Broken without you#shivika OS

Hey guys I am with other os and thank u so much for responses u gave in the previous os and I love sad endings so this is also a sad ending story but next story will be happy ending pakka

Shivika room (night)
Anika pov
Does shivay remember what is tomorrow, I am sure he doesn’t remember what is tomorrow as it is a small thing for him but that’s not a small thing for me, I hope shivay knows that tomorrow is our 1st Aniversary
Shivay pov
This anika will surely forget that tomorrow is our anniversary only fights matter to her, she is fighter cock, if she was lawyer then anika would surely eat everyones brain, donno if she remembers what is tomorrow, if I ask abt the fight she will say history but wont remember what is tomorrow
They both sleep with a smile on their face hoping that their partner remember what is special tomorrow
While pinky in her room
Pinky pov
Tomorrow is their anniversary and I will make it memorable tomorrow will be anika’s death anniversary I don’t want shivay to listens to her tomorrow is the last day for anika
Pinky sleeps giving a wicked smile

Next day morning
Anika pov
Shall I wish him or will he wish me, I am sure he wont wish me keeping his ego aside
Shivay pov
I know that fighter cock wont wish me I have to wish her
Happy anniversary says both together
Wow!the tadi baaz bagad billa know what is today this moment will be written in the genies world book of records with golden letters says anika happily but in a teasing tone
Whats your problem when I wont wish u also problem when I wish also problem says frustrated shivay
Anika shows him finger
Ok I think we shouldn’t fight on our 1st anniversary says anika
Yah lets make it memorable says shivay
Ok first lets go to pani puri stall then we will go to a dinchack movie and a ride that too on my champa, it will be exciting billu and billi with champa ki sawari says anika
It will not happen like that first we will go on a bruch then watching horse race and decent English documentary film and at last at coffee shop says shivay disagreeing with anika
What horse race see shivay horse race is waste tell me will there will be willian in story who wil be hero that horse how police will catch thief will he catch theif if he catches also where he put handcuff at his leg it’s the worse idea shivay says anika arguing with shivay
What r u speaking are u in u r senses says a confusing shivay
Ok I accept I said little bit weird but I don’t like that says anika
Lets do 50-50 says shivay
Ok u r bruch idea my champa ki sawari and u r coffee shop and my dinchack movie idea says anika
All r u r favourites but still ok says shivay agreeing with anika

Lets go says anika
They both set to leave
Where r u going what did u make planning shares with me says pinky trying to know their whole day plan
Mom we are going for a brunch then a movie and coffee shop accompanied by champa
Champa? Asks pinky who is a bit confused
Its my scooter name says anika trying to speak in between
Ok first take dadi’s blessings and go says pinky
They both leave to take her blessings
Shivay here is my champa u will drive and I will enjoy ok says anika instructing shivay
Ok but wheres the helmet asks shivay
Anika gives the helmet and both sit on champa and goes
Pinky smirks
The weather is cool and romantic perfect for their champa ride
Shivay drives fast
Shivay drive slow I am getting afraid says anika
No its all fun says shivay
No its not at all fun says anika
Anika will u do one thing remove my helmet and wear it on its spoiling my hair style says shivay
Anika removes his helmet and wears herself
Suddenly they get hit by a tree
Shivay dies and anika survies

FB shows
Chamapa ki sawari.. says pinky thinking abt her plan
She calls ram her servant to parking area and tells him break the fails of scooter
Wont shivay die asks ram
No he wont bcoz he will wear helmet and only anika will die
He works on the scooter
Pinky and ram leaves
FB ends

Shivay knew that the break have failed and to save her lady love he has sacrified himself
Anika was hell shocked and stood there like a stone, a drop of tears falls down
She breaks down and shouts shivayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I know its not nice

