Broken trust (devdaan story) Devanshi introduction by mars


Hloooooo guys!!!!!! This is mars. Many of u might be knowing me but for some i must be new so let me first tell that I had joined telly updates one and half months back as swasan writer. I m writing swasan stories. I m swasanholic and hellyholic. As I m admirer of hellu so I started watching devanshi and I like devdaan.
So the main reason why I m here, actually some devanshi fans want the there should be devdaan ff so I m thinking to write a short story on devdaan as an initiative. So are u interested in reading story on devdaan??? Those who want to check my writings can visit swaragini page there u can find my ffs.

BROKEN TRUST(devdaan story)
So here I m giving characters :
Vardaan: same as serial aggressive, blindly loves devanshi but he didn’t trusted her which broke their relation.
He thinks devanshi is no more.Support kusum sundri.He thinks he hates devanshi but still he misses her.

Kalki shah(devanshi): after the mistrust of vardaan she left the village and now came back to proof her innocence and to take the revenge of his child’s death.

Other characters will be there which will take as the story proceed.

Devdaan celebrated there first night but as vardaan was intoxicated so he didn’t remember that he and devanshi has become one.So when devanshi become pregnant he blamed her that its shiker’s child and point at her character. Then devanshi fall from hill and all considered her dead.
This will be the same story as serial.
Now broken trust will start with kalki’s entry.
The story will include vardaan’s realization and devanshi’s innocence will be proved.
I will focus the story on devdaan as we get family drama a lot on tv.

Soooooo its humble request that plzz inform me whether u really want to read devdaan ff then I will start.It really need much time to write a story and I have many swasan stories also to manage.
But I want to write for devdaan. So that the popularity of devanshi increases as there are few visiters only of this page.
Plzzz do support and tell me soon so that I can think of starting it or not.

U can follow me on wattpad.
My id is mars_111.

Don’t forget to tell me your opinion.
For now byeeeee hope to meet u all again soon
Take care.

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  1. Misbah4

    Awesome.. I don’t watch devanshi.. but love helly.. plz post 1 episode soon??

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear will continue soon

  2. Ishuyamjha

    awesome continue soon

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear will continue soon

  3. Neptune

    awesome marsuuuuu…. glad you wrote something on them…
    well it will be difficult for me to read on them…
    but don’t worry i will imagine sanku in place of him….

    1. Mars

      Thank you nepuu and its difficult for me also to write it as its totally new but thought to give a try.

  4. Awesome intro dear. And I will surely read it dear. I read all ur stories on swasan and I like naughty billo and my better half.
    And Mars I don’t know whether u get as many comments that you got in swasan ff. But I will read it and will also comment. So continue soon.

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear and don’t worry about response as i known there are less visitors on this page.

  5. Mica

    hi Mars, ….i will love to read it, please continue

    1. Mars

      Hloo mica dear and thanks will continue soon

  6. Rachna

    Awsm Dr… Plzz continue it

    1. Mars

      Thanks dear will continue soon

  7. SNY

    Superb duperb marssss????????plz continue……!!!!

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear will continue soon

  8. Abirsha

    Wow mars happy to see u writing a ff on #DevDaan!!!! Love u for this….. Waiting for next chappy!!!! Post soon….

    1. Mars

      Thank youuu soooo muchhh diii I m soo happy that u are interested to read it. Will definitely continue very soon. thanks take care

  9. Plz u for writing an ff on devdaan

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear will continue soon

  10. Pnap

    plzzzzz continue

    1. Mars

      Thank you dear will continue soon

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