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The dreadful the delightful.

She walked on and on until she saw the place, this one place that had changed her life forever. Suhani new that there was nothing she could do but she felt too regretful to be able to forget about it. The dreadful memories flooding his mind like a waterfall.

Flash back:
It was a normal warm day but suhani didn’t know this was going to be a day which wasn’t normal. This was going to be the day that effected her the most. The day her life changed.

Yuvraj came back from jogging and suhani was busy making juice for him. As usual when he came back he had a glass of juice given to him by his lovely lady. She was always cheerful and bubbly. on the days that are the worst he can always rely on her to cheer him up.

Today was one of those worst days but not for yuvraj but for suhani. She didn’t have a good feeling about today.
Yuvraj: Why do you look so worried.
Suhani: I don’t feel like today is going to be a very good day.
Yuvraj:I think your overreacting:today is going to be fine like any other day. The only thing is that today is sambav’s death anniversary. Don’t worry about saiyyam. He can’t do anything to harm you or our family.
Suhani: I’m not worried about myself I’m worried about you and the others.
Yuvraj: don’t worry about anybody. I’m going to get changed. Don’t be so worried. I’ll be back ok.

He went to go get changed. suhani went to the kitchen to make breakfast for all. After making breakfast suhani called everyone down to eat . They all came then yuvraj thought of an idea to cheer up suhani.
Yuvraj : suhani why don’t you sit down while i serve you. You may be tired because you made all the breakfast alone.
Pratima: your right suhani does everything alone.
Yuvraj:(interrupting suhani)no today you will sit in my seat while I serve you breakfast.
Suhani: ok then. Are you happy now.

Suhani sat on the seat then moments later the chair had broken into pieces while she was on the floor.
She let out a loud scream.
Everyone rushed over to suhani
Yuvaan: Maa are you alright.
Yuvani: Mumaa.
Yuvraj helped suhani get up and sat her down on the sofa.
Dadi: Someone has planned to hurt yuvraj. That chair didn’t break on its own. It was a plan but suhani was unfortunately the victim.
Yuvraj: but who would want to hurt me.
Suhani:I told you I don’t have a good feeling about today.
Yuvraj:maybe that chair was already half broken. I really think your worrying too much.
Suhani:yuvraj there’s definitely something wrong.
Yuvaan: Maa I think papa is right there’s nothing to worry about.
Jut then the mphone rings and krishna goes to answer it.
Person on phone:suhani birla.
Suhani: I’m suhani Birla.
Phone person: suhani Birla your husband easily escaped from getting hurt but you can’t save everyone. You could try. You son is with me right now. He obviously doesn’t care about his life. He messed with me and now he is facing the consequences. Save him if you can but don’t you dare because then your son will pay. Bring 70 lakhs to the old house at the back of the jungle at 8 pm.
The man hangs up.
Suhani: Yuvaan is right here.(After realising the reality) no this can’t be…Saiyyam. He always hated me. Yuvraj what’s going to happen what will we do now.
Yuvraj:how will we arrange for such a large amount in such a short amount of time.
Suhani: what? What are saying. Are you going to let him die. What was his fault. He……
yuvraj: Don’t worry nothing will happen to saiyyam.
Suhani:are you sure.
Yuvraj: I’m 100 per entry sure. He’ll be alright.
Yuvraj left to go arrange for the money while suhani broke down into tears.

Suhani: I’m the worst mother of all time. I left my son to die when he was a baby. What was his fault? Now again I’m the reason he is in such a bad situation. I wasn’t there to give him the right upbringing.
Pratima:suhani beta, it’s not your fault. You were compelled to do it. You’re the best mother anyone could ever ask for. Don’t worry saiyyam will be perfectly fine.
Suhani: thank you Maa.
After a few hours yuvraj came back.
Yuvraj:suhani I’ve arranged for the money. Should I come with you?
Suhani:no yuvraj. I was the one who put my son into this situation so I’ll get him out myself.
Yuvraj: ok then.
Suhani left.
Patima:no matter how much suhani insists you should still follow her just to make sure.
Yuvraj: yes Maa. I’ll follow her.
Pratima:stay safe beta.
Yuvraj left too following suhani.

