He brought me back
Me twinkle . Twinkle Taneja . A middle class girl , living with my parents .
Today is my marriage . all are so happy . my parents are so happy as my groom is very nice and belongs to very rich family . I have met him 2 to 3 time . I don’t know why , but whenever I met him he gets scared by just looking at me . strange na . … offo leave it . today is my marriage why to think negative .
My parents are waiting for baraat or grooms arrival . … ( after some time ) its almost 2 hours are passed and there is no response from grooms side . all got scared because they were also not answering call and no sign of their arrival was seen .guest started returning back . suddenly my phone vibrated . my parents who were sitting beside me moved towards me and told me to open it and read . when I read I got shocked …

In message it was written “ I know you must be waiting for me . for me to come as your groom . but you know what I never wanted to marry you . I just want money that your father has already given . so whats the need of marriage . my victim no . 50 “
My parents was completely shocked . no one spoke anything just silently cried . news of my marriage being broken rounded whole city . when next day I went to my work . some was showing sympathy , some was commenting and abusing . ignoring everything I continued my work . being so upset I avoided any knid of conversation .
At home , my father told he also faced same kind of humiliation . I found anger in his eyes while telling all this . he is right at his own place , as he gave 30 years of service but never anything hit his dignity . and now everything is going out of hands .
( after 5 days )
Nothing has changed much . the changes was this much only that now sympathy is turned into fingers pointing towards my character. When I was returning home I decided to end up my life . I was about to jump from the bridge but a stranger saved me . he explained me that everything will get well . he was so convincing that I completely agreed .
(after 1 week )
Today I got engaged with someone whose I don’t even know his name . strange ….. actually when his parents came for my hand they told they just want me nothing else and marriage will be as soon as possible . my parents was delighted . but I have seen him once .
And I got married , I am in my decorated room . door opened and I can only hear his foot steps , as my face was covered …… he lifted my veil .. I got upset as he was drunk . and was not feeling good after seeing him .

He said = your face is so beautiful , how much your body will be beautiful . ( my eyes grew wide and I became scared ) let me see it .
He tried to open dori of my blouse . I pushed him and tried to ran but found door closed . I banged it hard . he came close and started moving his hands on my back . I shouted and tried to push him . but this time he was strong . he noticed my intentions . and made me turn towards him . and hold my face tightly and said angrily
“ don’t shout so much .. I have spended so much for you .. for spending night with you ( I got shocked ) for you I have brought fake parents . for you I have sent a groom that will run from marriage .. ya its me who did all this’’
He leave me and went to bed and sat there . I started banging door again . then he said “ till now also you don’t understand any thing .. this door will only open after my wish is completed ’’
He dragged me to his bed .. and did what a girl never wants to . I cried whole night in pain . my body and heart everything was in pain .
( after 1 month )
1 month have passed . now that person , who is said to be my husband is spending most of his nights with pr*stitutes . I am jailed in this house . from 1 month I haven’t seen an open sky . he is actually a don , a master of the crime world . I have lost almost all my senses . my parents are told to do nothing otherwise he will kill me. For mine sake they are quiet.
One day I noticed a man with my husband. Then my husband told he is kunj , his new secretary. I went from there because I don’t like all those who are connected with crime world.
After few days kunj himself told me that he was same stranger who saved her from bridge , suicide. I was not able to remind that part. He noticed my condition and understood my condition. And from then he started trying to bring me back in my senses escaping from my husband. He brought me back but now we was in love.
I was in love with him. And my husband started blindly trusting him. He thought kunj is helping him in all his matters. One day he revealed me that he is undercover cop and on mission to arrest my husband and it will end soon. My eyes was filled with water not because my husband is in risk but because he was going to leave me soon. He noticed it. And asked the reason ( I know he completely understand the reason ). I ignored him. And went to mine room.
After few days , I asked to give me something as he is going to leave me soon. He agrees and asked what I want. I without any hesitation said I WANT TO SPEND A NIGHT WITH YOU . I want to be become joint with you. He was not shocked but surprised by my answer. He neither refused nor accepted. But I knew he was not ready thinking himself as an cop, it was not good for his mission. And from heart he wants to make me his , forever .
(mature content )
I touched his face . he hold my hand. Again I touched his face with another hand , he hold it firmly. I started moving my lips around his cheeks . finally I hold his lips . It was rough . I started kissing him. Not being able to control himself he started to respond . his grip of hands started loosening. I took chance and started moving my hands in hairs. He opened my rubber band and started moving his hands in my hairs. Then he started to open my blouse dori. Being surprised of his this act , I broke kiss. But now he was not ready to apart and started kissing again. He opened the dori and removed the pallu of mine saree . he started moving his hands around mine waist and now he move to my neck and started skiing there. His hands were still playing with my waist and mine hands were opening his shirt. And finally his shirt opened and I noticed his abs and started moving my hand on his abs . this made him wild. He stared biting and sucking me. In pain I was digging my nails in his back. This made him more wild and he removed my blouse. Started pressing my b***s. he brought me on the bed and removed mine saree . I put up a sheet on ourself . he was kissing all my body inside the sheet. To make him more wild I came on top of him and started kissing him all over his body. Then he came on top of me and hold my hands and put my fingers in his and asked through eyes if I am ready . and I nodded . and finally we became one. It was most beautiful night of my whole life.
(mature content ends )
Next day , when I met him , he was upset. After some time, he asked me ‘am I trust him’ . I replied yes. Then he said that tomorrow he is going to leave will I join him . I nodded. He became very happy.

Next day, we escaped. I thought everything was going according through plan. The plan was that we will run with the proofs against my husband and then his team will arrest him with the valid license. In mid of the forest kunj got a call and he went somewhere telling he will be back and to lock the car from inside. I felt awkward. Then I noticed he have left his phone. I thought to give him. When I picked it up , it rang. I decided to pick that call. It was from his office. They were asking him if he have escaped from jungle as mine dangerous husband was following us and our lives were in danger. I became shocked and ran where the kunj went.
Suddenly I hear firing sound of bullets . I ran towards the sound and when I reached there I was shocked to see the view. Kunj was at gun point and that criminal was having gun. He ( husband ) was facing back towards me and kunj in front of me. Goons were lying down killed ( I understood kunj killed them ) . a voice of gun fire was heard.
I have killed that criminal by my own hands . I got gun and to save kunj I fired .
( after 1 year )

Today I am twinkle kunj sarna . he is undercover cop and me his assistant. And now my motive is to bring out girls like me from the clutches of criminals. I am not giving this job to kunj now. Hahahaha…. Hey wait where you are going there is good news for him, for you that I am expecting 3 months…
Bye …
So guyz how was it .. pls pls pls pls do tell me by commenting . I know it is not much good. But pls do tell me at least it will tell me that I should write in future or not .

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