brokenhearted (Episode 1)

thanku anonymous n anu…anu –do u remember me?
is it good enough to write on? i hope u all like it…

here is it..episode-1


kali was singing in concert at delhi…
n she was not singing bhajan but a rock song..all dressed in her own swag n style…without any mangalsutra or sindoor n with her own identity: kali malhotra..
the crowd cheered “kali!kali!kali!kali!” n she ended her song with a speech on women empowerment n making one’s own identity by thmselves..n waved them a good bye.
she used to inspire people…
… kali was not the pity kali like before,she was different,she was now legally human n she had no regrets or anything,she had just accepted herself as kali,kali malhotra…

kali was thinking of something,of her life n her stardom(she was happy) but she told herself that she felt anxious for something..someth….
KALI!KALI!KALI! a lady was hurridely taking her name n she came in front of her n clapped…
kali:what happened mom?
mrs.malhotra:u made it..
kali:i made it to..what?
mrs.malhotra: aree.. u made it to the….
kali: really dad?! oh my god!
n they gave a family hug ..but there was someone missing! the little creature went n tried to get in the hug saying
naira:aree nanu n naani how cn u hug withoutn me…i ll punish u three now!
malhotra’s: how can we forget u our little sweetheart..u just were not here so…
naira:no more excuses…now u would have to take me to the ice-cream parlour for mumma’s victory n she bumped into kali strongly hugging her…

naira was dancing n chanting:my mommie strongest!my mommie strongest!

someone interrupted, “no! my daddy is much more stronger!”
naira:no my mom is stronger…
someone:no my dad is stronger…
n both naira n that someone started pulling each others hair… when kali interupted n said no more fighting! if u both get hurt then! n she took naira away…
but naira in the last said that see i told u naa my mommie strongest! u r a looseR(teasing him)!

kali(in mind):ya allah ! naira is getting so naughty day by day…


kali gripped her ears n told naira who is getting a little more naughtier day by day to which naira replied with a devilish smile “not me mumma” n that made kali grip her ears….
naira:sorry mumma..u know naa u r the best..n i like showing off! u be my cool dude mom…u r not my mom but my superhero! i luv u mumma n gave her a kiss n hugged
kali smiled n said i luv u too my life…

saying this she went into deep thoughts…to the day,the day when she got to know that she was pregnant n the day she almost fell off the cliff….but thankfully her daughter ,her only will to live life was saved..she thanked the doctor in mind….n then she went a bit teary eyed thinking how her life had become topsy turvy because of being kaala teeka..she was…
kali:yes mom!
mrs.malhotra: u know what there is a big sale in dior…we will leave in 1 hr ohk? i want u to look the best(Saying this she put a kaala teeka on her)
kali smiled
mrs.malhotra:now why r u smiling? n y this tear-u know i cant see even one tear in your eye..come have dinner
kali said ohk mom give me a min..she wiped her tear n told to herself that she was happier than ever before ,getting a family who could do anything for her n she didnt wish for anything else,said thanku ramji n went too eat…..

thats just the basic format of kali life…there r more things to it..but thats a kali reached to malhotra?

—————————- (a bit of yug)

reyansh: dad u know what ?
yug:now what my little master?
reyansh: i met a girl in ice cream parlour
yug:dont tell me tht u fell on some other girl also..who is she?
reyansh: aree no buddhu..tht girl was a fool
yug:oh did this happen i mean u calling a girl –a fool..why?
reyansh: daddy u r just..uhh..nyways she was chanting my mommie strongest
yug:so ?her mom might be a pehelvaan(body builder)
reyansh: no so i said her my daddy is strongest n we fought n she called me looser..i mean look at me? do i look like a looser from any angle?no1 can ever get a guy as handsome charming stunning hot…
yug:oye bass bass! chup ho jaa ab toh
reyansh: ohk..btw her mom was beautiful..just like ur sita…
listening to this yug cracked up n asked what r u saying my son?no1 can be like my sita!
reyansh:no dad..she just looked almost like her

gauri: who looked like sita?
reyansh:aree mom i met an au..
yug:stop it reyansh! go to ur room n sleep..
reyansh went
gauri:why didnt u let him complete? who is sita?
yug:aree nothing it was just..
gauri:no tell me!
yug:see my head is paining,i m going to sleep
gauri:daadi ki kasam
yug:which daadi?

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  1. Inter change the gender of the children of kali and gauri. And also change the name of the boy.

  2. Saasha123

    First epi very wonderful. Di try to comment in my ff too. And did u write tryst with destiny?????

  3. Bless kali with a boy child rather.

  4. It’s getting almost the same story as yeh waada raha. Plz change a bit

  5. It’ll be better to watch a boy standing for his mumma and a girl for her supper daddy

  6. Good I love it

  7. Nice superb ????????my real name is sumaiya but my nickname is Suman

  8. I wanna watch d episode can anyone please help me

  9. Loved the strong kali… And plss don’t let kali easily forgive yug he deserves a good punishment and just one suggestion can there be a man in kali’s life in future from whom yug can be jealous… Update soon dear

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