Broken soul: A Swasan FF (Chapter 2)

Hey guys:) hope you’ll liked the first chapter and here I am with the next;)

Sanskar’s POV

Why is this blo*dy alarm ringing? I thought.
I just wanted to throw it and sleep for some more time but no when my mom is there why would she even let me sleep right? Always scolding me. Don’t they have any other work? Like c’mmon it’s bachelor life I want to enjoy but these parents never understand.

As I was trying to have my beauty sleep:P My mom barged in my room and started shouting.

“Sanskar!! Sanskar wake up you lazy boy”
“Mom let me sleep. Please!!” I groaned. I hated when someone intruded between me and my sleep.

“Sanskar don’t you remember what you have today?” And there came my dad.
“Dad please take mom I want to sleep”

“Fine keep sleeping you stupid boy” she said angrily.
“Mom what happened?”

“Don’t you remember? Today is your interview at 8:00 and I think it’s already 7:30” he said
I woke up with a jerk, “Dad!! Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Oh right! Then what were we doing right now son?” he said with a little humour in his voice but I was scared I had heard that Swara Rajvanshi was very arrogant, very strict and disciplined and here I am the laziest boy, I don’t even know how to follow rules and I had to work under her. Sometimes I wondered at such small age she has so much stress. She didn’t even enjoy her life but started working. Girls of her age right now are enjoying their life but she is working. Funny isn’t it I’ve never seen her and I’m talking so much about her.

Oh shit! Right now I just need to hurry up. I rushed to the bathroom kissing my mom and dad on cheeks. Yes I was a family boy I loved them and I shared everything with them. They knew about my girlfriends but my dad always wanted me to behave matured but how could I? I’m so small right now:P

I did everything as quick as I could do. I didn’t have time. It would take at least 10 to 15 minutes to reach the office and I had to hurry up. Couldn’t be late.

As I was driving my car and seeing the watch as well I had only 2 minutes left and still the office was far and this stupid signal I got stuck at it and I kept waiting. Finally I reached office and I asked the watchman that had Swara reached or not he said no. I was relieved she said she hated people who are late but look now she was only late.

Suddenly I spotted a girl coming towards the office. She was gorgeous actually it was an understatement she was magic and I wanted her to control me.

“Who is she?” I asked the watchman with my eyes still glued at her.
“She is only the….”

“No wait I’ll ask her in my style” I said cutting him.

I went towards her and said “Hi”

Swara’s POV

“Hi” I heard someone say when I looked at the source he was a boy. Brown eyes, sharp jawline and dark brown hair, wearing casual yet official clothes. I felt somewhat connected to him but I didn’t realise.

“Do I know you?” I asked him.
“No but you will come to know” he said. Oh! So there was this boy who had guts to flirt with me. Looked like he didn’t knew that I was Swara Rajvanshi.

“Do you even know who I am?” I asked with anger visible in my voice. He thought for a second and then looked at me and answered “No”

Wow! Incredible

“OK wait lemme guess” he said, “Do you have any boyfriend that you are scared?”


“Are you insane!!” I told him and he chuckled now this guy was getting on my nerves. I glared at him and he was continuing with his guesses.

After a moment he asked me in disbelief “Are you one my ex girlfriends?”

Now this was height of annoying someone.

“Ok that’s it! Stop right here and dare you utter a single word” He was startled as I yelled on him. “Do you even know to whom you’re talking? You are talking to the owner of this company” He widened his eyes as I told him that.

“What?” he choked out, I smirked at him. “Yes”

“I…..didn’t knew” he stammered.
“Stop right there” I told him pointing my finger towards him “I’ve already had enough of your stupidity just get lost. I don’t want to hear any of your shit”

He backed off and I continued heading towards office and walked into my cabin. As I was in my cabin waiting for the guy who was going to give an interview. In so many years this is the first time I’m waiting for someone, people wait for me, another minute and I’m leaving. I heard the door open and looked up to see that man again. Anger was visible on my face the minute I saw him. He was looking at me as he was ready for this.
“Actually I’m the person you’re
taking interview of”
“Was! I was taking” I said emphasizing on was

“I…..I’m sorry please forgive me, I know it was my mistake I was being ditzy but please don’t reject me I’ll do anything you say I mean I’m ready for any punishment. Please take my interview” he pleaded, he was desperate for this job.

“Show me your qualifications.”
He passed me his file. I saw his file it was quite good. His achievements were nice.

“Tell me why should I hire you? What’s so special about you?”
“My special thing is I love my job, managing events, photography everything not because I’m good at it or I earn for it but it’s my passion” he said with a dream in his eyes. I could see that passion, the passion which I was searching from such a long time but as you say ‘First impression is the last impression’ and his first impression was not so good. I wanted discipline which I could make out that it wasn’t in him, he was definitely a crazy and carefree boy. Would he be able to handle such responsibility, he’s capable of it just the fact is that he doesn’t want to handle that responsibility.

I thought for a minute and said, “You are extra extra smart what should you do to stop that extra smartness from coming out?”
“Sometimes such smartness helps in business”

“Do you think your extra extra smartness will help me?” I asked him
“Well that you can know by seeing my work”

“I agree, I’ll hire you but I have some conditions” he looked confused.
“You have to learn discipline” he looked quite shocked at this, I continued “if you want to work in my company then you have to learn some discipline. I don’t tolerate stupidity in my office”

He thought for a while “Fine I’ll not do any such thing that will be disappointing for you”

“Fine I’ll call Samira and tell her to show you your table”
“Thank you so much” he looked really happy, I don’t know why I also felt happy when he was happy. Anyways I’m getting late for my meeting I should be get going.

I left for the meeting, it went quite well. Mr Agarwal looked happy that he was handing over his land to a responsible company. I wasn’t happy but I was satisfied that finally I had what I wanted from such a long time. I wanted this land to build my new hotel and finally I had it.

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I promise that in the starting it might be boring but after that it will be interesting?

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