Broken promises shot 5 by Halima


Broken Promises:

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Shot 5:

I closed my eyes as soon as I felt his warm breath on my jawline, his touch felt different and a different feeling was carving inside me, I don’t what it was. My breathing pattern was slightly increasing and my heartbeat was sending out unusual beats.

His lips touched my cheek and a current passed through my body, I was loosing myself to him. But I can’t, what am I doing?!

I instantly opened my eyes and slowly moved back, we looked at each other as our noses met and he locked his eyes with mine.

My heart gave slow rhythms, he moved few of my hair stands out of the way.

“Laksh. . .” I uttered but he hushed me by placing his index finger on my lips.

What’s wrong with him? Why is he behaving like this?

“Can’t I get my vodka?” Lakshya asked.

I sighed as I heard his words, yeh nahi sudrega.

“Nahi!” I said and moved away from his grasp, the nurse then entered.

I turned to leave but he held my hand, stopping me, I turned and looked at him in shock and then at the nurse, who was smiling while looking at us two.

“Mujhe chodh kar akele mat jao.” Lakshya requests childishly.

I glared at him and he turned to the nurse.

“You’re discharge approval got accepted only because of her, the doctor can trust her with you so that’s why he wants her to be your nurse until you’re fully better.” The nurse says, referring to me.

I was surprised while he was happy, I glanced at him and his smile widened, why is he getting so happy?

“Thank you so much.” Lakshya uttered and she exited with a smile.

I looked at him and he smiled at me.

“What happened Ragini? Aren’t you happy?” Lakshya asked.

Am I happy? I thought to myself.

Finally I’m back home and out of this hospital, I walked in and stumbled, before I fell, Ragini held me on time.

“Careful.” She warned.

“Sorry.” I uttered.

“Move this!” A man yelled and grabbed our attention.

I turned to the side and saw few men moving the furniture. What’s happening? Why are they here and who are they?

“Excuse me, what’s happening?” I asked.

The man looked up at me.

“Who let you in?” The man yells and approaches us.

“What do you mean who let me in? It’s my house so of course I’d be here.” I answered.

“Didn’t you hear your house is getting auctioned? Now kindly leave.” He said.

“Ragini, are you sure this is my house?” I asked as I looked at her.

“Go ask your mother and father.” The man said and moved away.

I looked at Ragini and she looked at me, she also didn’t know what’s going on.
Where could Maa be?

Me and Ragini walked out and then across the road.

“This. . .”
“My house.” Ragini interrupted.

She rang the door bell and a woman opened it, I suppose her mother.

“Maa, is aunty. . .”

“Hospital.” Her mother interrupted her words.

“Hospital? Why?” Ragini asked.

“I don’t know, she didn’t tell me.” Her mother replied.

Ragini looked at me and then her mother, her mother moved out of the way, allowing us enter. I entered the same time Ragini stepped inside the house.

I could hear baby cries.

“Where did you go?! Do you know how much these babies troubled us?” Another woman yelled as she walked towards us. I suppose her to be Ragini’s grandma.

“Daadimaa, are they alright?” Ragini asked concerned.

“They’re in the room.” Her grandma said and Ragini rushed there.

I followed, despite having difficulty to walk.
As I entered a room, I saw Ragini sitting besides two little babies and calming them. Are they hers?

The babies had stopped crying, she’s a good calm downer. A smile curved on my lips as I looked at her put blanket on the two small babies. They look damn cute. I wonder who they are.

Too engrossed in thoughts, I didn’t realise when Ragini had stood in front of me, she snapped her fingers, bringing me back and I looked at her.

“Uh. . . Where do I live?” The words that my mouth pronounced, I really don’t remember where I resident.

“Let aunty come and then you’ll find out but for now, take rest.” She said and pointed at a room.

I slightly frowned and walked forward, seeing me limp, she stood besides me, holding my arm. We finally reached the room that was 2 seconds away which I made 2 minutes and entered.

She walked me to the bed and helped me sit down.

“Take rest, if you need anything then give my name a shoutout.” Ragini says and turned to leave but I grasped onto her hand, stopping her.

She turned and gazed at her hand, then at me, I gave a small smile in return and stood up, facing her. I want a moment to lose myself in her beauty, a moment to admire her, a moment to feel her, a moment to love her and a moment to make her smile.

Her twinkly eyes blinked at me and I could sense her nervousness. I moved forward and planted a kiss on her forehead, after planting a kiss, I looked at her and her eyes moistened. She looked at me with glassy eyes and a drop fell down her cheeks.

