Broken heart:But still it beats for you my ladoo (raglak) epi-6


Hey guys am back with an update. Sry guys I couldn’t reply back in prev epi. Thanks for d warm response on my previous updates. I already wrote this epi. But it got deleted from my phn. Am writing for d third tym. Am getting mad.

So lets start.
Ragini was admiring rajesh WHO was sleeping beside with his cute smile inherited frm his father.

(ragini) laksh our son is just like u. His beautiful smile is just enough to remove all my sorrows. He filled happiness in my life but I have nothing to give him back. When I speaks abt u he hears it kneels. He recognizes u as I showed him ur photo. He is just like u just like his father. Same eyes same smile same nose. He didn’t got anything frm me. He is fully ur son. Ragksh laksh maheswari. I feel ur presence around him. He smiles d u smiles. He gives his million dollar smile while he see ur photo. But u even don’t know abt him laksh. Why god separated u frm him. Why god punishing him for my mistake. I failed as a mother too. I separated u frm ur child.
Ragini thinks abt d most beautiful nyt of her lyf when her laksh marked her as his.

It’s after their raglak mehandi ceremony. Ragini was shown sitting in her bed nd looking at deep reddish mehandi nd blushing hardly. She was busy in caressing laksh name in her palm.

( ragini) can’t wait to become mrs. Ragini laksh maheswari.
(laksh) me too
She turn to find a laksh who is hanging on her window.
( ragini) what r u doing here this tym laksh.
(laksh) ohhhhhhh ragini. I took this much effort to meet my would be wife.
First let me in. My hands r paining.

Ragini pulled him up both lost d balance nd fell on bed as laksh on top of her. He is memirezed to c her open hairs her juicy lips.

(ragini) donot u know that we can’t meet before mrg. Who asked to cm.
She goes on scolding but laksh is busy in starring her beautiful lips.
Her eyes got widen when she felt his rough lips on him. She too melted in to him. They were back to earth after hearing a knock on door.

(kavi) ragoo. Mere bachaa open d door.
Hearing kavi’ voice ragini got panicked nd pushed him.

(ragini) laksh go away before she caught us.
(laksh) no way. Am here to spend my last bachelor nyt with my to be wife.
Kavi again knocked d door. As she didn’t get any response she hot in but ragini was not there. She heard sm sounds from washroom.

(kavi) ragoo
(rag) han di. Kya hai
(kavi) nothing. I brought ur wedding lehengha nd jewellery. Its on ur dressing table. Cm bd check it.
Ragini is shown standing in d washroom panicked nd trapped in laksh’s arms who were busy in romancing with her neck nd belly. Ragini is getting nervous by his action

(ragini) di I will check it later after taking bath
(kavi) mm. Just check it fit or not. Nd sleep fast other waise ur dulhe raja will keep frowning if he find out any dark circles on ur face.

(rago) han di.
Kavi left d door. Ragini pushed laksh but he pinned her against wall nd kissed her lips hungry he turned on f shower nd both got drenched in d shower. He hugged her tightly nd touched her body sensusily adoring burning desires in both of them.
Her curves r visible to him as she was drenched. It made him go crazy. He took her in his hand. Proceeds towards bed nd placed her on bed. He too leaned over her nd kissed her whole body. Both were drenched but their body were heating up.
(laksh) mee to can’t wait to mark u as mine.
She blushed hardly on his cmmnt nd gave him his right Both were drenched in their love nd made it out.

After few hrs of past activity both were laying dwn dropped in single quilt exhausted. Ragini ‘s head were on his chest were his one hand entitled her waist while other hand interwined with her hand.

(laksh) am sry ragini. I pushed u to this. U r being modern yet traditional girl its a sign before marriage. Soo…
Before he could cmplt he felt her lips on his.

(ragini) am destined to be urs laksh. I gave myself to u. I meant to be in ur arms.
Laksh pecked her nd they slept in each other’s arms. Both were unaware abt d fact that he planted his seeds inside her womb.

*******flashback ends.
Ragini was brought back to world by d crying voice of rajesh. She took him in her hand nd feeds him milk.
Tears rolled down her eyes.

Mean while in London laksh was shown in busy in sm file. Suddenly he felt restless.

(laksh) why am feeling my lyf my ladoo is crying.
He was disturbed nd unable to do his work. He took his car keys and droved back to his hm. As soon as entered his room he went to his room. Throws his coat recyliner looses his tie nd falls on his bed. He closes his eyes nd tries to sleep. A crying ragini cm to his mind nd he opened his eyes. He switched on d light d room is full of ragini’s photo. Each corner is filled with her photos. He looked it and treat escaped from his eyes

(laksh) I saw a deep hurt in ur eyes ragoo. I know there is smthng which stopped u from defending me. It was clear that u were on my side ragoo. I ran away from u becoz I don’t want to drag me to d mess. I don’t want u to blamed for me. Ragoo I still love u. I don’t have d courage to u. That tym I couldn’t face anyone. Hw can sanky’s bai even belive on all accusation. Hw can he think that his lucky can do it to him ragoo. I left u I punished u for d mistake u didn’t do. I know am fool to ran away from ur love. I was broken ragoo. Still broken but this heart always beat for u. It always want to c u. But I don’t have d courage to face after leaving u or giving u this much pain. I left d person who trusted me for d person who never trusted me. Kash I can earn ur forgiveness. Plz mujhe maf kardo raho ki mein tumhe mein chhod diya. Par us vakt mein toot gayaa. Still am leaves with a broken heart which beats for u.
Tears rolls dem from eyes. On other side ragini who were sleeping with calm face suddenly showed a painful expression on her eyes.
Screen freezes on raglak face

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