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He is my Brother…. Atharv – Episode 15


The episode starts with Atharv declairing tomorrow there will be huge celebration of my brother success. Whole Ajmer is invited . He calls his assistant and says spread this news in whole ajmer . Give advertising in tv or paste poster do what ever i want whole Ajmer tomorrow celebrating my Ravish success . He ends call . Ravish ask bhai why to do all this , i mean we can celebrate with just our family. Atharv says happiness should be spread all over in Ajmer by this our happiness will be double and i have to announce something else also . Ravish ask what ? Atharv says just wait and watch this will be the big news thats why i call press and media also . Ravish and sujata looks on . Sujata thinks last time when he did bhoomi pujan he declared his engagement and this time again he wants to declair something. I am afraid now .

Vividha sitting in her room thinks of Kailash happiness after guddi selected in army . She says i never seen papa that much happy ever . It must be very proud moment for him . She smiles . Kailash ask his PA for the arrangement. He says if you book the hotel for party or not . His PA says i called them for booking but they said that they are already booked by someone else . Kailash gets thinking who is the new richest person in ajmer.
He says then book another one fast . PA says ok sir . They end call . Kailash says my party should not be effected by this it is just a hotel , you are over thinking Kailash, all will be fine .

Next day Atharv says to Ravish and sujata that see i have done shoping for you both . I buy some cloths for you both for tonight party . Go and try it fast . They say what is the need of all this . We already had cloths for party . Atharv says i know that but i want you both look fabulous tonight , now go and try . They go for trying cloths . They come outside and looks great in cloths. Atharv says great man . Ravish says what you brought for yourself. Atharv says i have you both in my life . I am the happiest person in the world . Ravish says you again making us fool in your sweet words . You have to buy new suit for yourself. Atharv says i already buy new suit for me see this , he show the new suit . He say be ready at sharp 7:30 pm we have to go . Ravish ok we will be ready but take care of yourself. You always keep busy in your work and forget everything. Atharv says don’t worry i will remember this . I have to go now for meeting, bye . He goes .

At night vividha and all her family waits for guests to come . But there is just her family members and her relatives only . Kailash gets angry and call his PA . He ask what time did you gave to guests for party . PA says sir i gave invites of 7:00 o’clock pm sharp . Kailash says now this is 8:30 pm and there is no one . PA says may be all are gone in someone else party . He says remember sir someone booked that hotel , i think he is the one who invited our guest also . Kailash thinks who can do this i have to go and check this . He ends call and leave from there . He reaches that hotel and he comes inside . He sees the grand party and almost whole ajmer came in his party . Atharv says in mike so ladies and gentlemen please welcome my would be sasur ji Mr. Kailash kashap. All claps for him . He gets angry after realising this is Atharv’s party . He thinks this small milk man now becomes so rich that he booked Ajmer grand hotel and invites all Ajmer. Atharv says please come father in law . I have to announce something big . By the way where is my better half my would be wife Vividha? Kailash going to speak something but suddenly he sees Vividha coming in party . He goes to her ask why you came here . Vividha says i get call from your PA , he says you called me here . He says i never tell him to call you here . Come we will go from here . They tries to go but security says you both can’t go from here now . when party gets over than only you can go . Atharv calls them and says come sasur ji otherwise there will be big problem . All will talk about you bad now come back . He ends call . They came back on stage . Atharv holds Vividha’s hand and bends down . He ask Vividha i love you , i love you from the core of my heart . Will you marry me . Vividha is happy also as well as nervous after looking her father .

Precap — kailash throws things in house and says how dare he , he insults me in front of whole Ajmer . I will destroy his business. Just wait and watch Mr. Atharv sujata .

  1. Sunanda12345

    Wow atharv’s cutely proposal…just awesome 😊😊

  2. Sreelekshmi

    Fabulous episode dear πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ keep writing next episode 😊😊😊 eagerly waiting for kailash’s doings.

  3. Sandy17

    Its superb dear…nice plot 😊

  4. Wow loved it but as vividha is happy but u have not shown that when she fall for him hope nice to happen always only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

    1. Nav

      Actually i continued story with a leap ehen Ravish goes to camp and distribute sweets to all his friends in that episode i said it that they didi hard work and then continue with a small 2-3 month leap . In between the leap and also before the leap vividha had some attractions towards Atharv and slowly she starts loving him but she didn’t recognise her love for him yet .

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