Broken trust (devdaan story) Devanshi shot 1 by mars

Hlloooo guys!!! This is mars here with the first shot of my new story on devdaan. Firstly I will give little intro of the story as some people were not watching devanshi earlier so it will be easy for them.Thanks to all those who commented on intro.
Hope so u will like it.
Let’s begin:

Broken Trust(Devdaan story)
Shot 1:
Devanshi and vardaan got married as they love each other.Their relation was going smoothly but slowly the rift start forming between them as devanshi neglect vardaan and start bidding things from him. Vardaan always try to compromise. According to the plan of kusum sundri, vardaan was intoxicated when he and devanshi took their relation to next level and become one.
But vardaan forget it. Coincidentally, devanshi become pregnant. Again as vardaan was manipulated by ks and the circumstances were such that he blamed devanshi for carring illegal child of shiker(devanshi’s friend) and mistrust her. All village people tried to kill devanshi as she is carrying baby not of her husband. Mistakenly she fell in water and all considered her dead but actually she was saved.
Devanshi lost her child so to take the revenge and proof her innocence she will come back to jwalapuri as kalki shah.
So from here the story will begin.

A luxurious car stops in front of the haveli(ks ‘s house) and the driver immediately opened the door and here comes the gorgeous girl wearing western outfit looking extremely beautiful. She looked around and remembered how 10 months back she was disowned by her own love her husband. But there were no emotions on her face just all blank.
Vardaan who was going out went near his jeep and saw her. For a second he got lost thinking about devanshi but then hatred overpower his love.
He angrily went to her and tightly held her hand.
Vardaan:so u r alive and again come to betray me.devanshi look in his eyes only to find hate for her but no she is no more that weak devanshi who will tolerate all this.
(Now I will refer devanshi as kalki)
Kalki jerk his hand and shouted
Kalki: be in your limits Mister.
Vardaan: shut up devanshi
Kalki: ohhh hello I m kalki shah new owner of your house not any devanshi(make faces)
Vardaan: u r not devanshi???
Kalki: no don’t u understand once. I don’t know from where such brainless people comes.
Saying this she went inside leaving behind fuming vardaan.

Kalki came inside and the whole family got shocked to see her.
Kalki: hlloo everyone here is your new owner miss kalki shah.
Kusum:devanshi u r alive?
Kalki:uff not again that drama. I m kalki not don’t refer me that.
She proved that she is kalki not devanshi.
So all believed her and she went to her room.

Vardaan’s POV
I m damm sure she is devanshi. How can be someone same like her. She has no real sister.She must be fooling us again. I will find out and prove her wrong and will end her kalki drama.
Vardaan’s POV ends.

Vardaan came out of his room and went to kalki’s room.She was sitting on bed all lost in thoughts. Finding the door open,vardaan entered inside startling kalki
Kakli:don’t u have manners that u should take permission before entering.
Vardaan:don’t act smart devanshi and keep your manners with u.
Kalki(point her finger): just shut up I m kalki.
Vardaan pin her to the wall
Vardaan: u can’t fool me. Unfortunately u r my wife oops ex wife devanshi.
Kakli:leave me I m still not married and u and my husband never in my dreams also and I already have a boyfriend. He will be coming tomorrow.
Vardaan:ohhh so u find another man. Shameless girl.
Kalki(jerk him): u r no one to point at my character.
Vardaan: be ready I will expose u that there is no kalki its devanshi only.
Saying this he left.
Kalki got shocked that how can he say with this much surety that I m devanshi.
Kalki(mumble): I have to do something. Yes will call Pawan here soon. He will only handle.

To be continued….

Sorry for short one and most of the story was same as serial but it will proceed differently.
Plzzz leave your comments don’t be silent.
Thank you
Take care.


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