Where do broken hearts go


hiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone

my fanfic
its little bit based on a film theri
where girl1 and sanskar are married and have a son.
sanskar is an honest govt officer.
as he is honest and trying to eliminate corruption from the world.
one of the opposite team kills girl1.
and sanskar moves to other place to complete the mission of eliminating corruption.
and he meets girl2 ?how does she help him?how she helps him in fixing is broken heart ..although she has undergone the same thing

…then the story goes on…i’ll add little bit scenes of singham,bindass(a kannada movie) etc….should i write
tejasvi as ragini
varun as sanskar

tell me whom you want as girl1 and girl2
and should i continue with sanskar..or is laksh better
let me kno guyss
first of all…should i continue??

Credit to: aneri

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  1. Sanskaar plz
    N girl 1-swara
    I guess d char will suit dem

  2. sanskar plz girl 1 swara and girl 2 ragini or else your wish but plz bring more ragsan scenes

  3. Swara Plz make it swasan n first girl ragini

  4. Good concept yaar plzzzzzzzz make it raglak plzzzz I beg u

  5. Continue Aneri Its Nicr….1grl as ragu & 2nd grl as shona Plsss

  6. Ragini girl 1 and swara girl 2

  7. Swara as girl 1 and Ragini as girl 2

  8. Girl 1 Swara and girl 2 Ragini, Sanskar is awesome

  9. Make it ragini plzz

  10. Pls continue.
    R u frm karnataka?

  11. Hey..have u watched that movie…its vijay’s right?”r u a tamilian..??anyway nice plot.

  12. I want girl 1 to be swara n other one Ragini..n sanskar as lead..

  13. Swara as girl 2

  14. Ragini 1
    Swara 2

  15. Hi aneri. M happy to hear that you are adding some scenes of kannada movie. M kannadiga. Nange tumba tumba khushi aaytu.

  16. 1- Swara
    2- Ragini

  17. nice plot…ragini girl 1 ans swara girl 2…swasan only…

  18. Swasan the ultimate pair

  19. Girl 1 swara and girl 2 ragini

  20. Nice…plz do girl 1 swara and girl 2 ragini

  21. Ragini as girl 2

  22. Swara girl 1 and ragini girl 2

  23. Good one continue it…It should be sanskaar with girl 1 as ragini and girl 2 as swara…Plz make it a SwaSan ff…I request you…

  24. I want ragsan s pair

  25. Ragini as girl2 and ragsan as pair

  26. Girl 2 should be ragini boy should be sanskar

  27. girl 2 ragini

  28. Girl 2 ragini and girl1 swara

  29. Girl 2 ragini

  30. Swara should be second one

  31. 1 swara
    2 ragini

  32. It’s the plot of Tami film Theri starring vijay,amy jackson,samantha.
    I’m a swasan fan..can you make first girl as ragini and second swara…Ya anyways it’s up to you

  33. girl 2 as ragini

  34. Girl 1 ragini
    Girl 2 swara
    Make it swasan & raglak please

  35. Girl 2 swara plzz

  36. make it swasan plzzzzz. …

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