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hello everyone.. this was my first competition and i’m sad to say even though many of you entered, only a few mailed me..
anyway guys it was so hard to choose 5 so i chose more.. here is the people i’ve selected.

NOTE: If you had not started like this: she walked on and on until… i have not selected you

1) ishq kudha hai
2) sorry you are not my type
3) the dreadful, the delight
4) rosid- the unconditional love
5) a ff on kaira ( the author did not give the story a name so i just wrote this)
6) a perfect love in the world of imperfections
7) my incomplete love story
8) the winner
9) love begins with fight, but ends with misunderstandings
10) urmila’s gift
11) OS on MATSH
12) password to my world is you..

guys i’m sorry if your story is not here.. it’s probably beccause of the starting.


for the votings- you can only vote for 3 stories (yes the author can vote for their story, but don’t let them know)
When you are voting make sure to comment like this : # I VOTE FOR THIS.
don’t let the others know which story is yours..

so hope you enjoy..

there were many stories on:

yeh hai mohhabatein, ishqbaaz, swaragini, meri aashiqui tum se hi, siya ke ram, yeh rishta kya kehlata hai.

stories will be uploaded soon..

priya xxx

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  1. Pri_24

    I do not understand any thing can any one explain me plz????

    I wanted to know plz plz humble request…

    1. Funclubs

      It’s a competition… Please check my other post where I have explained the rules..

  2. oh thats awesome . very excited to read all the stories . thank u for such a good idea and the competition u have organised . it is good that u have not posted the story wid the author’s name , if u would have done so people would have voted for their friends . can u pls tell me how many stories i can vote ?

  3. could you plzz give an article with links of all the os after submitting every os…

    1. Arshi

      You can check here.. too… like what r all the stories she has posted till now…

      Till now…

      1. Ishq khuda hai

      2. Pure relationship

      3. Sorry you r not my type

      4. Rosid unconditional love

      5. The dreadful delight

      6. A ff on kaira

      7. Perfect love in the world of imperfection

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