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m writing about yrkkh ,kaira mainly but also a bit about naksh

She walked on and on and on until she finally saw kartik!!

Naira:kartik!! Wait plz …atleast listen to me

Kartik doesnt listen n keeps on walking away n away!

Naira runs n hugs him from back tightly!!

kartik: leave me naira …i know wat u r gonna say!!

Naira: no u dont!! I know naman chachu made u resign n forced u to leave udaipur …

Kartik is silent for a while

Naira: plz tell me wat is he blackmailing u for?

Kartik:u!! He threatened me to hurt u using some of his men …he thinks i m the reason y he went to jail!!

Naira: u did all this just to protect my life!!

Kartik: ohh miss who said its just …its everything tht matters to my heart to beat…

Naira:kartik plz dont leave plz….life without u is as it is lifless …u know wats better than getting separated from u…getting kille…

Before completing ..kartik kept his finger on her lips…n gets teary

Kartik: naira …u dare not say tht….u dont even realise wat u r saying!! Thts y i never wanted to tell u this!!

Naira: but kartik ….how can u just go…if u r going then i will go with u…its final

Kartik:naira no tht cant happen…how can u come with me ..u have ur family here…by wat relation will they consider u to come with me!!

Naira holds kartik’s hand n says i will go with u as …Mrs. Naira Kartik Sharma!!

Kartik looks at her at big shocked eyes n says wat!! Naira but i dont know where i will be going ….n marriage is like for life long…u deserve much better

Naira: shush!! Its enough ….u r so much more than wat i deserve …i will always want u as my life partner!!

Kartik: but wat about ma’am n sir ….

Naira: we got to talk to them!!

Kartik:really do u want to do this?

Naira nods yes

Kaira go to singhania mansion


Kartik: naira promise me u r gonna keep the thing about tht threat of naman sir withbu only ..i dont want anyone else to feel bad!!

Naira: promise!!

Kaira goes inside!

Naitik: arrey kartik beta u ? Did u forget anything here?…ohh wait did u come to say sorry then its not needed beta …we understand ur point of view…n oye blessing is always with u….

Kartik: sir actually it was something else i needed to talk to u and ma’am in private!

Naitik: sure kartik …

Akshara naitik n kartik go to lawn n talk

Kartik: sir ma’am i have respect for u people very much…i never have n will never break trust of u guyz …thts y i wanted to ask a very important ques to u both

Naitik n akshara: yes yes beta go ahead

Kartik closes his eye n takes a long breath

Kartik: i and naira want to marry each other we love each other …it hasnt been very long …but trust is its very true n unconditional love

Naitik and akshara give a shocking look n call naira

They both ask kaira: is it true?

Kaira: yes

Naira: mumma papa u know me…how i cant trust people easily but with kartik ..i feel so me…ik u all have watched us fight but at tht tym we didnt realise our love…plz mumma n papa dont be angry

Naitik n akshara look at each other n nod

Akshara having a angry look goes to naira n raises her hands….just then kartik shifts naira n comes at her place to take the slap to his face….

Kartik: ma’am slap me or punish me …not naira …plz ma’am

Akshara n naitik smile

Kaira shocked at this

Akshara: beta i wasnt hitting her i was just going to console her but seeing ur concern for her ..i n naitik have become more sure tht we took a ryt decision

Naitik: yes ! We r ok with u guyz marrying each other !

Kaira smile n look at each other with eyes filled with tears of happiness…naira come n hug naitik n akshara…

Naitik n akshara see kartik standing there

Naitik: kartik beta come here

They hug him too….naksh was observing all this n he too rushes n says

Naksh: matlab u all forgot me!!

Then all five of them share a hug ..n release it

Naksh: so kartik ..i was partially ryt about u since the first day !!

Kartik scratches his head n says woh naksh ..i ..

Before he can complete

Naksh: i hope i dont have to give u the big bro talk ….but as everyone has to…so if u ever ever make my 007 cry then u will have to face some bad crisis!!

Kartik: i get it naksh …but to be clear …i will not let any crisis even touch naira ever!!

Naira looks at him smilingly

Akshara: ahem ahem!

Kaira get attentive n shy

Naitik: now lets go in n share this news wid everyone ok!

Everyone goes inside …everyone was waiting for them to come n inside n share watever happened
Everyone was present including gayu mishti n gayu’s dadi(GD)

bhabhima: wat happened muna!! Is everything fyn!

Naitik: no bhabhima now everyone’s work has increased by so many levels

Rajbanna: but y munna?

Naitik: marraiges bring a lot of work thts y

Evryone: marriage?

Gayu n GD thinks kartik confessed his love for gayu n his wish to marry gayu to naitik (according to past GD knows everything though karwachauth hasnt happened yet..gayu only told her)

naksh: papa u r twisting it so much…its marriage of sabka fav kartik ….n…..(at this point gayu was going to come foreward as she thought its her name) our dear ….daughter of this house ‘agent 007’

Everyone shocked in a happy way except GD n gayu….

