BROKEN LOVE – Will It Ever Rekindle?? Part 3 By Ahaana

Shivika”Nina aunty i m going to that temple I will be back after sometime”
Nina” u r not going anywhere.. that too alone”
Shivika” Ok i ‘ll not go but then i ‘ll create a drama ..

She starts fake crying and starts her dialogues like..
shivika” Nina Aunty mujhe mat maaro plzz Aaaahhh plz… ”
Nina” Stop it ok.. go.. now.”
Shivika” Dekha Shivika ko apni baat manva ke hi rehti hai”.

At temple..
Shivika POV..
Thank God i came here..
I m so happy now i will not be forced to take that Bitter medicines..

As shivika was stepping in she saw a man breaking the line …

And Shivika being Anika’ s daughter too…

Shivika Reached to that man started pulling his Coat to gain his attention as he turned he saw a small girl struggling to talk to him.. so The great Shivaye Singh Oberoi Knelt in front of a small girl..
Shivika” Umm Can’t u see so many people are their standing in a line they are also waiting for God naa.. so why u broke the line.. very bad.. ”
But our shivaye was so lost in her Kanji eyes and was so mesmerized by her voice that he was smiling unknowingly..
Shivika ” Hello Mr. kanji ankhon wale bagad bille ji .. why are u smiling.. i see u r smiling becoz of my height naa.. don’t go on my height it is short but my Attitude is awesome”..

Her words were like a song to his ears.. After Anika she was the only girl who was talking to him with so much tadii.. but he felt Happier listening to her.. he felt a connection with her… But to his surprise the girl was not speaking anymore and was lying down half unconscious..
Shivaye was panicking he felt her pain..
shivaye” baby what happened to uh… ”
Shivika” Aahh paining here (heart)
medicine not taken.. Aaah..”
Shivaye POV
is she also a heart patient like me.. what if she have same problem like me i shud give her my medicine ..

He took her in his arms to his car..

He made her eat his medicine and then took her to OM .. where his family doctor was already present..

Here Shivika was lying in Shivaye’s bedroom..Shivaye was taking her care as a father takes care of his child but to his surprise he was taking care of his own daughter but this was the truth which he is unaware of…

At orphanage
Anika” how can u let her go alone like this.. she is just of four .. ”
Nina” I told her no but she made me agree.. ” ..
Anika” at which temple she was ”
Nina” That one “..

Anika reaches the temple
Anika” Panditji .. have u seen this girl”
Panditji narrates her whole incident
Anika” who was that man?”
Panditji” Shivaye Singh oberoi”

Anika was hell shocked…

Anika POV..
how can this happen.. itne saalon se jisse maine meri beti ko bacha ke rakha aaj woh vahi h..
no i won’t let that happen again..
what if pinky aunty will come to know that she is my daughter.. what if she will inform daksh..
no .. no.. i have already lost my baby brother sahil becoz of them.. i ‘ll not let anything happen to my Shivika.. i have to go to OM ..
ab vakt aa gya hai GADE MURDE UKHAADNE KAA… becoz aaj baat meri beti ki hai..

Here At OM..
Shivika was sleeping peacefully in lap of his unknown father.. Shivaye was just soothing her hair.. he felt her hair to be of same as Anika.. but he washed away his thoughts.. suddenly he saw that shivika was awake.. before he could say anything shivika hugged him so tightly and started crying…

Shivika” i m sorry .. i will not do it again.. plzz don’t tell to it too mumma she will be angry on me “..
Shivaye” shh.. but what i have to not tell..”
Shivika” Plzz don’t let my mom know that i have not taken my medicine that’s why i fainted .. and pakka i ‘ll not show taddi in front of uhh.. Plzz sorry”..
Shivaye ” ok .. but stop crying.. i know i don’t like tears in ur eyes. .. accha now tell me where do u live .. i ‘ll drop uh to ur home ur parents must he worried”
Shivika” I live in that orphanage which is in front of temple “.
Shivaye ” but uh told naa u have ur mom then why u r living in orphanage.”..
Shivika” Mumma is not living with me.. becoz she says that if I’ll live with her i ‘ll not be safe”..
Shivaye” And ur father”..
Shivika” i don’t have papa with me.. but mumma says that my father is the world’s best father and he was best in everything.. and he is very nice person”
Shivaye” ok.. u have not even met him but uh know that he is best”..
Shivika” i think that u r only my papa.. As u also have kanji eyes like me.. ”
Shiavye felt so happy to listen it from her in a corner of his hear he felt a weird feeling in his heart a feeling to get separated from her.. as he felt so relieved to hear it from her that she thinks that he is her father..
but the chains of thoughts were disturbed as he felt that his Anika meter is showing anika’s presence..
Suddenly he heard a loud voice..


shivika ran from his arms to her mother..

Shivaye too follwed her and slowly every member of OM was shocked when they saw Anika….
But more shocked Whem they heard..

Shivika” mumma i m sorry.. i promise I’ll not do ut again..”
All were shocked but Shivaye was the most .. ”
And pinky was feeling that the ground is slipping from her foot as she felt now her deeds will come out becoz everyone saw a new Anika that Anika was no more innocent .. this Anika was a fighter Mom..

How was it guys and yes i was so happy to see all of urs comment.. i can’t tell u all how happy i was..
Today also i ‘ll be waiting for ur comments..

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  1. This was great but it was kinda short. Will u be able to update asap

  2. Fffan1234

    Superb. Hope Pinky’s all deeds come to light and she is punished

  3. Angela

    cant wait to know what will happen love shivika and shivaay’s bond

    1. DramaQueen1004

      Btw ur dp is awsum…. Edward n Bella…???…

      1. Angela

        Thank you. ?

  4. Superb..?

  5. Aashi26

    Wah wah wah wah bas mere muh se wah hi nikal raha hai after reading this….now pinky ponky donky have to face the mother hen….I’m feeling very happy hahaha pinky tu toh gayi….ahaana di plz upload next one soon….

  6. Haridhra

    Ishi hey cutie my god u r in a fast forward mode haan,, Like I said already Shivika champ is really really adorable ??..

    Waiting for That b**ch pinky to get exposed.. N post next Asap?

    Love uhhh??

  7. Sagithya

    Awww shivika n shivaay part was so nice n emotional too… Loved it… Waiting for the next one…post it soon

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    Loved it…post next episode soon ?❤….
    Loved the new side of Anika…

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    Di kya khidkitod update. Di ekbaat batao kya sso har jagah doctor ko saath leh jaata hai kya??. But just loved it???

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    Awesome…loved it eagerly waiting for next update soon

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    Fantastic episode
    Shivika sadness ?
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  19. Jerry_36

    Hey Ahaana di
    The update is super duper amazing
    Very much excited for the next chappy
    You are an awesome writer
    Anika’s character was also Khidkitod today.
    Love yaa
    Post soonish?

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    It is awesome dear… Eagerly waiting for the next update

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    1. Akshaya_13

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    Hey cutie….
    Dhaasu epi….
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    Fantastic dear…. Loved it! Father-daughter scenes are awesome. Waiting for next part.

    I saw ur msg dear. But I m busy at that time, so I can’ t able to reply. And sorry for not commenting on prev part.

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  35. A Big Fan Of Shivika

    OMG this is an amazing episode, I feel very happy and I hope that pinky get what she deserve.
    And I hope that you get pinky discovered by shivay.
    Thank you for this episode. 😉

  36. Neha_Pheonix

    Fantastic!! Marvellous!!

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