He is my brother….Atharv (Episode 2)

The episodes starts with Doctors saying to Atharv that your brother is fine you can take him home . Atharv and sujata gets relief. Sujata says thank god . Atharv and sujata takes Ravish home after competing the hospital formalities.
At home Ravish says where is Vividha . Is she fine ? Atharv says yes she is fine what can happen to her when my brave brother is always with her like a shield. He says but whatever today is happened is just because of her. Ge doesn’t have brain to call me first and inform me but no she always do what she wants . Ravish says it’s not her fault bhai . Atharv says you always protect her . I know you love her but she is not the girl which is meant for you . She is a girl of rich businessman and we are a middle class family. How come she will adjust with us and more over how can her father will marry her with you . So left her and focus on your Army carrier . After one week there is a test for Army selection so better be prepared for that and don’t come home regularly like this form injured form Ok. Ravish says but brother Vividha . Atharv stops him in between and says that girl is too much . She is the big probleum. How she can’t call me . Ravish says that is what i am trying to say bhai. Vividha tried to call you but goons take her phone and destroyes her phone . That’s why she was not able to make a call to you . Atharv realises his mistake and feels guilty. He says i will say sorry to her and goes to her home .
When he is just entering the main gate of Vividha house . Someone come and says how come you came young boy . Your mom already takes the money of milk from us now what you need. Atharv says sir i want to talk to your daughter vividha . Kalash gets angry and says how dsre you to tske my daughter’s name on your mouth. You are a small milkman and i am a great businessman. Your class and my class is different. You are a illegitimate son of your mother whose father’s already left you all and you came here to talk to my daughter . Your mother takes loan from me for you and your brother education and you are trying to become friend of my vividha . Now get lost or you want to listen more about your class and your characterless mother. Atharv gets angry and says Kailash kashap .
Vividha suddenly comes and sees Atharv talking to her papa in anger . She slaps him hard and says how dare you talk to my papa like this . First you talk to me i listen every thing but not a single word for my father i will listen ok understand Mr. Atharv sujata
Atharv goes home and in anger . Ravish comes in tabela and helps him in work . Atharv is in thought of Kk word and Vividha words and slap . Ravish sees a mark on his face of slap and realises that it must be vividha doing . He goes from house and comes to vividha house at night . He meets kk and kk says first your brother came gets insulted and now he send you for more insult. Ravish says how dare you to talk to my brother loudly . No one have the guts to talk to my brother in this way . It was you Vividha’s Papa otherwise i can even kill you for your miss behaving with my brother . One thing remind yourself that ” He is my Brother …..ATHARV SUJATA ” and iam Ravish Sujata .

Precap- Ravish says to Vividha that my brother said it right you are a big family girl and i am from small middle class family . We both are not menat for each other . Pur relationship is over now once forever. Vividha is crying in pain after breakup. …..Jana na dil se door sad version plays……

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  1. Aliza111

    nice ff keep writing . waitng for the next episode . good theme . waiting for vitharv scenes .

  2. Sandy17

    It’s really interesting , frnd…gud going..atharv’s anger and ravish’s dialogues were ?

  3. Sunanda12345

    I really loved the Bro’s bonding…keep writing yar….episode was awesome…

  4. It’s superbbbb episode dear keep writing next episode dear ?????????????

  5. episode was super amazing love brothers bonding but plssss do confirm my doubt this ff is of vitharv or ravidha hope it is of vitharv

    1. Nav

      Yes aisha this ff is of vithrav and the main focus of ff will be Ravish and Atharv brother bond.

  6. Ravish sujatha awesome? and they have paired ravish and Vivi

    1. Nav

      Actually there will be Vithrav not ravidha . Ravish and Vividha love will be just attraction only. True love will be of Atharv and vividha. Ravish will be pair with someone else.

  7. Vigneswari

    brothers bonding was superb yar..
    keep writing….

  8. Nice to read when reading scenes are coming to my mind brother bonding superb…keep writing

  9. thnka for correcting my doubt @nav and keep writing dear

    1. Nav


  10. RAOne

    SHANDHAR BROTHER!!!!!!! really after seeing all your content I stopped mine…… All the best keep writing….. You understand this……. Thoko…. Bhai Thoko!!!!!!

    1. Nav

      Yes I understand thoko bhai thoko

  11. Where is guddi plz try to pair ravish with guddi

    1. Nav

      Sure , i will pair Ravish and guddi

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