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Recap: Engagement Day


A night before rituals start:

Swara is sleeping in her bedroom , suddenly her phone start ringing.

She lifted the phone

on call:

sw:hello sanskar.

san: swara

sw: ha

san: swara

sw: ha sanskar tell me

san: swara I want to see you now

sw: sanskar I am feeling sleepy

san: swara please

sw: No way from tomorrow onwards our marriage rituals will start. So you want ur would be wife look dull in function.

san:  swara u r natural beauty u will glow without any makeup also(with naughty smirk) and if u want I will help you to get ready for our marriage functions. What u say.

sw: No way sanskar . (with blush face)

san: Don’t blush swara I already warn u the consequences .

sw: sanku plse.

san: tell me darling

sw: plse I am sleepy

san: No way I want to see you now at any cost.

sw: But I can’t come now

san: ok I will come

sw: no sanskar

san: yes swara

sw: sanku my sweet cute boy na plse

san: swara baby now get ready to bear the punishment

sw: y

san: for calling me a cute boy

sw: sorry sorry sanku

san: bye

sanskar cut call already before listening swara.

Here swara is thinking how to pacify sanskar suddenly she heared sound from her balcony .

She went there to see who is there at this time. She got shock to see who is there.

sw: sanskar what u r doing at this time and how u came here , did anyone see you.

san: cool my sweety I will tell answers for all ur questions first let’s move inside.

swara and sanskar went inside the room and sat on sofa.

san: I already said u that I want to see u now so I came here to see u. second, I came here like before how I came here to see u .

sw: really thank u sanku and by the way from past 4 years u r climbing pipe nicely (with teasing tone)

san: I came for u by climbing pipe here u r teasing my nice but u will get ur punishment

By saying these sankar coming near swara she is moving backwards sanskar caught her  but before they kiss each other.

Suddenly door got opened.

sanskar and swara  got seperated and panicked.

Because near door all elders r seeing them with u got caught teasing smile.

All entered inside ram went to them and caught both swasan ears.

swasan: ahhh dad/papa plse paining.

ram: No way I will not leave you both. romancing before marriage u will get punishment. what u say all.

swasan: what punishment plse spare us.

ram: no way now sit all .

All sitted in there places.

ram: now ur punishment is u guys need to tell  ur love story.

Precap: flashback love story

so guys if u want swasan love story I will give you. If not then I will show briefly and will continue with marriage rituals

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