The Broken Strings : A Manan ff (Chapter 5)

Nandini’s P.O.V ~

The drive back home was silent. I only gave him the directions and he drove.
Finally, we reached home. For the first time, I hated going back home, because going back meant I would be back to my old boring life. I sighed and hung my head low at the thought of studies and exams. There was so much to do!

” Nandu, are you okay? ” Manik asked. Nandu… like a nickname for me. I didn’t like being called out by my nickname… but yet, I felt special when he said it.

” Huh? Yes… why? ”

” Nothing. You just look… tired. ” He said eyeing me.

” Uh no… it’s just studies and stuff. I got another exam day after tomorrow… ” I said.

” Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll do good. I remember you saying that you were a topper in school? ” He smiled and placed his hand on mine. We had held hands before… but still, I again got those butterflies in my stomach. Like the ones I had outside Starbucks.

” That was school! This is much more difficult, you know? ”

He scoffed. ” So what? If you believe in yourself and work hard, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from getting good grades… ”

” You’re right… ” I nodded.

We both stayed in an awkward silence for a few minutes. I didn’t want to leave, and maybe he wanted to leave. But he didn’t say anything… instead, just kept looking at our hands which fit like perfect puzzle pieces.

” Um… I should probably get going… ” I said breaking the uncomfortable silence.

” Hmm? Yeah… me too, I guess… ” He said. I smiled and was about to open the door when he stopped me. His sudden reaction was startling.

” Wait! Uh… w-what about your car? I mean it’s still outside the Starbucks, if I’m not wrong… ” He said.

Shit. My car. I remembered. I had to face dad now, and give him a long explanation about how I ended up having my car outside Starbucks. My dad never liked me going out with some guy alone. He was strict when it came to boys. I was snapped out of my thoughts as Manik snapped his fingers in front of me.

” Hello? Where did you zone out again? ” He asked and laughed a little. I didn’t even realize that I was having a really dumb look on my face and maybe that’s what made him laugh.

” Nowhere… Oh! And I’ll go and pick up my car later… no big deal. ” I said… but, it is a blo*dy big deal since my dad would probably get me grounded if he finds out that I was with a guy. * P.S – Not any random guy, but Manik Malhotra. * What made it worse for me was that, he hated music. I know… it’s unusual. But in this world where music is the religion of love, there also existed people like my dad who thought it was all waste of time.

” Okay… ” He said and smiled. So… that’s it? I thought. I wanted to meet him again, but I also knew he won’t meet me again. Why would he? If he wants to meet me again, he can ask himself. I thought. But unfortunately, he did not ask. Maybe I was right earlier… He found me boring, just like everyone else. I forced a smile on my face and got out of the car.

” Nandini! ” His voice made me stop… again. I’d lost the hope of meeting him again, and I knew he didn’t call my name to ask me to meet him again. But still… one should never lose hope, so I didn’t. Somewhere I was hoping for him to ask just once… and that’s exactly what happened.

He too got out of the car and walked towards me. ” Can we meet again? I know it’s sounds really cheesy, but I want to be honest with you; and the truth is, I want to meet you again… and again… and again. I didn’t even realize how time passed so quickly with you and trust me when I say this… you’re not boring. ” He said like he’d read my mind. I just stood there like a statue, and again that dumb look was back on my face.

” That look is really funny… ” He said pointing at my face and I could tell that he was holding back his laughter. I quickly snapped out of my world and gave him a nervous smile.

” S-sorry. Bad habit… well, I would love to meet you again… ” I said.

” Great! So I’ll text you tomorrow after I get free from practice and we can go out or something… ” He said.

” Out? I don’t mean to be rude or anything but… after what happened today, don’t you think we should not be going out in crowded places? ” I asked.

” We’re not going to any crowded place, so don’t worry. We can hang out at my place also… I’ll text you tomorrow, okay? ”

” Okay… see you later, ” I said.

” Yeah… bye, ” He said and hopped back in the car, driving away.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow! But before that… I couldn’t wait to face dad.


Sorry for the short updates but since I’m a student I dont get much time. I hope y’all understand. Comment about this chapter though. ??

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