Devyanni: yeh sab kab hua?

Mishti started jumping around kaira n says finally bff u did it!!!! Yay!!

Everyone says mishti u knew

Mishti: woh actually i guessed tht kartik bhaiya ohh sorry jiju had feelings for naira di even before naira di knew about it

Karishma:n u never told anyone

Mishti: sorry mumma but this was a secret of my bff n breaking secrets of bff is not gud ryt

Everyone smiles

Everyone congratualt kaira

Gayu n GD quitely excuse themselves n gayu goes to her room n cries while GD consoles her

Down in hall

Akshara: achcha evryone lets do one thing lets call ma bauji n everyone from mehawshwaris too n celebrate

Naira sees tht kartik is finally not surrounded by people so she silently goes to him n says i luv u mendhak!

Kartik: i luv u too miss rishikesh

Suddenly naksh comes behind them n says arrey arrey u both started here only in front of evryone!! Wait let me inform others too so tht they can enjoy this drama

Naira: bhai …u just wait there!!

Naira runs behind naksh….

Mishti comes to kartik n says bff now i want a big treat!!

Kartik: sure bff!!

Mishti: btw dont u have a sibling bff!!??

Kartik stops smiling n says yes i have n she is very sweet n caring

Akshara hears this n comes to him

Akshara: kartik how come u have never mentioned about ur sister…u must call her n tell about the marriage ryt away!

Kartik:ma’am woh…

Before he could complete

Akshara: kartik ab bhi ma’am?? Call me mumma…like naira

Kartik’s eyes r filled n says ok mumma!! (Akshara also smiles) actually me n keerti my sister lost our parents ..she had jsut got married at tht tym ..aftr our parents death keerti’s in laws behaved badly with her …so she was forced to get a divorce ..i dont know how u all will react to this but its the truth…aftr divorce she started her own fashion line n lived a happy independent life

Akshara: beta we dont have problem with ur sister gettibg a divorce its her life n if something wrong is happening she should raise her voice ..m proud of u n her…aftr listening to all this i m more keen to meet her

Kartik: i will call her ryt away!!

Meanwhile Akshara shares keerti’s story with everyone at tht tym mehshwaris r there too…everyonr feels proud of keerti

Naira goes to kartik n says kartik u never told me about keerti!!n never mentiojned u have a younger sis!

Kartik: m sorry naira …never knew how to share..i thouhht it will be best if mumma told all of u!!

Naira looks at him with big eyes!

Kartik: wat?

Naira: u called mumma as mumma n not ma’am!

Kartik: ohh ya she told me to …but if u r not ok with it then i will not

Naira hugs him n says i love it tht u r calling her mumma

Kaira goes back inside

Everyone make kaira sit n everyone dance around them celebrating!!

Varsha:so akshara when r u planning to call pandit ji??

Akshara: i dont know whenever the children will want to …

Akshara notices naitik alone in a corner…so she excuses herself n goes to naitik

Naitik: akshara isnt it too soon!! I mean its just like now u got naira aftr so many yrs n now again we have to bid him goodbye!

Akshara: naitik ik u r most attached to naira…she is ur princess n will always remain ur princess…she might not be present here but in our hearts she will be here!!

Naitik gets all teary n says: i shouldnt have left aftr naita returned …it is now costing me so much tym away frm my princess it is not fair

From far kaira would be hearing n seeing all this…even naira is all teary ..kartik asks her to go n console her papa

Naira goes n hugs naitik

Naitik n akshara r shocked

Naira: i love u a lot papa …dont feel bad…we both share a kind of love which is far far strong than disntaces ryt!!

Naitik: yes princess!!

They both cry !!

Kartik comes

Kartik: sir…sorry i mean papa ….i cant see u both so sad n tht too all coz of me…its ok we can marry aftr few months or years …but u both should be enjoying ur father daughter tym n m no one to snatch it…

naitik akshara n naira look at him shockingly

Akshara: arrey kartik beta!! Tht is not wat naitik wants…this feeling of both of them r temporary n due to emotional bonding..
Dont blame urself …

Naitik: yes beta akshara is ryt! N y to delay this shubh karya (good work)….m a father of a beautiful daughter…its just the result of tht…u wont understand this feeling now ..only aftr becoming a father one can understand this feeling

Suddenly naksh comes n says papa let the marraige happen first then he can think of becoming parents na!!

Kaira blushes hard….naira gives a angry look to naksh

They all become cheered up ..they all have dinner n mehshwaris n kartik decided to leave!

While going back kartik was searching for naira but she was found no where!

