Broken soul: A Swasan FF (Intro)

“Don’t you love me?” he asked in a painful voice.

“You can never be mine” she said with a blank face.

“Why are you not accepting the fact? We both know that we can’t live without each other so why are you doing this with me, with us?” He caught her shoulders.

She jerked him off and shouted,”Because I’m broken, broken beyond heal!!”

“I Will Fix You” was all he said with the love and affection in his voice.


Swara Rajvanshi is a mystery. She’s the owner of Whitney group of Industries, worst nightmare of her employees. She has only her mother with her Sharmishtha Rajvanshi who’s mentally unstable. She never opens up to anyone except her friend who knows about her past, Ragini Maheshwari. She always hides her feelings from everyone sometimes Ragini is also not able to figure out her feelings she does not let her feelings overpower her mind. Her face tells something else and her feelings are something else but her eyes, they show the pain that she is hiding.

Sanskar Maheshwari is a carefree boy who has never gone through pain in life, it’s not that he is very rich he’s middle class but his feelings has never overcomed him. Loves flirting, had many girlfriends but still didn’t love anyone. His parents, Sujata Maheshwari and Ramprasad Maheshwari want him to work but he’s lazy enough so they force him to work and finally he agrees. Fortunately or unfortunately it seems, he gets an opportunity to work in Whitney group of Industries.

What will happen when these opposites will meet each other? Will Swara ever open up in front of Sanskar? Will Sanskar ever will be able to Fix Her? You’ll get to know.

Ok I know that was bad but can’t help it I’m not so good at writing but I’ll try my best so that you’ll love this❤ It might contain some grammatical mistakes but I hope it doesn’t stop you’ll from reading this. Do support me in this attempt of mime

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