The Broken Strings : A Manan ff (Chapter 2)

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Manik’s P.O.V ~
Nandini. Her name was Nandini, if I wasn’t mistaken. She was the girl I had met that night after the concert. It had been almost two months since that meet, and I didn’t know why, but I wasn’t able to get this girl out of my mind.
To be honest, I had completely lost the hope of seeing her again. But you can’t predict anything! The world’s too small, I guess.
Since the moment I noticed her in the cafe, I felt the strange connection between us. I knew, that someday, somewhere I must have met this girl. Who knew it was Nandini?
She sat in front of me, frozen. I was in the same state. Her spectacles rested on her button nose. Her hair was still of a same length, maybe a little longer than before. Surprisingly, the image of the girl I had met two months ago, was very clear in my mind. Specially those eyes… It was impossible for me to not recognize them. She still looked beautiful.
” Oh h-hi… Hi Manik, ” She said, snapping me out of my thoughts.
” Hi Nandini, ” I smiled.
” You remember me? ” She asked, quite amused.
” Ofcourse I did. We met only a couple of months ago. Also, its not so easy to forget such a beautiful girl like you.” I said. Her face turned deep red, the moment those words left my mouth. I shouldn’t have said it, right?
” Thank you, ” She smiled. I couldn’t help but lose the grin on my face.
” Why were you hiding, by the way? ” I asked.
” Oh, just nothing, ” She said.
” Arrey! Batao bhi… ” I said.
” The last time we met, I embarrassed myself enough in front of you. I didn’t want to do that again… ” She said shyly.
” Rubbish. You didn’t embarrass yourself. In fact, I was glad that I made you smile… ” I said.
She, who was still looking down at her fingers, looked up in shock. ” Uh… well, yeah… you always make me smile. ” She blurted out, and now, it was my turn to look shocked. What did she mean by You always make me smile?
Ofcourse I knew I made my fans happy, but when Nandini said it, it felt different. It felt new.
I noticed the expression on her face change as soon as she realized what she’d just said. ” I didn’t mean it that way… um… well, I’m a fan… so obviously… ” She said awkwardly. I smiled.
” So what are you doing here this late? ” I asked changing the topic.
” Oh, well… I couldn’t sleep, so I just came here. That’s what I do when I can’t sleep at night. You see, this place is always open! ” She said. ” And what brings you here? ”
” I couldn’t sleep either, and also I’m staying nearby. So I thought of roaming around a bit. Thankfully there were not much people outside. ” I said gazing out of the window.
” Yeah. Usually this city never sleeps. But due to heavy rains most of the shops are closed, and people tend to get out less. ” She said.
The next few minutes we didn’t say anything. I didn’t even feel the need to say anything. The presence of somebody with me itself made me feel better. Ofcourse, I hardly knew this girl, but I felt a deep connection with her; and I wanted to spend more time with her. But then, this had to happen…
” Um… what time is it? ” Nandini asked from across the table.
” It’s one. ” I replied looking at my watch.
” Shit! I better leave. I have an exam tomorrow! I have to get up early or else I’m going to be late… ” She said grabbing her book and bag.
” Oh. You should go, then. ” I said unwillingly and got up along with her. Even I had to head back to the hotel I was staying in.
” Yeah. So um… bye. Nice to meet you… ” She said adjusting her specs.
” Nice to meet you too, and… good luck for the test. ” I smiled as we shook hands.
” Thank you. Good night, Manik… ” She said and turned around to leave once we were already out of the small place after paying the bill.
She was walking away, but I wanted to stop her. I wanted to meet her again.
She’s just a fan. What if she’s some serial killer? My mind told me. She doesn’t seem like a serial killer. Stop her, Manik, stop her. My heart said.
” Nandini? ” I called out, not so loud since she hadn’t gone that far. She turned around as I walked up to her.
” Um… well, I was wandering if you’re free tomorrow… after your test? ” I asked rubbing my head nervously. I didn’t dare to look in her eyes. They were so beautiful, that it made me go speechless. Cliché, but true.
” Y-yeah. I have no plans after the test… but w-why? ” She asked looking down at the road. I could easily tell that she was as nervous as me.
” So can we meet up? You know for coffee or something? I-I mean only if you’re okay with it… ” I said.
” Okay. Okay, yeah. I-I’ll meet you tomorrow… ”
Yes! I mentally pumped my fist in the air, and tried not to smile like an idiot. ” Great. I’ll see you tomorrow… um… at Starbucks?” I asked.
” Okay… ” She said and finally looked up from the ground.
” Bye Nandini, ” I smiled. ” Huh? Yeah… bye Manik, ” She said and walked away.
This has never happened before… what did I just do? I asked a girl out? What is happening to me? I thought and smiled to myself as I walked back to the hotel. I just couldn’t wait for the sun to rise…


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