He is my brother….Atharv (Episode 11)

Hi guys , I am sorry i was not able to write ff from so many days . But from now onwards i will write it regularly . So lets starts

The episode starts with Atharv is sitting in tabela and thinks about Vividha . Then Ravish comes to him and says bhai what you are thinking at night . Tell me is there any problem. Atharv says no bro i am fine iam just thinking about vividha you know na how kailash kayshap is . He will not spare vividha . I am just afraid about that . Ravish says ohh so the problem is that my brother is thinking about his fiancée love and all hmmm . He continue teasing Atharv. Atharv says you are good in camp only . They will teach you good leasons , go major saab go to your camp tomorrow. They hug each other happily. They go to sleep .

In morning, Ravish sees Atharv leaving for his project wirk . Ravish says to sujata that maa you see now a days Atharv is behaving oddly . After vividha comes in his life he is dreaming in day also . Yesterday night he was keep thinking about vividha only whether she is fine or not . Sujata says he will not accept but i can see love in his eyes for vividha but one day he will accept it for sure .

In Kailash house , kailash gets angry on Uma and beats her . She cries and says i had not any idea about that day . Vividha do this by herself. She didn’t spoke to me about her decision . I think we shoulad accept Atharv as our would be son in law . Kailash shouts no that illegitimate milkman , just see our status and his status . I would not accept him . I have to do something. He goes . Uma cries and says you will be left alone some day for your low thinking even your favourite daughter will also left you one day .

Vividha is in her room . Guddi calls her from camp telephone . Vividha pics her call and says hello! . Guddi says cheater you done your engagement and not even invited me . I am very angry about that . ButvRavish told me everything . So now my anger is less but you have to give me party one day ok . Vividha says this engagement is fake . Me and Atharv is just friends that’s it . Iam just get engaged due to papa’s respect . But we will not going to marry . She ends call and is thinking about Atharv words . She calls him . But he didn’t see her call and busy in meeting with dealers .

Vividha comes to Atharv hous and ask sujata about Atharv. Sujata informs her that Atharv is in his meeting with clients. They will help him in making factory . Vividha goes from there . Suhata says that means fire blows in both sides equally. God bless them . Ravish is in bus traveling for chittorgarh for his army camp . He keeps thinking about Atharv and vividha. He says they are made for each other . Hope so that they will realise this on time .

Precap – Vividha goes to meet Atharv . She reached at factory land . She is finding Atharv here there but not able to . Then suddenly Atharv comes from behind and scares Vividha . Vividha slips but Atharv catches her . They see each other . ….JANA NA DILL SE DOOR …. plays .

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  1. Marliyashahul

    Keep writing.Awesome.i m eager to see next episode….

  2. keep writing dear nice episode only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

  3. Sreelekshmi

    Awesome episode dear ??? keep writing next episode ???

  4. Sunanda12345

    Wowwwww cute and short episode….liked it ??.precap is awesome….

  5. Sandy17

    Very nice, Very nice?…update fast…eager to read the story ?

  6. Zaina

    Happy to see u back nav… the epi was lovely

    1. Nav

      Thsnk you so much

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