I cupped her face and wiped her tears with my thumb.

She moved back and ran out from the room.

What happened to him? Why is he behaving so weird and. . . What am I feeling?

I placed my hand on my chest, my heart was beating fast, don’t know why. What is this new feeling? Why is his closeness making me nervous?

I turned around and he was standing in front of me.

“Lakshya…” I uttered but he disappeared, I glanced around not finding him and my heart started giving unusual heart-beats. Was I imagining? But why?

I looked at Leo and Aleah, they were sleeping peacefully, a small smile curved on my lips.

I was about to approach them but someone grabbed my hand and pulled me towards them. Before I could scream, the person’s face came to light and it was Lakshya.

Is this my imagination again?

“Ragini. . . Mujhse Dosti Karogi?” He asked.

He wasn’t imagination, he was actually standing close to me, our chests are actually meeting and his eyes are for real locked with mine.
I wasn’t able to understand what to say, I can’t get my words out.
Should I accept his proposal?

“L. . . Lak. . .” I stammered while taking few steps back as I was a little uncomfortable with his closeness.

“Won’t you accept my proposal?” He asked and took steps forward while I moved back.

Why? Why the hell did the wardrobe be behind me now! I tried moving away but Lakshya kept his hands on the side, blocking my way, I was trapped by both of the sides. I looked at his eyes and he leaned forward, I worried and closed my eyes, my heart beats were increasing. A new feeling rose inside me, something different.

“I want to start afresh, would you be my friend?” He whispered near my ear, his hot breath touched my ear and his voice tickled my ear drum.

“Haa.” I whispered back and opened my eyes, his cheek touched mine and his stubble pricked my neck while he was moving back.

He planted a kiss on my cheek, my eyes widened and then he looked at me with a small smile.

“We’re friends now and this is often.” He softly whispered and started moving back.

Then, he just went away from my gaze, I touched my cheek and felt my cheeks heat up.

Am I blushing? No ways! Why would I blush? We’re only friends and its of. . .
Do friends kiss one another?


Friends was only an excuse, I’m sure many must’ve understood that. My real intention is to. . . Win over her, I don’t know why but I want to be with her, I enjoy her company and want her company for life time, I know marriage is a big commitment but. . . I’m ready to take that for Ragini.

I don’t exactly know what I’m feeling, I’m not sure if I am right or wrong. But whatever it is, it is something new.

I waked to the hall and saw Maa and a man sitting on the sofa, talking with Aunty and Daadimaa.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Daadimaa said while Maa sobbed.

“Thank you for supporting us.” The man thanked Aunty and Daadimaa.

Don’t tell me that Ganju is my F…father! I mean, Maa looks like a super model and he looks like a Ramu Kaka Driver type. Kaha maa aur kaha woh! That news would be equal to a nightmare, maybe I’m over-thinking.

“Where is Lakshya?” He asked.

My heart skipped a beat, I would actually have an heart attack if he says he’s my father, on a serious note, kaha main aur kaha woh? He can’t be my father. I touched my chest.

“There he is.” Daadimaa says while pointing at me.

Hey Bhagwan, yeh sunne se pehle why didn’t I fall unconscious? Why is he walking towards me?

“Lakshya. . .” He trailed off and then hugged me, I was surprised at the move of his, he doesn’t seem like a gentleman so why is he sobbing on my shoulder.

“Please forgive me. . . I failed to represent myself as a father.” He cried and there goes my happiness, I’m much upset cause he’s my father but since he’s apologising, I’ll forgive him.

I hugged him back and looked at Maa, she was smiling through her tears.


Uncle is alive? What? How? I mean I saw him fall out of the fridge in a wounded condition and now he’s safe and sound. . . But it’s good uncle is back, I shouldn’t care but I should be happy that he is back safe and sound.

Lakshya and Uncle broke the hug, Lakshya gave him a weak smile, I think he didn’t recognise him, how would he if he forgot his memory.

Aunty looked at me and I smiled at her, she walked towards me.

“Beta, I don’t know how to thank you, you’ve done so much for us and. . .”

“It’s okay Aunty, don’t embarrass me by saying thank you.”

Aunty placed her hand on my head, blessing me and I smiled. Just then the crying sound reached into the hall, we very well knew it was Leo and Aleah. Wasting no more time, I rushed to the room and Aunty followed.

I walked towards Leo and Aleah, Leo was crying and now Aleah joined him after he disturbed her.

