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Let’s begin….. After uttara went from there. swasan chitchat sometime after that they went their houses.

at sanskar’s house:
when sanskar enters house he saw uttara sleeping in couch.He went silently and hit her head slightly.uttara wake up and see his brother infront her eyes.
Again slept.after seeing her antics sanskar signed in disbelief.
sans-wake up uttara fast.getting late for office.wake up & get ready fast.
utt(still sleeping)-bhai if keep speaking like this means I will tell papa about ur love.
sans-so u started black mailing .(in thinking)-I know how to stop u from telling.just wait.
sanskar took his mobile & started acting like he is talking to nikhil.
sans-ha nikhil good morning.tell me y u called early morning.
after listening nikhil’s name uttara wake up in excitement & sat on counch.
sanskar saw that and smirks & again continued with his talks.
sans-what u want to talk to uttara.but she is sleeping.

sans-u know she is very lazy.she wake up at 10 in the morning.and also she is very cruel.
after listening all these uttara feel tensed & went to snatch phone from his brother.sanskar didn’t gave a single chance to uttara to snatch his phone.After all efforts she got his phone.
utt-hello hello nikhil .sankar bhai is saying wrong don’t believe him.hello hello.
after not receiving any answer from the other side she saw phone once &she got to know that sanskar is playing prank on her.
Then she saw sanskar is laughing and her angry increased.Sanskar saw that and slowly started running then uttara also started running his back to beat him.while running
utt-meri bhai u played prank on me & laughing na just stop once I will show u what I can do.
sans-my lovely sister u black mailed me so I played prank & one more thing u r forgetting that ur secret also near me.So don ‘t blackmail me.ok
sanskar and uttara get tried so they stopped running.uttara beat him and said
utt-wait & watch what I will do in office.u will see what ur sister can do.
sans-u can’t do anything .incase if u did anything then I will open ur secret infront of badepapa.
utt(with pleading voice)-please bhai don’t do that.
sans-ok but u also don’t open my secret.deal.
utt-ok. deal done.
sans-ok go & get ready for office .we r getting late.
after that they went to get ready for office.After taking breakfast they went to office.

at office:
sanskar came inside office with a serious look.staff wishing him & he also wishing them but he didn’t turn his head to other sides.He straightly went to his cabin.
uttara came near swara.
sw-good morning uttara.
utt-good morning bhabhi.ur looking like an angel .
sw-thank u .
utt-if bhai see u like this he will not leave u.He will tie knot to u now only.and take u away from here as his wife.after that no need to tell u what will happen.saying this she smirks.
sw-stop it uttara.this is not time to tease me. this time for work.
utt-ohhhhooo don’t talk like my brother.by the way he is very angry on something.
sw-y what happend.
utt-don’t know.
sw(with angry)-then what u know.u don’t know anything.
utt-but I know one thing that u can cool him.
then only she get call from sanskar.
she pick call.
sans-swara come to my cabin immediately.

then she cut the call immediately.and saw uttara.
utt-what bhabhi bhai is calling u na go.
sw-stop it uttara.Iwill just come.
then she went to sanskar’s cabin.

precap-naughty sanskar..

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