Mishti notices it n says bff ik who u r searching for should we all help u to search ur precious thing

Everyone is puzzled except kartik … tht wat thing of kartik is lost

Mishti: uffo u elders also na!! U dont get anything i meant bff’s precious to be wife naira di!!

Kartik feels shy n looks here n there to avoid the situation

Everyone laugh n look at him

Kartik: i am going to sit in the car till the tym u all come…

He turns around n hurrily went while looking at floor…

Suddenly at the main door he strikes to someone …n its our naira…..she would be about to fall wen kartik holds her n saves her from falling!!

Kuhu: arrey waah …see tht mishtu di …even god didnt wanted kartik bhaiya to leave without meeting didi?

Everyone smiles ….

Realising everyone is around….kartik makes naira stand n quickly says bye n leaves…n aftr tht naira says bye to everyone n leaves to go to her room!!

Everyone laughs n says they seemed just like naitik n akshara!!

Hearing this gayu n GD r upset ..gayu again gets all teary n decides to go to her room…

Gayu throws all the things in her room n is outraged!! Gayu says i wont let kartik go away from me ….

GD shouts on her n says gayu wat r u saying this is not wat my gayu would have said!! This is never how reshmi would have liked to see u talk …i know u loved kartik but kartik n naira love each other…so need to accept it

Gayu: but u told me to fight for my right!!

GD: not in this situation gayu…u r my strong girl ..calm down

Gayu: m sorry dadi!! I dont know y i said all tht …i am happy for naira …maybe i will get a better life partner!

GD: thts like my gayu! No lets go n sleep

Kaira scene on phone

Naira: kartik did u msg ur sis?

Kartik: yes …but she was in a meeting so i will talk to her tomorrow!!

Naira:ok…uk wat i got to know a new thing from u

Kartik: wat?

Naira: the way how we will bid goodbye

Kartik:huh wat?

Naira: we will just say bye! N nothing else…no kiss …no i luv u …n nothing

Kartik: ahh but y??

Naira: m just following ur trend!

Kartik: thts not fair …at tht tym everyone surrounded me …but if u want from next tym i will do tht infront of everyone!!

Naira: ohh please u cant even dare to do tht!! I know u!!

Kartik: ab toh challenge accepted!!

Next day

*GD took gayu with her to london by making some excuse so tht gayu’s pain of losing kartik is lessened*

Kartik comes to SM (singhania mansion )
Everyone treats him like a king …

Kartik: plz plz tell me y so much spcl treatment to me?

Akshara: beta u r to be damad of this house …so

Kartik:thts not fair mumma …u said m ur beta first y damad??! ..treat me like a beta only …i will be happy wid tht

Naksh:kartik first think thoroughly …as being beta means lot of work…

Kartik: done naksh i would love to do work instead of this special treatment!

Everyone laughs

Naira enters she hasnt taken a bath n just woke n came down stares! She hasnt seen kartik yet

Naira: mumma ….y did u let mishti wake me up so early …

Akshara gives her a big eyes type look

Naira: now wat!! I came na!! But m telling u m not gonna take a bath now…today is a sunday!!

Akshara: naira..r u sure ..

Everyone smiles …even kartik secretly watches her without letting her see him

Naira: ya ya

Naitik: ok then kartik ..i think ur plan to take naira out wont happen today as she is not willing to go out of the house today!

Naira is shocked n says kartik??

Naira comes to dining table n sees kartik there!!

Kartik smilingly waves at her

Naira just smiles n whispers to akshara : mumma y didnt u tell me earlier!!

Bhabhima: now leave all this …u brushed ryt (naira nods yes) then come have breakfast then go n change

Naira sits next to kartik?

Kartik cleaverly hold her hands below the table

Naira whispers leave my hand kartik..

Kartik whispers back u challenged me so m completing it

Naira eats from left hand…

Naksh sees tht n says naira r u ok …u r eating wid ur left hand!!

Naira: bhai m gud…actually yesterday night mosquitos bit me so i have put some ointment to reduce itching thts y m not using right hand

Naksh gets the real thing wen he bends down the table to pick up his spoon..

Naksh: ohh haan now adays there r a lot of mosquitos around u be careful

Kartik informs everyone his sister will be arriving in udaipur today n aftr taking naira for a movie he n naira will go to pick up his sister

Everyone says ok

Kartik n naira enjoy thier movie …while returning to airport there was a lot of traffic so naira asked naksh to pic keerti as he had a meeting near the airport only!..

Kartik sends keerti n naksh each other’a pic for identification!!

At airport

Keerti reaches n gets kartik’s msg

Keerti: bhai bhi na itne busy ho gye h!

Keerti then searches for naksh n they both see each other

Keerti: hello u must be naksh!

Naksh: yes n u must be kartik’s sis keerti!

