Hola, peeps, this is the second shot of ”broken without you”. Hope you liked the suspense and stuff , so I am just giving you a recap of the last episodes, before that, I would like to say a big sooorrry and also a big ttthaaannnkkkyyyooouu, sorry for not replying many of you and thankyou for the lovely comments and support. I am really glad that you guys are liking it, this encourages me a lot .
Thankyou once again.

mirra was fast asleep, dev entered her room, sat beside her ,covered her with the blanket and placed a peck on her forehead. Each time he saw his daughter, the only memories that were running in his mind was all of his sona. Dev cried silently , he whispered to himself.
Dev : mirra, I cannot tell you who is sona, she was your mother, I don’t have the guts in me to tell this to you.
He throws himself on his bed and cries remembering sona. he slowly walks out with a secret key in his hand, he moves towards a closed room, opens the room with the secret key and enters in.

It was sonakshi and dev’s anniversary day
Sona: tell me dev, why did you blind fold me?
Dev : it’s a surprise baby
Sona : I am so eager to see it !!
Dev opens her blind fold and sona sees a big room in front of her.
sona: what’s this dev?
Dev : this room is a special room sumo, it will have all the memories that me and you shared, right from childhood till now.(note: sona and dev are childhood friends.)
Sona : oh that’s so nice,dev .even I have got a gift for you
dev : what?
Sona points towards her belly: we are gonna have a baby dev.
Dev hugs sona in happiness and places a peck on her cheek.
Flashback ends.
Dev picks a photo and cries terribly remembering sona, he really couldn’t stop thinking about his sona and he was pretty scared about mirra.
Dev’s pov
If mirra will grow up and ask who is my mother, what will I answer? I have to tell her everything about sona, before things become worser.
He keeps the photo of sona close to his heart and remembers their happy times.

Dev and sona in the beach.
Sona is resting her head on dev’s shoulder and dev is seen caressing her hair.
Sona: dev, what will we name our baby?
Dev: anything that you wish, but little do we know that it is a baby boy/girl.
Dev: if it is a little sona, then we will name her mirra..
Sona: mirra sounds nice , dev.
After some time sonakshi says dev-“I love you”
Dev: whats wrong with you sona.
Sona: why mr obhodro, I don’t have the right to say I love you again. I want to have an icecream, right now!
Dev: oh! These mood swings!
Flash back ends.
In this way dev recalls each and every moment of his life that was spent with sonakshi, he loved sonakshi dearly and truly and that is the reason , he’s so broken from inside.
He dozes of crying out her name again and again….
The episode ends here
Sorry guys this episodewas small, will try to make the next one longer.
Is sona alive or dead? Will mirra help dev overcome his sadness and gloominess? jane ke liye keep reading “BROKEN WITHOUT YOU”.

PRECAP: sona’s truth will be out, a few years leap.

Guys , ill probably upload the episode on Thursday or Friday, hope you can wait… please cooperate, thankyou…
Love you all


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    Hey yb….. The episode was awesome….!!!and surprises. !!!!was such cute as devakshi…..!!!yup….!;!have many questions…..!!!so pls go ahead…..with next epi….waiting fa it…!!davakshi’s cute scenes was awful….!!juz like they both looking together….!!! Pls upload the next lil fast….pls…

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    Awesome……❤💟💞💖💕😘😍😋💗💘👍……and u have kept a great suspense….😅💞👍💖😘😍…….Amazing…..keep it up….❤💕

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