He is my Brother…. Atharv – Episode 14

The episode starts with Ravish saying goodbye to his family as he is leaving for his camp . Atharv says him take care and yes captain saab next time when you come i want to see the proper uniform of My army brother. Ravish hugs him and also takes blessings from his mom. He leaves from there .

He reached in camp and meets guddi . He gives her sweet and says congratulations guddi for the engagement. She also feeds him sweet and wishes him . Ravish distribute sweets in whole camp . His friends congrats him and says now its your turn bro . Ravish smiles and says no never ever . Atleast not for next 4-5 years . His friends ask why , doesn’t you want to marry and make your small family. Ravish says I already had my small and sweet family and also there is no girl till now for whom my heart beats . When will she meet with me that time i assure you all i will definitely marry her . But for now end this topic and tell me whether sir is happy or angry . I know he must be angry on me as i had take leave for two days but there is almost a week I didn’t report in camp . By the way where is he I would like to give sweets may be after eating this his mood will be fine and spares me . They tell him that he is already standing at your back . Ravish turns and sees him standing . Ravish nervously says sir i was talking about that you are very sweet and spare full. Please forgive me next time i will not repeat my mistake . Sir remove his earphone and says sorry man did you say something I couldn’t listen as i was listening music .Mrs.Shwetta kashap give me this for listening music and yes congrats for your brother engagement. He is going but stops and says but this doesn’t mean that i will spare you . Meet me in ground with in 10 minutes. Ravish says yes sir. He leaves . Ravish thanks guddi and hugs her for saving him . Guddi feels something. He leaves . Guddi smiles .

On the other hand Vividha comes on Atharv house for meeting sujata for giving her payment for milk . She shouts sujata massi . Atharv comes out and says maa is not in house tell me what you need . He comes close to her . She nervously steeps backward. He hold her lovingly . She close her eyes . He is just going to kiss her but Sujata comes suddenly. He pushes her back and says maa you came so early . Vividha came for giving you the payment. I think i should go from here . He leaves from there . Vividha gives her money and she also run from there . Sujata smiles and says idiots .

Ravish is running around whole ground as his sir give him punishment. He completes his rounds . Sir says today i will spare you next time the punishment will be bigger than this . He leaves . Ravish rest on ground . Guddi comes and give him water . He thanks her and drinks water . They leave for there rooms .


Ravish completes his training and being slected in Army . He is very happy . Guddi is also selected inarmy medical team . They both leave for Ajmer together amd talking about there memories with this camp and chittorgarh. They both smiles.

In Ajmer now Atharv is opened his milk factory and is very good going on . Ravish comes home and says maa bhai where are you all . They come and happy to see Ravish in Army uniform . They feel proud and salute him . Sujata says today i am the luckiest mother in the world my both sonyare rising in there fields . I am so proud of you both . They all hug together.

In guddi house all are very happy and feels proud on guddi . Specially kailash he says iam so proud of you my daughter. You have done that which my son couldn’t do . You are now in army iam proud of you . I will celebrate this feeling with everyone in Ajmer . Tomorrow there will be a grand party in Ajmer which will be held by Kailash kashap . He smiles .

Precap – there is grand party in Ajmer but it is not of Kailash but of Atharv. He held this party for his brother Ravish . All Ajmer was came in Atharv sujat party and in Kailash there is just few family relatives only . He gets angry .

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  1. Sreelekshmi

    Really nyc episode dear ???? precap was awesome and interesting ? keep writing next episode ????

  2. Sunanda12345

    Very nyc epudu…interesting ??

  3. Sunanda12345

    Epudu not episode

  4. Zaina

    Wow. Finally swerav is back…. now we can see both vitharv and swerav moments… waiting for the next….

  5. wow so happy hope vitharva soon fall for each other hope so it happens soon only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

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