BROKEN LOVE- Will It Ever Rekindle ? BY AHAANA #1

Shivaye sitting In darkness and cursing Anika…
Shivaye” Why Anika Why u did this to me?.. In my whole life i had never believed in love but u made me believe in it… For u i had completely changed.. i too ignored my ideologies.. I had even opposed my mom just for.. but still u cheated me Anika … U know i wish .. i wish to hate but i can’t even hate u as i still love u … i still have faith that one day u will realize ur mistake or again in my life i ‘ll get u .. Just becoz of u and ur love m still ur billuji … becoz i still live in a hope that u were forced to do that .. still somewhere i believe u .. but i also know that believing u will again break my heart in million pieces..
But still Anika I love You… and i know that u don’t love me … u were just a blo*dy characterless
lady to whom i have lost my heart..


Anika who is just talking to a pic of shivaye …” i m sorry shivaye .i know how much i have hurted u .. all once in a life u took decisions for me with ur heart.. and i .. i just misused it.. shivaye i know u behave like a beast with me but still when i saw ur care .. ur love for me it overpowered all my hatred towards u… but u know what … what i have done with u .. u may be sitting somewhere and cursing me… but trust me shivaye i was so helpless…
i wish shivaye i wish that from somewhere u come to know the reason..i wish that what if an angel come and tell u the reason may be that day u will forgive me. but i can’t just be dependent on someone .. i have gathered much proofs shivaye so that i could be proved innocent but still something more is required to prove culprit guilty.. and i will definitely come back to u shivaye that’s my pinky promises to u ..

shivaye u had always trusted me more than urself.. and i still feel myself to be guilty that i broke ur trust on me.. i still remember that day shivaye when i myself admitted my deed or i must say sin but still u trusted me shivaye…

Pinky” Shivaye i already told u she is cheap woman.. now u see by urself… for the sake of money she slept with that daksh..”

Shivaye” Mom stop it i have done a mistake once .. I’ll not repeat it.. i trust anika.”.
Daksh” wow shivaye wow.. i must say u shud get best Pati award in STAR PARIWAAR.. u trust ur anika alot.. u r not even believing this video which is a confession by anika..that she is staying with u just for Name and fame.. and look at this pics shivaye.. i and anika look do gud in with no space left between us”.

Shivaye” anika just once tell this from ur heart that all this is fake.. just once i promise I’ll believe u”
but soon he was cut off by anika
anika” yahi sach hai shivaye ”

it was a thunderous shock for shivaye be could feel the slipping of earth from his feet.
shivaye ” no anika u r lying.. i know u telling a lie.. what he had done which is forcing u to say this tell me anika i swear i ‘ll kill him”..
Anika” dare u touch daksh i ‘ll forget that once i loved u.. but now i love daksh.. and i will not like if u ‘ll harm him.”

Shivaye”tell me anika why r u doing this”
Anika” shivaye u know what i had enough of urs melodrama… now i should leave with my boyfriend daksh..”..and yeah. . have a great life ahead shivaye…”

that day was the worst day of life .. as i broke u shivaye.. but trust me that more than u i suffered… i still remember that one week which turned my life as living hell.. ..

what happened in one week that she is still suffering??

How was it guys plzz do comment.. i m eagerly waiting for all of urs responses.. plzz share ur views so that i can post next part with same excitement.

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    Interesting one dear….

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    Fantastic ❤

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    Wow Ahaana! Its interesting….. I loved it….. Eagerly waiting for the next part. Update soon plz…..

  5. Haridhra

    Oh my god Ishi u r making it hell interesting man … I’m sure our Ani could never do any sort of that thing n that Bl*ody Daksh mi8 have did something.. I’m waiting 4 the mystery to get unraveled..

  6. Kanfi

    Hey cutie..
    It was just ammmzzingggg….
    Loved it…
    Curious to know that,…!!
    Post soon

  7. Pooja26

    loved it

  8. Angela

    awesome that best pati mad me laugh i love it and yeah he deserves the award

  9. It’s really very nice..Please update the next one as soon as possible..A small request..Please make it little longer…..

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  11. Nice one!!

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  13. It’s AWESOME dear….

  14. Jerry_36

    Hey Ahaana di !! Its amazing. Really enjoyed the episode and hope the misunderstandings get cleared soon. The best pati in star pariwar awards? But I am dying for the next part. Do update as soon as possible. With love❤

  15. Nice one di

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    post the episode soon as possible pls

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