Broken heart:But still it beats for you my ladoo (raglak) epi-5


Really sry guys. Sry for being late. Plz maf kardo na. Lo kan pakad diya ab tho maaf kardo yaar????

Let’s start
After more than 5 hr peaceful sleep ragini
got up nd looked around.

(ragini) its ur magic laksh. U r ladoo slept
peacefully with out her regular pills. U still lives here laksh in my heart. Where r u. Plz cm back
to me.
A tear escaped from her eyes nd she wiped it
off. She got dwn nd walked out after filling her
lungs with his fragrance
She stopped at door nd looked back once again. She could see the smiling faces of raglak
who is laughing and chasing each other. Again
her eyes welled up.

(ragini) kash ye din vapas atha.
She let out sigh nd walked to dp room took
his blessings

She met d person who she never wanted to
see again in her life her father SHEKHAR
( shekhar) princess he called out in a shivering tone.
Ragini stood there without any expression in
her face. He came near her to pat her head. But before he could do that she stepped back

(ragini) u lost that rut long back mr. GAGODIA.

She said in a deadly cold voice nd ran out she heard her mom cracked voice
(shomi) meri bachii
But she didn’t want to stand there for a
minute more so ragini walked out with out looking back leaving a sobbing sumi back.
Ragini got in her car nd burst out.

(ragini) sry ma.sry for punishing u without any
reason. I can’t meet ur eyes ma. I failed as daughter nd failed as wife nd soulmate.
It’s around 11 clock she reached her home. She looked pale her eyes were swollen nd her
lips were dry.
Suddenly she felt a pair of hands on her shoulder. She knows who is it its her sujata ma(laksh chachi). She wiped her tears before
sujata could find her tears. But its of no use.
Sujatha sit near her nd slowly patted her. Sujata considers laksh as her own child she was d one who defended laksh when he accused for thing
he did not do. Sujata helped rago to bring d truth infact of everyone. She stood with ragoo when everyone went against her. Ragini leaned to sujatha’s lap

(ragini) why ma why its always me. Why god snatched my life ma
(sujata) am sure ragini god is planning smthng great for u that’s why he is testing u. God only tests d one who have ability to overly his tests.
(ragini) I don’t have more energy to fight back ma. I need my strength I need my laksh back.
(sujata) he will back soon. Hw many days he can live without you.
Nw get up nd have smthng
(ragini) nahi ma. Man nahi hai.
(sujata) par beta
(ragini) plz ma aj kaliya rahne de
Ap kuch kha lijiye. I know u were waiting for me. Plz have smthng nd take ur medicines on tym.
Ragini walked to her room nd changed her cloths nd cm to her little champ ( raglak 2 yr baby boy)
(ragini) sry mere champ. Becoz of me u r away from ur papa. He even dont know abt u. He doesn’t know that he have son.
She hugs him tight who smiles in sleep.
Screen freezes on ragksh nd ragini face

Sry for d small update nd the typos. I know it’s not up to d mark. Sry guys as I updated it in hurry. Plz pardon mr

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    Where is Laksh and please reveal the past soon can’t see Ragini in such a state
    Waiting for the next one…………..

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