He is my brother….Atharv (Episode 3)

The episode starts with Ravish saying to kk that today you have crossed your line but i will spare of for the one and last time. Next time i will not say a word but will proove my word in real. He sees Vividha coming in lawn . He says to vividha that Bhai said it right you and me are not meant for each other. We just have infatuation with each other. Today our relationship is over once forever. Vividha goes to her room while crying. Kk looks on and says my daughter and a milkman have an affair for a long time and i have no news about that . He looks in anger towards Ravish . Ravish goes from there and reaches near ghat(wharf) .

Atharv comes there and sees Ravish. He says i knew that you will come here only. You know from your childhood time whenever you are in anger you always come here for relaxing and i knew that . Come now maa is waiting for us come and you have to take rest tonight , tomorrow is your training time . You have to train yourself for the selection in army its your first dream . We have to fullfill our dreams one by one and this will be oir first step. Come now . They both go home while talking about there childhood . They reach home and says maa we came now please give us food we both are very hungry . Sujata give them food and they start eating .

At night in bedtime Ravish things today was a very big day for us many things are broken my and Vividha relation is also broken now . I will now just focus on my dreams the Army dream. He sleeps

Next day in morning some currierman comes at there home and says this letter is for Miss.Sujata . Sujata comes and take the letter . Atharv says what is this maa. Show me . Sujata gives him letter . Atharv reads letter and is shocked after reading . Ravish says what is written in letter that you are in shock afterreading show me . He readsand says this letter is from court , we have to give them loan money back till 2 days othervise our Haveli will be Auctioned. They all are in shock.

Precap- Atharv comes to kailash home and loudly says kailash kayshap you want money right fine i will throw money on your face by tomorrow itself and this is a promise of Atharv sujata ..

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  1. Sreelekshmi

    It’s superbbbb episode but too small try to write some biggly next time??????

  2. Wow pretty amazing!!

  3. Sandy17

    Superb dear …feels like reading films..go on ?

  4. Sunanda12345

    Superb yarrr….keep writing.

  5. Diya30

    nice dear ?n post soon?

  6. wow super episode waiting for vividha atharva to fall in love

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