The Broken Strings : A Manan ff (Chapter 12)


Manik’s P.O.V ~
What is happening to me?
Why does she have such an effect on me?
Why did I kiss her?
I put all these thoughts aside, as she kissed me back. I wanted to do this, I wanted to feel her lips on mine. I couldn’t help but give in. I was falling for this girl… truly, madly, deeply…
I parted away, looking into her eyes. She was smiling from ear to ear, her face slightly pink and for the first time, I saw happiness in her eyes.
” What? ” She asked, as soon as she noticed me staring at her.
” What? Can’t I look at the most beautiful girl in the world? ” The moment I said that, she went deep red.
” Stop it. ” She muttered, looking down.
” But I didn’t even start anything… ” I replied, flashing a smile.

She giggled. ” Shut up. ”
” Make me, ” I replied. She wasn’t even looking at me. I knew how shy she was, and I was really enjoying teasing her.
I laughed. ” Okay. I’m really liking this conversation, but we should go now. It’s getting cold. ” She said.
” Well, since you’re liking it, would you like to have it exclusively? ” I asked.
She bit her bottom lip, and stared at me. ” Sure. With you? ” She asked.
I smiled. ” Oh, and did I mention how much of a good kisser you are? ” I asked.
” Thank you, but we should go now. ” She said. I nodded, looking up at the now dark sky. It could rain anytime now.
We walked back towards the car, and thankfully, Nandini managed not to slip and embrace the ground again. My clumsy Nandini…

” Where do you want to go now? ” I asked, while Nandini rested her head on my shoulder. It felt so good… just driving on such a beautiful road with the girl I love beside me.
” Wherever you take me. ” She replied with a smile.
” Is that so? ” I asked, raising my eyebrows. ” Think about it… I could take you anywhere. ”
” Don’t go that far, mister. ” She said, giggling. ” Let’s just not go back to the city. It’s too noisy and sucks. ”
” Okay, ma’am. We could go back to the hotel where I’m staying. I’ll drop you home later, alright? ”

She agreed immediately, as I drove back to the hotel.
Nandini’s P.O.V ~
We sat in the hotel room, spending almost an hour talking about the most random stuff. Manik told me about his family and how all of them supported him throughout his career. He also showed me a picture of his little nephew – Aarav. (I’ve a nephew named Aarav so…?)
” You’re really lucky to have them. ” I had said.
” I am. ” He replied. ” But I think that I’m about to get luckier now, since you have come into my life. ” He said, with that famous playboy smirk and a wink. I rolled my eyes, and sat back on the bed. He scooted over to me, pulling me on to his lap.
It was the best feeling ever – just sitting there, his arms wrapped around me. I couldn’t compare this feeling to anything.

” So how come I told you everything about me, but you never told me anything about yourself? ” He asked.
” You know everything about me! I’m nineteen, medical student, staying in Mumbai, and currently in a hotel room with a rich, handsome and s*xy Rockstar. ” I said. He laughed, and planted a kiss on my head.
” No, I mean your family, ” He said.
Family… that one word was enough to spoil my good mood. What about my family? They are there, but never really act like one…
I frowned. How was I going to tell him that my father didn’t want me near him, or any boy, for that matter. Yet, I was sitting with him, trying to make the most of this moment.
” You okay? ” Manik asked, noticing my discomfort. I quickly put on a nervous smile and nodded lightly. But I knew, that I didn’t look convincing. He had the right to know, otherwise we would have never been able to take our relationship to the next level.

” You know, you can talk to me about anything, right? ” He asked, resting is chin on my shoulder. He was right. I could talk to him about anything, and I had to talk to him about this.
I took a deep, unsteady breath, and decided to spill it out. ” There is something that you need to know. ” I said. I pulled back from his arms, and sat up straight in front of him, cross-legged. I closed my eyes, and decided to say it no matter what. He sat quietly, waiting for me to go on.
” My dad, he has always been a man of dignity and honor. With a lot of difficulties, he has created his image in the society. Since Navya, my sister, and I were kids, dad has provided us with everything. Before we could even ask for something, he used to get it for us. But I never wanted any branded clothes, or heels, or clutches, or handbags. All I wanted was his time, which he never had for me. Neither him, nor my mom were there when we were growing up. Dad used to say, that there will be one day when I’ll make him proud. He wanted me to become a doctor, and for me, my dad’s dream was everything, it still is. ” I said, as Manik intently listened to whatever I was saying.

” Yesterday, my dad saw the newspaper – the one in which that article about us was printed. He wants me to concentrate on my studies, and nothing else. He lashed out at me about that article and told me to stay away from you. I tried to tell you all this back at the lake, but when you said that you were leaving, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to spend some more time with you, and so, I decided not to say anything. But you deserved to know, that I want to be with you. I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I just want you to know that I love you. ” I said. I was almost in tears by the end of the last sentence.

On the other hand, Manik’s expression was unreadable. It was hard to make out what was going on in his mind. He immediately, wrapped his arms around me. I did not hesitate this time, and let my tears flow. I wanted him so bad, but at the same time, I couldn’t even let my father down.
” I love you too, Nandini. I want to be with you as well, because I know how happy I am when I’m with you. Your dad is not ready now, and that’s okay. But one day, he will understand. I promise you baby, that I’ll do whatever it takes to convince him. I won’t give up on us. ” He said. I sighed.
” Everything will be okay, right? ” I asked.
He nodded, and pulled me in for a kiss.
I was happy, but also worried about what was going to come next. I knew it for sure, that Manik was the one for me. Till yesterday, we were just friends,
And now, we were something more…


Guys! Sorry but I was working more on the other ff this time. So. . . But I will make up to you in the next chapters. We’ve bombs exploding here in this ff soon. ??????
Its The Broken Strings ~

Next chapter : Nandini’s dad sees Manan together. (Maybe today if I get time or else after my exams.)

Credit to: N I S H A

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