Broken soul: A Swasan FF (Chapter 6)

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You’ll know my obvious reason for leave right? Well it was studies, I had much pressure on me because of it but I didn’t want to keep my story hanging like that without any end so I’ll try my best to post maybe once a week or once in two weeks:) Thanks.

Sanskar’s POV

I was nervous about the deal, will I able to win it? I won challenges but this was one with Swara. I highly doubt I’ll win but I’ve to be positive so no over thinking about that and get going with your work.

After sometime, Samira entered my cubicle.
“Hey Sammy!” I beamed, I gave her this new nickname and she always told me not to call her that.
“You can never stop calling me that can you?” She asked and I just laughed at her statement.

“Oh c’mmon Sammy I love this nickname”

“Yeah and I love it too” she said with an unknown twinkle in her eyes, before I could decipher it she brushed it off.
“Anyways there’s a success party this weekend for our deal held by Mr Aggarwal and he expects everyone to come”

“Will Swara come?” It was the first question in my mind and I didn’t feel uncomfortable asking her.

I tinge of disappointment was seen in her eyes before she told me.
“Madam usually doesn’t attend parties but I think she will this time, Mr Aggarwal has always been her mentor and she sees a fatherly figure in him so I think she will”

It was good that she would be at the party I would be there too and show her how much of a gentleman I am because as people say a gentleman opens your heart.

Wait!! What am I even thinking why am I thinking like this about her? I’m going crazy because of her.

“…………to be good” she said.
“Wait what were you saying? I was kinda zoned out” I said with a sheepish smile, she looked at me amused and said “I think you’re dreaming too much today”
“No-” I immediately said “I was thinking what to wear”

“Okayyy I was just saying that I hope the party turns out to be good and about wearing something, you look good in everything you wear” she said with a playful smirk.

I agreed to play along “Really! It’s nice that you think like that because this weekend you’re going to be swooning over me at the party”

“In your dreams Maheshwari” she said with a smug look and soon we both started laughing at the conversation.

“I think having a casual talk with you is much more easier” I said and she said “Touché”

“Well then let’s see you this weekend” she said with hopeful eyes. I nodded and said “Hey can we go together at the party, I mean I’ll pick you up because you know I’m new and stuff”

She beamed at my statement “Sure!”
I nodded and waved and she left.


Finally, the day came. The thing that was most awaited for was how would Swara look at the party? Though she always looks pretty but I’ve never seen her in something fancy. I don’t know why she’s always on my mind. I can never stop thinking about this girl.

Why am I so busy thinking about her? I need to pick up Sammy too. I texted her.

-Hey, I’m coming to pick you up, be ready.

She replied

-I’m ready, waiting for you.

I drove to her house and texted her to come and soon she came down. She was looking beautiful in a red dress which hugged her chest and and flowed downwards till her knees.

“Someone’s looking beautiful today” I said winking at her.

A tinge of pink appeared on her cheeks before she replied, “Someone’s looking handsome too”

I smirked, “I know” and she just rolled her eyes while I grinned at her.

We entered the party greeting some of our colleagues. Mr Aggarwal was also present there. We had a talk with him, he was a sweet person and I could see the love in his eyes that he had for Swara whom he considered his own daughter. Many people were present there. Some of Mr Aggarwal’s colleagues but I was impatiently waiting for someone.

Any guesses??………. Well bingo!! I was waiting for Swara. What is taking her so long? Why is she making me wait so much for her, well she’s worth waiting for.

What did you say mind? Are serious? You’re being so soppy.

On cue she entered with her strapless gown flowing down her legs till her feet gracefully. She carried that gown with not only her beauty but with her personality. She had that vibes and they were saying only one thing confidence. She looked breathtaking in her floor touching gown.

I tried maintaining my posture but she was making my knees weak. I wanted to melt.

When she saw me, I sensed her sharp intake of breath and I smirked. She gulped when I was running my eyes over her, smirking to myself. She fisted her hands and started walking towards me, staring at me intensely.

When she approached me, she smirked, “Wow! Looks like baby boy has got some balls and is finally becoming a man”
Though she meant to say that I looked like a man, but she in a way insulted me too.

I glared at her, “Let’s see who’ll win the deal”
Her smirk got wider, “Let’s see”

With that she turned and whilst turning not forgetting to smack my face with her hair, obvio she did it intentionally.

She walked towards Mr Aggarwal and started having a talk with him.

“I’m getting bored” I groaned as I watched the hell lot of a boring party, like seriously Swara is enjoying it to the fullest she’s meeting some colleagues of Mr Aggarwal and maybe persuading them to work with her company and her Sammy and I are at the bar.

Sammy’s consoling me that it’ll be good but by each passing second I find this more boring.

“Sanskar, can’t you keep your voice low? What if Mr Aggarwal hears this? He’ll be offended” Sammy shouted at me in a hushed voice. She was so nervous in the start.

There’s a dance floor at the end of the banquet, but no one’s honestly dancing. It would be so awkward of us to dance there alone on such a frigging song.

“Ok so what do we do? Play catch and cook or hide and seek here?” I asked her in a bored tone but as I said this her eyes lit up.

“Oh no, no don’t think of this” I warned her.
She made a puppy dog face and battled her eyelashes.

I sighed and said “I hate you”
“Aww I know you love me” she said in a sickening sweet tone to which I rolled my eyes.

“Sanskar, where are you?” Sammy asked as I hid behind the pillar, biting my lips to stop myself from laughing at her.
“Listen you moron, I know you’re here, so come out Now!!”

I shook my head. Wow! As if she can see you.

We’re playing hide and seek from the past fifteen mins. In game one, I caught Sammy in 5 minutes and now Sammy has taken 10 minutes still she didn’t find me.

What happened to her.

As I was searching for another place to hide, I came across an isolated place, at the corner. Perfect! Sammy should regret playing this stupid game so next time she’ll never ask me to play this.

As I went further I heard someone’s voice. Who could it be? Why will anyone come to such an isolated corner. Obvious answer they would also be bored like me.

The voice got louder and as I realized who’s voice it was I widened my eyes in surprise. What was Swara doing here? I stepped further and the scene in front of me surprised me.

A man was holding Swara from her forearms. His back was towards me so I could see Swara’s face. Her face was tear stained. My muscles tensed as I saw her face and I knew I had to be there.

Unfortunately before I could reach there. Swara fell unconscious on the floor and the man was holding her. I went towards him and took Swara from his arms.

“Who are you?” I asked in an authorized tone.
He just smiled at Swara and said, “She knows me” warmth in his eyes for her, I felt a pang of sadness in n my chest but still I had to investigate.

“But she was crying” I retorted. He looked at me now with an icy glare.

“Those were tears of happiness” he said through his gritted teeth.
“Like I would believe you” I scoffed.

Now I noticed him, looked like he was of my age only. He had brown hair and green eyes. A well toned body. He was much broader than me. And I think much more handsome too.

“Just tell her that J will wait for her, she’ll understand” he said again eyeing her lovingly. How dare he?

If Swara wouldn’t have been in my arms right now, I definitely would have punched this weird guy. He didn’t even tell me his name.


Hey there! I’ll do my best to give you’ll update but currently I’m working on Swasan:Tum Hi Ho because I’m keeping this one on hold. When I’ll be able to finish that one I’ll resume this. Hope you’ll cooperate 🙂

And when I’ll be back from finishing my first ff. I’ll give you’ll the links so you’ll can have an idea of what happened before 😉

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