Broken heart:But still it beats for you my ladoo (raglak) epi-8


Hey guyss am back after a long. I don’t know how many of u remember d story. Sry for being so late. I was badly stuck with my hospital duties so I fell ill. So sry for such a huge gap. This on request on my frnd ‘ raglakholic’. I promised her to post soon. But couldn’t make it on tym. So sry. Its for you use. Hope u like it. Fingers crossed

Recap: laksh convo with kavya nd nikhil.
(nikhil) why r u pushing her dude. The raglak who enjoyed her life fullest now forgot to live her life.
A tear escaped from laksh eyes as rag’s smiling face flashed infront of his eyes.

(kavya) u both r dying without eachother in every single minute. Why r u people sacrificing ur love for other’s mistake. Plz laksh live u r life nd let ur ragoo live her life.

(nikhil) or else we will lose our ragooo
Go nd get her buddy.

Kavya nd nikhil left laksh alone nd moved out. His heart flinched in pain. He slowly sat on his chair nd closed his eyes nikhil words were echoing his ears (we may lose our ragooo)
After a while he opened his determined eyes.
(laksh, with a determined voice) am coming ladoo. Ur laksh is cmng back to get his answers no to get his love his ladoo.

Scene shifts to laksh personal jet where he seated with ramu kaka with determined face.
As d jet takes off he slowly fell in deep sleep nd his mind moves back to the beautiful memories.

Ragini laksh kavita are walking back to hm from mandir. Suddenly it starts to rain. They ran nd stood under a tear. Ragini couldn’t control her nd ran to rain nd status to play in rain.
Laksh looks at her memorized. But kavitha’s sound brought him back
Kavi: doll cm here u will get hold. Phool gaya pichli bar kya hua.
Ragini:kavi di app bhi ayyeda. Its fun here
Laksh walked to her nd tried to take her with him. But ragini escaped from his clutches and ran.
Suddenly a truck cm on her way ragini stood still.
Kavi: raginiiiiiiii
Before truck could hit her laksh pulled her both fell on mud.
Kavi ran towards them nd made them stand.
Kavi: meri jaan chali gayi think ek pal keliye
Ragini: di kuch hua tho nahi hena.
She turned to laksh to ask is he. ok ok.
He slapped her hardly
(laksh) har vakt mazak. If I didn’t pull u what could have happened. Don’t behave like a child ragini be mature. U don’t know hw it feels when we loses our dear ones.

(ragini) laksh mein
(lak) ek dum chup.
He dragged her to home. After a while laksh was angry punching his punching Bag. His knuckles r bleeding. Ragini slowly peeped in to d room nd shocked to c room. Its fully messed up. All d things r thrown here nd there. She was sad to c his state. Ragini holder his hand he stopped punching. Nd jerked her hand. He sat on d sofa. She too sat near him. She tries to hold his hand

(laksh) ragini go away I just said go away
He literally shouted at her.
Tears made way to dwn through her red cheek which have his finger mark.

(ragini) plz laksh let me bandage ur hand.
He too melted seeing her tears. He forwards his hand to ragini. She bandaged his hand with teary eyes were as he was staring her.
As she done with it nd got up he holded her hand nd pulled her. She dashed to his naked seated muscular body.
He kissed both her eyes nd said sorry. Ragini was bowing her head dwn. He kisses on her cheek where he slapped. She made fist of her hand as it pained

(laksh) sry
He made her look at him. Both were teary nd hugged each other tighter

(laksh) I already lost my. I don’t want to loose u.
Both sat there like min. He broke d hug nd slowly picked her his hand. Placed her his bed nd got ointment nd slowly rubbed it on her cheek. She hissed in pain nd clutched d bedside tightly. Laksh again kissed her cheek. Then her neck.
************ flashback ends
Laksh got up with a jerk as d jet landed.

(laksh, monologue) I promised myself that I will not let u cry, but I becm d biggest sorrow, enough off ur sorrows ladoo, am back to get u, this tym I will make it sure am d sole reason behind ur every smile. Is bar dilwale dulhaniya leke hi jayegaaaaa…..

So guyss hw was it. So next episodes r full of flashback. Sry for typos

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