Brothers – being together in up & downs (Chapter-1)


A black and white image is shown in which a boy is shown dancing with a girl. The boy’s face is reveled its none other than siddharth.. They were dancing for so long.. Suddenly a candle falls down and catches fire.. Someone drags siddharth(sid) back living the girl in fire

Siddharth wakes up from his room shouting : Nia!!!!

He for sometimes stays at his bed holding his head..

Sid : Why can’t.. Why am i not able to forget her.. sid. tumhe usse bhool na hoga.. remember.. she was your past and Amaya is your future..

He tries a lot to make himself ready.. a was able to control his tears. ..


Poonam is shown arranging daily programs of Mr.manik while he is having food..

Poonam : Aaj aap ko Mr. Ahuja se milna hai in the matter of that construction project..

Harish & karan comes to the dinning table from opposite direction..

Karan avoids him and sits far from Harish..

Manik : Yug ka koi phone tha..

Karan : Ha.. badepapa.. he will be here till tomarrow..

Yash comes down.. and starightly goes out. but Poonam gives him voice..

Poonam : Yeh.. tum.. where are you going without having your breakfast..

Yash : Don’t worry mom.. i will have it in office..

AMAYA comes there with a tiffin box

Amaya : Here .. you go.. your breakfast..

Yash : Thanks.. bhabhi..

She smiles..

SIDDHARTH.. gets freshenup and walks towards the dinning table while he sees Amaya…….. and stops there for a while..

Poonam : Yeh sahil aur Abhay kaha hai..

Amaya : Sahil ko aaj sham exam hai toh padai kar rahi hai.. aur abhay..

Abhay : I am here..

Amaya : Aao.. Abhay i have made your favorite gajar ka halwa..

Abhay : Thanks.. bhabhi that’s so sweet of you..

Harish : I am done.. bhai see you in office..

HARISH leaves..

Manik : You are taking so much care of everyone.. Its not got.. as all your to be devars are quite mischeive..

Amaya : Sach yeh hai ki mein khush kismat hoo.. that i have got you people as my family..

KARAN notices SIDDHARTH standing hiding..

Karan : Badae papa.. sid.. bhai nahi dekh raha hai..

SIDHRATH puts a smile on his face and appears infront..

Siddharth : I am here.. maa.. i am so hungry give me something to eat..

Poonam :  Amaya tum ise khana dedo i will.. go and see Sahil..

AMAYA serves SID…

SID looks at her and passes a smile..

KARAN & ABHAY sees this and laughs..

After finishing the breakfast Karan , Sid and Manik leaves for their office..

ABHAY bids bye to them standing near the door..

Amaya : Its good of you go out sometimes Abhay.. you will feel better..

ABHAY without saying anything walks to the garden..

AMAYA follows him..

Abhay : Don’t worry… bhabhi.. I won’t fall like last time.. apko meri peche anae ki zarorat nahi nahi..

Amaya : Mein tumhare peche nahi.. tum meri aagae ho..

She moves him apart and walks to the garden. And both looks at eachother and gives a smile


A boy is shown sitting in the study table with lots of books..

Poonam : Eat your good sahil..

Sahil : No.. mom.. i don’t have time i have finish this.. and only after in will eat..

Poonam : There was a time when i had to caught your all my kids.. to make them study and you…

She puts the tray next to him and signs him..

Sahil : Okay..

He haves his breakfast..


SIDDHARTH was in office refering some files when he remembers .. he have forgoted.. his presentation at home..

He calls home and Amaya picks it.

Sid : Hello..

Amaya : Hello.. Siddharth

Sid : Am.. Amaya..

Amaya : Ha..

Sid : Actually amaya i have forgoten my Presentation at home. Its a blue colour file.. If you could can you send it through someone..

Amaya : Yeah.. sure.

Sid : Don’t be late Amaya its too urgent..

Amaya : Okay..

She cuts the call and runs to his room..

She open his room..and is shocked to see the mess .. Amaya searches for the file and finally geys it..

She runs downstairs..

Abhay : Aap itne jaldi mein kahan ja rahi ho

Amaya : Woh.. yeh file office mein dena tha..Maa kaha hai..

Abhay : She went to temple… Now you have to and gives this to babhi because everyone is so busy in tomarrow’s preperation..

AMAYA goes to office in her car.. on the while she gets a call…Its Sid..

Sid : Did you get the file..

Amaya : Ji.. i’m on the way…



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