“Both are crying.” Aunty uttered, I bent down and placed both of my hands on them, hushing and calming them down. Leo looked at me and blinked, I smiled at him and he smiled back after he had stopped crying. That was the best moment of my life, Leo smiled at me. . .

Aleah was still crying but Lakshya bent down, I turned to him and he picked Aleah up in his arms and she stopped crying, that’s how much she loves her father, she stopped crying as soon as entering in his embrace.

“Maa. . .” Lakshya uttered confusingly and looked at Aunty.

“They’re. . . They’re your older brother Adarsh’s children.” Aunty lied, at first I was surprised but then the doctors words run through my mind and I remembered that we aren’t supposed to put pressure on his mind.

“Where is he?” Lakshya asked.

“He’s. . . No more.” Aunty uttered and tears dribbled down her cheeks.

“And what about their mother?” He asked.

“She is also no more.”

I looked at Lakshya and he was quite upset, maybe over the fact of loosing his older brother, but did Adarsh exist? As far as I remember, it has always been Sanskaar, I never heard of Adarsh.

I was soon distracted by Leo as he held my finger, unknowingly a wide smile appears across my cheeks and my eyes went moist. He has that charm to drag anyone near him, he’s not like his father, he’s like his mother maybe.

I leaned forward and pecked his forehead and he smiled. I felt a hand placed on my shoulder and turned to find Aunty looking at the two of us with a smile.

“Janam dene wali Maa se badkar parvarish karne wali Maa hoti hai. Krishna Ji ko bhale Devaki Maa ne janam diya but Yashoda Maiyya ne hi pala.” Aunty caressed my hair and walks away, leaving me confused.

What does she mean. . . Devaki gave birth to Krishna but Yashoda did his upbringing, is she trying to say what I think she aimed it at.


This girl is so cute, wow, I haven’t seen my brother but I’m sure he or maybe his wife must be beautifully dashing cause I’m holding the worlds most beautiful baby girl in my arms.

“What’s her name?” I asked as I turned to Ragini.

She didn’t reply as she was busy in thoughts.

“Yo!! You there?” I walked towards her, bringing her out of the thoughts.

She blinked at me.

“What are their name?” I asked.

“Leo and Aleah.” She said.

Leo and Aleah, beautiful names on the most beautiful babies.

“Leo and Aleah . . . They sound familiar.” I uttered and started thinking where I heard these names before.

Few blurry images flash and my head started paining.

“You were at their naming ceremony before your accident.” She uttered.

Yeah, maybe that’s where I heard it and plus they’re my own family and before the memory loss, I must’ve played with them, this is the reason why they’re comfortable with me.

Aleah had fallen asleep so I placed her down, Leo looked at me and I smiled at him.

“Gaaa!” Leo uttered with a smile.

The way he tried to speak was so cute, Ragini was getting more happier than me and Leo.

“Lakshya, did you hear that? He. . . He spoke for the first time.” Ragini happily says and happiness was clearly glimpsing on her face, I smiled seeing her smile.

We looked down at Leo and he gave a wide smile, showing his small tiny tongue which was whitened by the milk. He’s so cute, he’s gone on me. . . If my brother isn’t dashing.

I walked to the other side and kneeled on the floor, besides Leo and held his tiny little milky hands. I don’t know why but I’m feeling relaxed from the inside seeing him like this, it feels like a massive burden fell off after seeing him smile.

I pecked his tiny hands and caressed his forehead.

Everything felt perfect, me, Ragini, Leo and Aleah felt complete, why not adopt them? I mean Ragini also gets along with them so we would make a. . . Perfect family.



Lakshya has been behaving weird from the past week, friendship ke naam pe apni manmaniyaan, he’s getting close to me and I feel. . . Different but I don’t understand why I even allow him to do this in the first place, it was just yesterday that he came closer than before, I shouldn’t be saying this but I enjoy his closeness, I don’t know why.

Everything has been okay since the past week but I feel Maa, Daadimaa, Uncle and Aunty are cooking something between them and it makes me feel awkward.

Uncle and Aunty lost the Maheshwari Mansion so they stay near by in their old house and now I’m heading towards their for Leo and Aleah only, Aunty must be around my house and Uncle must be on his job and Lakshya, sleeping carelessly at home with Leo and Aleah.

I knocked on the door nervously, soon Lakshya opened it and was surprised seeing me at the door.

“Ragini? You? Come. . .” He opened the door wide, I entered and looked at the pram near the kitchen in which Leo and Aleah were sleeping.

He closed the door while I approached the pram. A smile curved up while I saw Leo and Aleah sleeping peacefully. Lakshya held my hand and took me into the Kitchen.

