u want to take revenge from us so plse Karthik just don’t fool me ….
Karthik : Naira plse listen to me for some time plse ..
Naira : k what u wanted to say first u fooled my family and then trapped my sis Gayu in ur love ..
Karthik : No naira plse its not the truth plse believe me …interrupted by Naira
Naira : plse karthik stop this nonsense
Karthik : Naira listen to me I didn’t fool anyone ur misunderstanding me seriously Naira I didn’t trap ur sis….
Naira tries to go but Karthik pulled her close to him …
Karthik : (angry tone ) listen Naira don’t test my patience I agree that I was bad and was going tale a revenge of my dads death but I changed completely for ur sake Naira only for ur sake……..Naira tried to free herself from Karthik’s tight grip but she failed in freeing herself as karthik had held her tight ….
Karthik : Naira the reason I changed was that ….
Naira : what karthik ….
Karthik : That is that is… I …. I love u Naira ( speedily)
Naira : Karthik what are u saying I don’t believe it ur saying a lie right ( cries continuously )
Karthik : Naira listen ( while wiping her tears ) Naira its the truth u have to believe it and Naira I don’t trap gayu in my love but she misunderstood me ……
Naira : stop this nonsense karthik I always treated u as a friend but u ….u thought our relation more than friendship …..
Karthik : ( while losing his grip over Naira ). Naira ik that ur confused but I really love u a lot and yeah I’ll be waiting for ur response ….
Naira : Just leave me alone …..just go away …
Karthik : k so Naira I’ll be waiting for ur answer until tmrw evening if u don’t give any answer or u say no then I’ll surely leave this city and go to Delhi ….
Naira runs away from that place . Later even karthik leaves the place crying .) FLASHBACK ENDS

Naira : I should have given my answer that day but I was too late that’s why I lost him its been a month and still I didn’t find him …..ik that he had delayed in the airport but now he’s been nowhere I asked everyone but no ones knows about him …in that he’s in this city itself but where to find him .

Naira returns home sad Akshara sees it and tries to console her but she didn’t listen so she said Naitik to speak with Naira eben akshara and gayu went to her room as Naira was sitting and crying taking the pic of Karthik .
Naithik : My princess don’t waste ur tears but save it for further so that if u meet Karthik then u can cry of happiness ……..Naira doesn’t stop crying ..
Akshara : plse Naira stop crying ur gangamaiyya will surely help u find Karthik and unite u’ll very soon.

Gayu comes and sits beside Naira in the bed and tries to console her saying ……
Gayu : plse Naira ik that u misunderstood Karthik and I too know that I had a crush on karthik but I didn’t love him as u ur love is more powerful than mine so don’t lose hope and try searching Karthik …crying over her sis condition even all the family members including Misti tries to console her…..Misti comes near her and wipes her tears …
Misti : Naira Didi plse don’t cry ik Karthik very well hell surely understand ur feelings as he used to understand it before also so don’t worry and be happy…..and tickles Naira ………Naira wipes her tears and starts to laugh everyone gets happy and devyaani and karishma take Misti to her room .

Everyone go to their own room except Gayu she stayed over there so that she could look after her sis who had sacrificed her love for Gayu’s sake …..just then Naksh enters and tells Gayu to rest and he’ll take care of her ..
Naksh sat near Naira and made her sleep she slept peacefully this time .
Naksh : (in his mind ) ik Naira tjat u wont sleep always peacefully ik that u have spent many nights weeping and mourning for Karthik u get many bad dreams and also good dreams about karthik and ik that ull surely get ur love when u get him ur nights will never go tensed and desirable to meet him as he’ll be with u ..i wish u take care of ur self and i promise from today even I’ll help u find him .And Naksh dozzes off in the chair he was sitting in .In this one month the family already had got to know about Naira’s feelings for karthik ..

Next morning …
Naira gets up and sees Naksh sleeping in the chair and lifts him up and makes him sleep in the sofa nearby so that he dosent get cramp in the neck as she cared a lot for brother .
Naira dresses up neatly and again sets off to find karthik she was now desperate to find him as she felt him around her somewhere .

Now she set off to find him in the market so that she could get some info about him she was now walking aimlessly in her own thought about karthik than she dashes a guy and was about to fall but there was a strong grip which had prevented her from falling while she had closed her eyes and while she had opened it to find out who was it the strong grip which had held her tight she was shoked to find him as he was none other than her love one and only Karthik they had a eye lock and a lovely music lo maan liya humne hai pyaar nahi tumko from Raaz Reboot was playing in the background but they were disturbed by the noise in the market and broke their eye lock .

Naira : Karthik plse listen to me I want to speak to u its really important .
Karthik : plse Naira I don’t want to listen any hung now ………saying this he started to leave. And Naira was following him and pleading him to listen (music still playing in background ) But Karthik Crossed the road and while Naira was crossing a apeedly moving car came and dashed her and she was thrown far away she called out for Karthik and while he turned to look Naira was covered in a pool of blood he rushed to her and lifted her and took her in his arms while carrying her…..

Naira : Karthik…..k
Karthik : don’t worry Naira nothing will happen to u promise ….just don’t close ur eyes
Karthik : Karthik ……..breathing hardly …..
I love u ….karthik
Karthik was shocked to her response but took her to hospital ASAP while crying and he admits her to the hospital and rushes her to the OT the doc didn’t allow him to her inside and made him to stand outside and clear the formalities ……….

So Karthik rushes and fills and clears all formalities and phones Naira’s
Family after about an half an hour everyone reach the hospital and she karthik crying even Akshara started to cry seeing Karthik and runs to see her daughter the family were desperate to know their child’s condition …….after a while the doc comes out and informs them that she’s out of danger but there’s something else that shook the family to nightmare that is that Naira will suffer from Brain tumor this was later told to Naira when had gained conscious….

Later after a month she was discharged from the hospital and there was ongoing celebration in the house and guess what was it ……

It was nor Naira’ s welcome it was her marriage with karthik at last after so many sacrifices they will become one soul in this holy relationship and yes they married and lived together in their own new designed as their dream house ……house full of frogs painting with its pair the princess its was a beautiful house later that month even Gayu married a guy who took care of her well and the guy was Mishkit from aur pyaar ho gaya (idk his name properly but the hero of aur pyaar ho gaya )

So now after a year kaira had a baby girl cute and adorableand her name was kept as KAIRA and later they had a baby boy whose name was kept as NAITHIK and while questioned by the family why the boy’s name was kept naithik as even Nairas dads name was Naithik they replied happily the they added their boths name for both the child that’s KARTHIK + NAIRA = KAIRA AND NAIRA + KARTHIK = NAITHIK …..

The family was really happy from all this good news of children’s but there was still a worst nightmare awaiting to turn their whole life that’s later that day Naira was admitted to the hospital and she died because of brain tumor the whole family was mourning on her death karthik was just left like a dead body without its soul he used to spend his nights mourning for Naira crying in his room thinking about their nok jhoks their fightings their love confessions but he still had a hope that he can live that was his two child’s he lived for their sake but he didn’t leave the thought he’d captured of Naira the room was decorated all over with Naira’s pics

Now it had been 7 years the children had grown up they used to miss their mom but they never complained about it because they meant their dad karthik as their mom also and even dad ……

As karthik used to take care of them dearly they were really happy with their dad he used always tell them story’s about his and their moms Naira they used to like their love stories and thus stayed happily with their dad …..


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