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Broken soul: A Swasan FF (Chapter 3)


Hey guys I’m back with Chapter 3:)
Hope you’ll like it. The first part will not be in sync but you’ll will understand later.

Swara’s POV

I was running, I was feeling tired but I didn’t stop. Someone was following me and it was him. I started running faster. I was sweating I didn’t knew where should I go. Panic was clearly seen on my face. I was running for my life, for my dignity. Why was he back after whatever happened? I called out for help but there was no one to hear me. It was all black and still I was running to that source of light which was at some distance but I felt I was running at one place only however I tried to run, it was at the same distance from me. But suddenly it started nearing me and saw a figure standing there, I could make out it was of a boy but who was he? I could not see his face. Suddenly someone caught me from back and closed my mouth. All I could hear was “Swara, my daughter” suddenly everything went black and I wide opened my eyes. I was sweating and shivering. My body wasn’t moving, I was not able to utter a single word. This is the reason I don’t sleep, I don’t want to sleep these nightmares always trouble me.

I sat on bed and pulled my knees close to my chest with my hands and I was resting my head on my knees. Thinking about my life, how it was a total mess from the starting, how my father never loved me. He abused me and he always would beat my mother in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything. But I think God wanted to snatch everyone from me and he snatched him also. These 2 persons in my life changed everything. I changed after them, I came to know that if you love someone more than yourself then that person will definitely go away from you that’s why don’t love anyone, that is the best solution.


I was at the breakfast table, my mother was talking something but I was in my own thoughts, I was still scared of my dream and I didn’t want that dream again. I didn’t hear what my mother said and left from there.


I reached office at time and there I saw disaster I mean sanskar. It has been a week or two since he has joined. He always makes fun, I don’t like it but since he does his work properly I don’t fire him. He is clumsy and ditzy. I always try my best to ignore him but he always follows me and irritates me, somewhere I also like the way he irritates me. It’s fun but I’m not living to have fun, I’m just here for dying. I thought to ignore sanskar and straight away walk to my cabin but how will this stupid not talk. He started.

“Boss I’m so happy we got the deal. How are we going to celebrate? Let’s do something different this time. You’re understanding right? And……” He trailed off when I glared at him. He widened his eyes in realization and closed his mouth with a finger on his lips. Nodding that he’ll not talk now. I couldn’t stop my smile but I hided it and went to cabin.

I heard a knock on the door and there he came.
“Can you please call me madam or mam this boss is like I’m some gang leader” I cut him off I really didn’t like this boss thing.
“OK boss, oops sorry I mean madam how are we going to celebrate?” He asked.

“There’s no celebration” I said in a flat tone.
“Why?” He was whining like a kid.
“Stop acting like kids sanskar and go to your work”

“Ok but we can at least go and thank God in mandir?” He asked doubtfully, I fisted my hands on the mention of mandir. This will be the last place I’ll ever visit in my life.

“No”  I said coldly
“But near our office only there is a mandir and why can’t we go to mandir? I mean God gives us everything because of God only today you have this company, this brain with which you’ve reached so far so don’t you think we should thank him for whatever we have today. Because of God’s grace only today I have a job and that too in your company so we should thank him. And…..”
“Enough” I cut him off and continued “there is no God it is just an imaginary figure that those stupid humans have created. There is no such person or thing called God. If truly there was God then he would protect us but no he puts us in more trouble and for your kind information Mr Sanskar Maheshwari” I said pointing a finger at him “whatever I have today is not his giving. Whatever I have today is my hard work that I’ve put in making this company. I don’t need him. Those who don’t want to die he calls them up and those who don’t want live he let’s them live. I don’t understand his logic.”

“Maybe he still wanted you to live, at least for someone” I looked up at him, he was staring me but not normally but with some other emotion. It had been a week or two since he had joined but this was the first time I was seeing a different emotion in his eyes. I quickly averted my gaze and he also felt a bit awkward, I think he realized what he did. I went from there not wanting to face him.

Sanskar’s POV

She left. I don’t know what happened to me but those words unknowingly left my mouth and I know why she left, she too felt those emotions for the first time but this is not the first time I’m seeing her like this. Many times I’ve seen her like this, she only didn’t notice but damn she noticed it today I didn’t want her to know my emotions. I know from the time I’ve joined I’m attracted towards her. I don’t know she has that pull around her to which I always get attracted and I go after her. I don’t know what I feel for her but I’ll never let her know anything. I feel so happy when she’s near me, I feel so good but I can’t tell her that otherwise whatever I am for her right now she’ll not even let me be that. She’ll distance herself from everyone just like she always did before.

“Hi” I heard someone and turned behind. I saw a girl standing in casual clothes, she was fair and quite beautiful.
“Excuse me?” I asked politely I’d never seen her.
“Don’t worry neither you know me nor I work in this office” she said with a genuine smile.
“Actually I wanted to talk about…” She looked little uncomfortable.
“Hey it’s ok” I assured her.

“I wanted to talk about Swara” she said finally.
I got scared did she caught me staring at Swara?
“What about her?” I asked her hesitantly.

“I saw her today she was smiling and she wasn’t faking that smile. I saw the entire thing. You irritating her and she was telling you that she didn’t believe in God and then….. I don’t think I need to tell, you would have understood”
I looked down at the floor thinking of an answer but before I could she took a deep breath and asked me “Do you have any feelings for her?”

Ok this was direct I myself didn’t knew what these feelings were how could I answer her.
“I don’t…….. know” was all I could answer.

She looked at me and then smiled,
“By the way my name is Ragini Maheshwari” I smiled and answered “Sanskar Maheshwari”
She looked amused “Wow! Same surname” she said I smiled.

“Look I know you want to know about her and why she doesn’t believes in God but once you tell how you feel for her then only I can think of telling you about her. I know this is bit early and you joined a week ago. Swara told me, she shares everything with me but there’s one thing she doesn’t shares with me, her pain, her fear, her nightmares. She doesn’t want to be dependent on me. You know today I saw her smiling, she hasn’t smiled from ages you can ask the old staff. I saw a spark in both of your eyes that’s why I thought of asking you. Think about it and tell me. Bye”

I was thinking about her words. Do I really like Swara? I don’t know but it’s true that there is an undescribable feeling in me for her. Feelings are far away I’m not even her friend but still I’m getting so attracted towards her. I need some refreshment today, I’ll go to club, since I joined I never visited club but today I’ll forget everything, Ragini’s words, Swara, everyone. Today I’m going back to that old flirtatious Sanskar I was before meeting her.


So….. Today was confusion of feelings. Both don’t know what they feel for each other.

Swara’s life was destroyed by two people. Who are they?

What did they do with her?
Keep reading to know😊

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