“La. . .” Before I could complete, he put a sliced cucumber in my mouth.

He then lifted me and placed me on the desk of the kitchen, shocking me. What is wrong with this boy?!!

I swallowed the cucumber and glared at him while he finished clearing his desk, was he cooking? Well I hope he didn’t mess anything up.

After clearing up, he picked the plate up and walked up to me. My phone buzzed from an unknown number and I answered it.

“Hello, Lucky baby, why are you ignoring me?” A girl spoke, surprising me, I looked at Lakshya and he was busy eating the slices vegetables on his plate.

“Hello, who is this?” I answered.

“Who are you? And where is my Baby?” She rudely asked.

“First of all, he isn’t your baby and second of all, how did you get my number?”

“Your number? Oh please, he gave it himself to me in the mall and I suppose you are his sister!” The girl answered.

“Behen hogi tu and don’t ever call me again!” I hang up the phone annoyed, how dare she call me Lakshya’s sister!

I heard Lakshya chuckle and looked at her. I glared at him and his chuckle broke into laughter.

“Your. . . Reaction!” He laughed.

I got annoyed and picked up an apple, aiming at him and he immediately shut up, blinking at me innocently.

“Who was she and how did she get my number?!” I asked.

“Calm down, why are you getting annoyed?” He asked.

“I’m not annoyed!” I’m not annoyed, I’m just. . . Just disturb at the fact that my number was given to a stranger.

“Really? Then why are you yelling?” He asked.

“I’m not.” I calmly spoke, composing myself.

He walked closer to me.

“What did she say that made you angry?” He asked and moved more closer, his chest touched mine.

“Nothing.” I answered and looked away.


“Yup, why? What will happen to me?”

“I should ask you that.”

I pushed him away and got down, walking away but he followed and held my hand, pulling me towards him, our noses met and my hair flies into his face. He moves my hair strands and both of his eyes lock with mine.

My heart was giving unusual beats and his closeness gave me shivers.

“Ragini, why did it affect you?” He asked.

“It didn’t.” I replied but he’s right, why did it affect me? It shouldn’t.

“It did, tabhi toh annoyed huwi thi na.”

“Nahi, I wasn’t annoyed!” I answered.

“It did affect you.”

“No it didn’t!”

“It did!”

“It didn’t!”

“Why will it not affect you?!”

“It didn’t affect me.”

“You love me.” He whispered.

“Yes I di. . .” The word yes slipped out of my tongue and I stopped as I realised what he had said.

My eyes widened while he smirked, no, this is not fair, he was annoying me and it slipped out.

I glared at him and freed myself from his grip, walking away annoyed and slightly angry.

“Ragini. . .” He uttered but I ignored him and continued walking out.

Before I could open the main door, he stopped me by holding my hand.

“Ragini, I love you.”

My heart started beating fast and I was shocked but wasn’t ready to reject. I turned around and he moved close to me, connecting his forehead with mine.

“I don’t know what I was thinking in the past but I want to let it remain as past and live my present and future with you. . . Leo, Aleah and me are incomplete without you, a half family and you can only complete it. . . Will you marry me and complete our family?” He proposed while my eyes moistened, I hugged him as his words touched me.


It felt good after she reciprocated, I broke the hug and wiped her tears and she smiled, I pecked her forehead.

This was not as hard as I thought, it will take me 2 years to impress her but after all, my charm worked. Me and Ragini are together and would soon be soul-mates.

I really love her and I’m too afraid to lose her, I want to live her life with her. I guess this was it, my and Ragini’s simple si love story, I don’t want to remember the past and let it affect our new relationship.

Few minutes later, Maa and Papa came home and cracked a good news that Shomi Maa and Daadi Maa agreed for my and Ragini’s alliance, I was much happier than her and now I can live, love and laugh with her without any hesitation and limitation.

Maa went to play with Leo and Aleah while Papa was gone to take rest, leaving me and Ragini in the main hall alone. I could sense her shyness and before she walked away, I held her hand and walked towards her, leaning ahead of her ears and kissing her crimson cheek.

“This was it, end of our story.” She uttered as I wrapped my hand around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder.

“Mhmmm, the end, now we can live our lives peacefully without anyone interfering and evading our privacy.” I uttered aiming at some people and they know who they are (?).

Ragini laughed and Lakshya closed his eyes.

The End.

Thank you sooo much for the love and support you all gave me, I feel blessed to see so much love showered on my story. Once again, thank you so much and I will miss you all, sorry for any grammatical errors.

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