The Broken Strings : A Manan ff (Chapter 14)


Nandini’s P.O.V ~
” What did I say to you last night? Didn’t I warn you, Nandini? How dare you break my trust like that! ” My father yelled at me. I stood at the corner, staring down at the cold and hard floor.
Hearing him, mom and Navya came running into the scene. ” For the love of God, Nandini. Speak up! Why did you see him again, when I had strictly told you to stay away! ” He said, really frustrated. I had never seen this side of his before. For the first time, I was scared of him.
” I… I love him, dad… ” I choked out.
Not to my surprise, dad looked taken aback by such a response of mine. Among all this drama, mom stood out, trying to stop dad from afar. Navya looked really worried. I was carefully observing my dad’s reaction to my bold statement. His expression faded from hurt, into anger.
” Nandini, what do you know about love? That boy is just using you for now. ” He said. I knew, that I had to take a stand for myself. For Manik, and for our love. The cat was out of its bag anyway.
” He is a good person, dad. You haven’t met him yet, but he loves me. I love him too! ” I said, trying my best to sound convincing to him. His face hardened and his jaw clenched.
” Open your eyes, Nandini! Open them, and see. Look where he is today. He is famous, and has the world at his feet. Where are you? You are nobody in front of him right now. Such people only use girls like you and then throw them away. You are my daughter, and I am being completely honest with you about this. ” He said in a bitter tone.
I could see, that this argument was now turning into an ugly fight. I was fighting with my own father for the man I loved. I did not regret it at all, for my love was pure, and true. I had one hundred per cent faith in Manik.
” You are my father, and I appreciate your concern, but I’m an adult, dad! I’m almost twenty, and I have all the right to make decisions for myself. You cannot control me all the time! ” I snapped back. For the first time in my entire life, I had raised my voice in front of him.
” Nandini, baby calm down, ” My mother stepped in, when things had already gotten ugly.
” Stay out of it, mom. You never even raised your finger at dad when he controlled everything in my life. You have no right to tell me to calm down, because all these years that’s all I have been doing. ” I said.
” That’s no way to talk to your mother. Apologize to her, now. ” Dad ordered. Yet again, he expected me to listen to him.
” I won’t. ” I replied, being as cold as I could be.
He sighed. ” What do you want, Nandini? I have given you everything since the beginning – a good university, branded clothes, a new car.. what else do you want from me?! ” He exclaimed.
What do I want? I want a father; the one who loves me and does not take away my freedom. The one who keeps his family ahead of his work, and the one who does not measure love with branded clothes and cars.
I let out a dry laugh. I wandered, that how even after spending twenty f**king years in a house with his two daughters, he never felt the need to even ask them about how their day was.
” Forget it, dad. ” I replied, defeated. I knew that there was absolutely no point in trying to convince him now.
” I will not forget this, and I will not tolerate this behavior of yours. This is my house. I have earned it all – the money, my reputation, everything. The life you are living today, is given my me. So if you want to stay here, in my house, you have to stay according to my rules; because I have worked hard every single day to earn this, and I’m not letting it go. ” He said.
I knew where all of this was going. Yet, it was hard to believe that things had turned this bad now.
” What have you earned, dad? This house? Where everybody is living on their own, and where parents don’t even care whether their children are safe? Money is not everything, dad. For me, you have earned nothing. You are still the most poorest person for me. I just wish, that along with all the money and power and status, God had given you a heart. ” I said.
The moment those words came out of my mouth, I noticed a sudden change in my father’s expression. A single tear rolled down his face, and for the first time in my whole life, I saw him cry. I felt guilty. I felt horrible. But he needed to know.
Long silence prevailed in the room. Mom looked taken aback, Navya looked tensed, and dad… well, he was devastated. Not even for a moment, I felt like I shouldn’t have said all that.
” Do you love him? ” He asked, his voice very low, and unsteady. He was trying to stop himself from breaking, and that’s what hurt the most. This was my one and only chance to convince my father.
” I do… ” I replied. He took a deep breath, and then spoke up again.
” You have to chose, Nandini. Its either your father, or a man you’ve just met, who claims to love you. ” He said, very calmly.
Oh God, no… This is what I feared – choosing between my father and Manik. No matter how my dad was, I loved him. But I loved Manik too; and it may sound cheesy, because I had met him only a couple of days before. In the end, love is love… ❤
” Dad, I love you, but I love him too! Please just give him one chance- ” I said, but he cut me off.
” You have to chose, Nandini. ” He stated.
I was broken. I had no words to say. My own father was doing this to me. I wanted to scream and shout and tell him how much I was suffering. Navya and mom, looked at me expectantly, waiting to hear my answer. All I wanted, was to end this suffering once and for all. For that, I knew what I had to do.
I had made my decision…
” I chose him, dad. ” I spoke, gathering all the courage.
Navya gave me a what-the-f**k-are-you-saying look, while mom looked angry now.
” Nandini, what’s wrong with you? You’re choosing someone you’ve just met over your father who has raised you? ” Mom asked. I was only looking at dad, waiting for him to say something.
” Yes, I am. And I am not going to regret taking this decision. ”
Dad took one look at me and said, ” If that’s what you want, then my decision is final as well. You have to leave this house, if you want to be with him. ”
I knew it… I knew he would say something like that. But I just hoped for him to not. I was taken aback by this, indeed. He was officially throwing me out of his house. What hurt the most, was that he didn’t seem even a bit upset about all this.
” Don’t worry, dad. I’m leaving, and I’m not coming back. Nothing is going to happen to your reputation, because I’m leaving this house, and you forever this time. ” I said, holding back my tears.
” No! Nandini, why are you doing this? Please don’t leave! ” Navya said. She was already crying, begging me to stay. It hurt… it hurt like thousand knives. But this time, I had successfully taken a stand for myself, and I wasn’t going to back out.
In no time, Navya burst into tears, wrapping her arms around me. I guess, she was the only one who cared for me here. My mother stood away, probably trying to process everything that was happening.
” Please don’t go, Nandu. I love you, you have to stay back for me. Please! ” She cried in my arms.
I held her for some time, and then unwillingly, and with a heavy heart, I pushed her back gently. ” I love you too, okay. I love you a lot, but I have to go. Be good, and always remember one thing in life – follow your heart, for it always leads you to the right path. ” I said, and kissed her cheeks.
Till the end, mom didn’t even say a word to me. I couldn’t figure out whether she was angry, or hurt, or what.
I was accepting the fact, that this was it. I was leaving this house, my family, and everything forever. I knew where I belonged, and I was going there…


Hey guys. I’m good. Sorry for the late update! I’m busy with my studies and stuff. How you all have been doing? And I hope you like this fanfic. If not then I’m probably gonna end it for you all. There’s hardly any reads on this one. Do comment guys! That motivates me. A lot. Thanks to those who took out their time to comment and push me. Love you all!

Credit to: Nish

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