Do read and comment u r views
Critisicm is always welcomed

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  1. Ishuyamjha

    Oh my poor shivaay he died but the os was nice

    1. thank u so much dear it means a lot to me

  2. Omggg my bhai deid in the OS even though I know that before i read fully.i didn’t cry but I m sad that my bhai died??????????????.n I want to beat that pinky???????????because of her Shivaay kamina pinky she doesn’t think about her son’s happiness at all.selfish mother.shivaay sacrificed his life for anika??????. N anika is a fighter cock??????? n both wishing together was the best. N awesome work Candy.u made pinky the villy.billu n billi nhok jhok was too good.awesome but next one happy ending Pls

    1. yah next time happy ending pakka thank u rufiiiiiiiii for u r lovely comment and so sad u r bhai died in my os but next time happy ending pakka and once again thank uuuuuuuuu

  3. Nice. But please don’t let shivay die.

    1. thank u so much dear and sorry shivay died

  4. Ahaana


    1. thnx ahaana for u r support

  5. AditiB

    It’s good but the ending was sad again…..well I’m not such a fan of sad endings….but the reason shivaay gave to remove the helmet was I think amazingggg….but taking the ending I am sad that Shivaay died… described it really well….dear go on and give good stories like this one…. :-))))

    1. thank u so much aditi and i decide to write a happy ending as well next ending will be happy once again thank u dearrrr

  6. Kriti249

    Poor Shivaay he sacrificed his life to save Anika. Amazing one

    1. thank u so much kriti for u r comment thank u so much

  7. RoopaliVaishali

    Please please write more sad endings like this!!!

    1. so u too like sad endings hi5 thank u for comment but my frnds want a happy ending i will surely write both

  8. Killer why u kill shivay ???????I hate u killer …… coming to Os I love it ???

    1. i love killing next os me tu maregi and comment karke koi aeshan nahi kiya lekin phir bhi thnx

  9. Deepika12

    ??????????????????????????????????di aapne mujhe phirse rula diyaaa??????????but iss baar main chup nhi houngi kyunki iss baar stry kuch jyada hi heart touching thiii????????shivu ne apni jaan dedi aniku ke liyeeee????????mere shivikuu???????

    But agar os ki baat kahu toh bahut hi acha tha. Aur heart touching bhi??

    Pichli baar aniku ko maara tha. Iss baar shivu ko maara h. Ahli baar dono ko milana h warna dekh lenaaaaa. Aapko chodungiii nhiii.

    Aur aap bahut aache OS likhti h. Aapko hamesha likhna chahiyeeee. Love uu dii???

    1. Deepika12

      Post next os soon

    2. agli baar mein shivika to milaungi and jaldi post karungi dekh na tera shivku kitna achaa he
      waise thanx for reading i will post next os soon love u

    3. agli baar mein shivika to milaungi and jaldi post karungi dekh na tera shivku kitna achaa he
      waise thanx for reading i will post next os soon love u
      next time i will give a happy ending and enjoy u r shadi

      1. Deepika12

        Woh toh h mera shiviku bahut acha j. And remember no thank no sry in frndship?? Khak enjoy karu shadi toh kal h. Aaj toh bas inn ceremonies se bore ho rhi hu

  10. Shivikaanshi

    Its was aswm….i like sad endings…plzzz write more sad endings

    1. i will surely write sad ending thank u for u r comment

  11. Chanya

    I am crying ya…You made shivay die… Emotional and awesome dear… Write more..

    1. love u dii and i will surely write more

  12. Kojagorimalik

    Awesome but again a sad ending next time happy ending plzz plzz plzzzz

    1. ya sure next time happy ending pakka and thnx for it

  13. JanviSingh

    Kya yr…. U killed my Shivay…. ????????
    Par koi nh tumhe maaf kiya…..
    N it was awsm yr…
    U know u r great at writing OS….
    U keep it short yet effective… N that’s the best part…..
    Hope to see your next OS soon….?