They shake hands n then they return to singhania house in car

Keerti seeing they r entering SM

Keerti: u belong to singhania family?

Naksh: yes y wat happen?

Keerti: i have meeting with ur company in next week…

Naksh: next week…! Ohh u r miss sharma?

Keerti: yes …wow gr8 wat a coincedence yr!

They both smile

Keerti enters n sees kartik from back! She goes n closes his eyes!

Kartik(smiles): ohh u still remember this!!ok so… my little fun loving sister keerti…i luv u the most!!

Keerti: my big stubborn yet lovely bhai ..i luv u the most!

Then keerti lets go her hands n they hug each other

Naksh n naira were surprised n asked wat was tht

Kartik: it is the way we used to meet each other since childhood

Keerti: ya ..but bhai now we have to modify a bit…

Kartik: y?

Keerti: like u dont know! Ok so we have to change the line i luv u the most..spclly wen u say it

Everyone looks puzzeled

Keerti: wat yr guyz!! Cant u get it !! Coz if u say tht then my sweet naira bhabhi will not feel good na …coz now u love her the most

Naira blushes

Naira: keerti …nothing can change the love between bro n sis! So dont worry u wont have to change anything …

Keerti comes n hugs naira ..n says ok but i will make one of these crazy ritual of meeting for u too

Naira: i would love tht

Naksh: kartik bhai..see they both forgot u ..the reason y they r going to be relatives (teasingly)

kartik: no worries lets forget about these girls n u n me will plan out the bachelor’s party

Naksh: ya !! Lets go n yash has a frnd who knows lots of girls too it will be fun filled!!

Kartik: our bachelor’s party is going to rock!!

Naira giving a angry look to kartik

Naira: achcha mendhak!! Dont do so much tarr tarr u know whom u should invite …lots of mendhaki’s they will accompany u in ur tarr tarr!!

Kartik n naksh smile seeing naira jealous
Keerti notices it n says u both r troubling my bhabhi so much …n naksh u r toh her bro still

Naksh: excuse me …i was just kidding …i lobe my sis very much

Keerti: ohh really …i can see tht

Naksh: ohh so u dont love ur bro

Keerti: oh hello i love him!!

Naksh: then y r u teasing him !!

Kaira see them fight n stop them

Kaira: guyz chill u both love both of us we get tht

Then naksh n keerti became frnds n they talked more n more about thuer business partnership as singhania industries wanted to start their fashion line in collaboration with keerti..

Days went by n kaira were enjoying their marriage rituals n all

On sangeet
They had a partner dance
Naksh saw keerti practing dance steps with a guy

Naksh felt jealous seeing tht n thought y is he caring about keerti so much …my heart says i love her but my mind feels scared to even think tht wat should i do

Mishti comes n says wenever there is a conflict between mind n heart we should listen to our heart as it gives us happiness…(actually mishti was reading love quotations to speak in the sangeet)

listenig to this he feels this is a sign n immediately goes to keerti n says i need to talk to u

Keerti: naksh later plz let me parctice for my bhai’s Sangeet

Naksh holds her hand n says no ryt now

Seeing this behaviour keerti got worried n went with him

Naksh: keerti y the other day i was talking to one of the girls from neighbourhood u came n interrupted in a wierd way

Keerti: ..umm just lym tht coz i wanted to know more people

Naksh: lie!! U got the same feeling tht i got today seeing u with tht guy!!

Keerti is shocked

Naksh: keerti i luv u ..i know u love me too but y didnt u speak up

Keerti: u know my past n about ny divorce n all my story i told u the other day…from then on i feared to take the first step!!

Naksh holds keerti’s hands: keerti dont worry we both had bitter pasts but this tym its different we will make it work

(Actually naksh n keerti had become very close frnds hence they did share their past miseries with each other )

Keerti: i beilive u naksh

Naksh: n love?

Keerti smilingly yes n i luv u too

Kaira were seeing this n then came n said

Naira: guyz ita not a competition yr…tht just coz we r marrying u need to marry someone

Kartik: n tht too each other!

Keerti: woh bhai..actually

Naksh: naira ..kartik..actually

Kaira start laughing n hugs them both u both look gr8 together!!

Kartik: naksh i hope now we will give each other the elder brother talks then

Naksh: yeah!!

Naira: wow keerti now we both r each others bhabhi!!

This time naitik n akshara see them

They both: naksh keerti we r happy for both of u…so which couple wants to get married first now

Naksh n keerti: not we

Everyone laugh

Naira: ya ya we can ubderstand u want to luv ur new love as bf gf…enjoy enjoy

They all go inside n everyone feels happy

Bhabhima: i wish gayu hadnt gone with rama behen ..she would have loved this!!

Everyone remembers gayu

Soon kaira get married n on the same day naksh proposed to keerti!!! Keerti also said yes!!❤❤❤

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