He is my Brother… Atharv (Episode 12)

The episode starts with Ravish thinking about Atharv and Vividha . He says i wish they will always be together . No body could separate them . Vividha comes at factory and searching Atharv here and there . But Atharv is no where . Suddenly Atharv comes from her back and scares her . She is suddenly going to slip but Atharv catches her . They have an eyelock …..JANA NA DILL SE DOOR … plays . On the other hand Ravish keep thinking about his friendship with Vividha and his Brotherhood bond with Atharv . Suddenly the bus have an accident and all passengers gets badly hurt . The bus blasts.

Atharv and vividha sits in some restaurant and orders some food . They see television on restaurant and see the news of some bus accident of the Ajmer to chittorgarh travelling bus . Atharv is shocked after seing the news and he calls Ravish but his phone is switched off . He calls at home and ask about Ravish . Sujata informs him that Ravish is already left for chittorgarh, i think he must be going to reach camp very soon . But why you called by the way . Atharv ends call without answering. But he didn’t cried a bit because he have full faith that his brother is fine . He informs vividha about this abd they leave for chittorgarh on his bike .

They reached the accident place and start searching for Ravish . Police interrupt them asking them to leave but Atharv says to him that He will mot leave from here without taking his brother . He requests them to search his brother please . Police says that almost all the passangers are dead and some have serious enjuries and now admit in hospitals may be your brother will be also in hospital, so go and check there . They leave for hospital . Atharv is just thinking about there yesterday night talks when Atharv says Ravish to go back to your camp , he don’t need you and they will teach you leason . Tears fall from his eyes but he is not going to give up . They reach hospital amd start finding Ravish here and there . But they are not able to find him . Atharv ask the receptionist about his brother . But didn’t able to find him . Suddenly someone shouts from behind your Captain is not going anywhere my sweet brother . Atharv turns back and sees Ravish standing there with some minor enjuries . He hugs him . Vividha looks at them emotionally. Atharv asks you are fine but police says that all the passengers have dead and some have major enjuries. Ravish says yes but before the accident i just left the bus because of you . I was not able to go from ajmer as i want some more time to spend with you that’s why i ask the driver to stops the bus and come down from bus . Just then truck comes from behind and hits the bus . Frome there i got some minor injuries as i was very close from the bus . Atharv hugs him again and says i had full faith that you are fine but my eyes want to see you fine that’s why i came from ajmer .

They leave from hospital in Tata magic auto as they are three persons and on bike it is not aloud. So they take lift from auto and stands his bike also properly with rope . They reached home . Sujata comes outside and sees Ravish injured. She ask how this happend . Atharv tells her everything . Sujata cries and thanks lord for saving his son on time . Vividha looks at Atharv and thinks Mr. Atharv sujata i was failed to learn you . Sometimes you become the Angry young man and then suddenly becomes caretaker for tour loving ones . You are a very interesting man i ever met .

Precap – Atharv comes at Vividha house from balcony . Vividha is in bathroom and thinks Atharv as her mother Uma . She ask Atharv to give her towel . He gets confused as he thinks she ask him for towel but actually vividha thinks him her mother . He gives her towel scarely . She comes outside and gets shocked to see Atharv in her room and shouts .

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Nyc episode…that brother bonding is really gud ?? precap omg ?????

  2. Wow sooo sweet loved the episode keep writing dear loved the episode only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  3. Sreelekshmi

    Wow superrbbbbbbb episode dear ??? precap was interesting ???

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