    1. i love short and sweet stories and thnx bura mat manna i will surely send u link of other os when i write ok
      love u

  14. Arni

    Wow wow its amazing loved it

    1. thank u dear

  15. Jerry_36


    1. thnx

  16. It was awesome os and again a sad ending even I like sad ending toh please write more sad ending os and one happy ending plz…..and post it soon….

    1. yeah sure i will write more sad endings and thnak u dear

  17. AMkideewani

    Awesome, omg????

    1. thnx u and sorry

      1. AMkideewani

        You don’t have to say sorry, because not every story has an happy ending?

  18. Niriha

    O my god so sad ending but I like that becoz all story not have a happy ending right…awesome dear waiting for ur next work and give us treat like one happy ending story…… love you ??????

    1. thank u so much dear and i will surely give u treat

  19. Neehaa

    Troll a it’s too senty you made me cry

    1. awwwwwwww thank u so much sweet heart

  20. os was amazing …. Loved it??

    1. thnx diiiiiiiiii

  21. Ananyagour

    Amazing…..feeling sad for shivay and anika

    1. thank u soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  22. Thedreamsoul

    Omg , this is again touchy . Awesome one dear , Shivaye saving Anika by sacrificing himself was great . what kind of Mother does this things , Pinky I will surely kill you. Both their fight was funny and you wrote it so well dear . Waiting for the next happy ending OS .

    1. i am really happy to see u r comment thank u so much

  23. Alekhika20

    Interesting os

    1. thank u

  24. Archisha

    That was nice. But it is one of those sad love stories on youtube abd sad stories. Right ?

    1. u r right chota don and thanks if that was appreciation

  25. Anujohnson

    OMG…Candy tune mujhe hila Dala

    1. achha hua hil gayi agar tarif ki he toh sukriya

  26. Amazing but feeling sad for shivaay

    1. thank u sweet heart

  27. Soumya85

    It was again soo emotional swathi ????but u know what even I love sad stories…loved it yar it was amazing…waiting for your next OS..Love u??keep writing

    1. pls call me candy and thank u so much vk ki sis even i am waiting for u r yeh he aashiqi

  28. Fenil

    Nice OS
    Sorry for last Mistake you r Candy Dii !! Right ?

    1. i am not dii i am u r behen ok and thank u bhaiyya

  29. Anu16

    Hearttouching n emotional….. good mix of happy n sad moments…

    1. thank u sweetheart for u r sweet comment

  30. I’ve read similar stry on fb!! In a page I liked?

    Anyways I loved.. The way you described…?

    1. hey r u chandranandini swetha and yah i took it from insta and modified a bit thnx u

  31. one more sad ending u made me feel so much yaar

    1. thnx u if it my tarif

  32. Nandhininandhu

    Mera comment for my naughty emotional writer. Awesome dear .

    1. thnx u diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for u r comment

  33. Aliza111

    so tragic ending> well done. nice story. nice di

    1. thanks aliza

  34. Aleya.marzan

    soooooooo sad ending but awsome writting skill.

    1. thnx

  35. Trolls.Nets

    Again again????????????????????????????????? your writing is jhakkas but always sad ending, is that necessary? Shivaay??????????????????? he is so sweet. Go to hell Pinky. She is the worst mother. I hate her! Even though it’s not real but still. I jate her. and I love u. Muaahhhhhh???????? *flying kiss* I loved it

    1. replied down check

  36. Thank u so much neeti I was waiting for your comment. Neeti next time I will surely write an os with an happy ending. And u said u love srk I to love him and I decided that I will give u his 15% take only his feet ok. Sharing is done

    1. Trolls.Nets

      Thank u???????

  37. Christie123

    kya yaar kya likhte ho jo ladki kabhi nahi roti use bhi rula dia. awesome!!!!!!

    1. thnx yaar

  38. IME

    Loved it!!
    Write more!!
    love u
    take care

    1. love u ish than* u

  39. Awesome and Emotional one dear??…
    Feeling bad for shivaay…

    1. thank u so much lokha

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