At the old jungle house.
Suhani sees saiyyam looking tired and weak. She cries. Yuvraj reaches and hides in the corner somewhere.
Suhani:(in her mind)I’m sorry beta I couldn’t be a good mother please forgive me.
Dony: so finally suhani birla you are here to save your son. I see you have been very wise about not calling the police.
Suhani:I’m not talking any risks with my sons life.
Dony: your very smart. so hand over the money.
Suhani gives the guy a suitcase full of money.
Dony:(instructing his men)untie the boy.
The men untie saiyyam moments late the police arrives and dony gets shocked.
Dony: suhani birla you’ll have to pay for this.
He takes a big stick.
Just then yuvraj gets in the way and he gets whacked in the head and he faints.
Suhani: Yuvraaaaj

In hospital.
Suhani:doctor how is yuvraj.
Doctor: all I can say Is that his condition is very critical. All you can do is pray. Only a miracle can save him now.
Saiyyam: I’m sorry Maa for hurting you. I was angry. I’m sorry that I ever tried to kill your husband. It Made me angry that you supported him but you hated my father.
Suhani: no beta I’m the one who should be saying sorry. I left you to die in an orphanage. I didn’t even want to see your face. Please forgive me.
Saiyyam: you don’t need to ask for forgiveness. Please forgive me.
Suhani: ok how about we both forgive each other.
Saiyyam: because of my foolishness he is in this condition.
Suhani: beta I’ll be back in need to go somewhere. Phone me if anything happens.
Suhani leaves.
Saiyyam in his mind: because of me my mum is so sad today and she has to suffer like this. I’ll go pray and beg God to cure her husband.
Saiyyam goes to pray.
Fb ends: back to present.
Suhani reaches the place. She had realised that this place changed her life forever because of sambav and this very place was the cause of yuvraj’s suffering. She hated this place with all her life. The only good thing that came out of this place was that suhani and saiyyam accepted each other after today’s incident.
Just then suhani got a call from saiyyam.
Saiyyam: hello Maa I think we should inform the rest of your family.
Suhani: don’t inform them they will be too worried.
Saiyyam: ok Maa.
He hung up.

Suhani broke down into tears. Yuvraj was in this condition because she couldnt take cake of her son from birth.
Half an hour after the first call from saiyyam, suhani received another phone call.
Saiyyam: Maa the doctor said that your husmband is out of danger. You can meet him.
Suhani: really. Thank God. I’m coming.
Suhani ran out of the old house and ran to the hospital.
Suhani was relieved that yuvraj was fine.
She had reached in front of yuvraj’s room.
Saiyyam: go on then Maa.
Suhani: ok beta .
Suhani went inside.
Suhani: I’m sorry yuvraj you in this condition because of me I’m very sorry.
Yuvraj started to open his eyes.
Yuvraj: suh.. suhani… suhani….
Suhani: yes yuvraj I’m here.
Yuvraj: are you alright.
Suhani: I should be asking you this question.
Yuvraj:I’m perfectly fine.
Suhani:no your not.
Just then all the family members came into the room.
Dadi:yuvraj beta are you alright.
Yuvraj: I’m perfectly fine dadi.
Dadi: beta I know suhani and her son tried to kill you.
Yuvraj: no dadi it’s nothing like that.
Suhani: dadi you can blame but don’t blame my son.
Just the saiyyam walked in the room.
Dadi:don’t you dare step in here.
Yuvraj: Why not what’s his fault.
Dadi: because of his father I had to stay away from you for so many years and now because of him you are in this condition.
Suhani: yuvraj if saiyyam leaves then I will leave too because you got hurt saving me.
Yuvraj: nobody needs to go anywhere.
Saiyyam walks up to yuvraj.
Saiyyam: thank you sir for saving my mother.
Yuvraj: she’s not only your mother she’s my wife too.
Pratima: ok enough thank you and sorry let’s go home now.
Yuvraj: your right this place is making me feel sick.
Yuvaan goes and does the discharge formalities.
Everyone goes home.
At Birla House.
Yuvraj: at least something good came out of today.
Saiyyam: your right sir. I’ve got my mother back.
Yuvraj: please stop calling me sir. You can call me uncle if you like. Saiyyam: ok uncle.
Suhani:I’ve got sweets to celebrate.
Everyone was happy that suhani and saiyyam accepted each other and yuvraj was perfectly fine

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