Broken heart: But still it beats for you my ladoo (prologue)

Hey guyss am( Fouzarshi16) back with my new ff. Hope u people will shower d same love nd support on this ff too. And thanks for making my previous ff “raglak that nyt changed my life” a successful one. Thanks for d warm response on my both OS “mr. Arrogant and his personal sl*t and a medical love story

Let’s start our story

A boy is shown running on treadmill. He is on his boxers nd head phone plugged in. His beautiful brown eyes r shown then his lips which a sad smile. Then camera rolls on his sweat wet bare chest nd his hot abs is shown. He was running countinuesly but his brown eyes were sticked in photo just infront of his eyes. Its was a photo of a chubby girl with
beautiful round eyes nd pink soft lips. He was just looking to her eyes.

(Boy’s monologue) why ladoo. Why u stepped back when I need u badly.our love is that much weak that u could not trust me. U broke my heart but still I don’t know why still it beats for u dr.
He stopped d treadmill nd took of his headphones nd walked towards d photo. He stood just infront of it. Caressed it nd kissed on her forehead

(the boy) I saw pain in ur eyes when everyone accused me. Then why u kept mum. U could have stood with me ladoo. If u had done it, atleast I could have u by my side. I left all alone this world. But still I love u laddoo. Ur my childhood love. As days passes am falling more in love with u dr.
His trance broke by his servant shyam, he use to call him kaka. D one nd only person who is for him in this world.

( shyam) laksh beta. Here is ur ginger to tea.
The boy revealed to laksh maheswari
He takes blessings from his kaka.

( shyam) if u love her this much. Go and get her back beta.
(laksh) she doesn’t trust me kaka. Her memories r enough for me to live my entire life.

(shyam) I just know abt her as per u words. But my mind says u r missing smthng, I think she had her reason for it. She loves u from her young age. There something which is not visible go nd find her my heart says she is waiting for u beta.

Laksh gave a painful look. Took his towel nd cleaned his face. He took a sip of a ginger tea nd smiled

(laksh) ladoo I hate ginger tea. But u made me have it. Still remembers our nok jokh on ginger tea.

A small girl shown drinking ginger tea. A boy cm nd snatched cup from my hand nd took a sip.

( the boy) yuk ginger tea.
( the girl) lucky give back my cup. If u don’t like it then why did u snatch my cup everyday nd drink it from me.
( the boy) for teasing u

(laksh) ladoo its just an excuse to share ginger tea with u. I loved to drink d ginger tea from ur cup.
He said smiling

In India.
A girl is shown with doctor ‘s coat nd steth . She was tired after her ward rounds. Nw she was back to her cabin nd thrown herself in d chair. She closed her eyes for smtym. Then she took a photo on his table. The photo revealed to be laksh.

(the girl) where r u laksh. I know I broke ur trust. But laksh I was forced to keep mum laksh. I had a reason.I should have been stand with you. I was already shattered in that tym lucky. Laksh plz cm back. Ur laddoo is still waiting for u. Plz laksh cm back to me for once. Then u want to leave me then u can. But let me give a chance explain my part laksh plz laksh.

Suddenly a nurse came to her.
(mam) Dr. Sanskar maheswari is here to meet u
Girl look forward nd she revealed to be ragini. D name plate on her table showed her name
“Dr. Ragini laksh maheswari.

Screen freezes on ragini nd laksh face

Whether raglak is a married couple?
What happened in their past?
Why laksh is away from his laddoo?
Why Sanskar is here to meet ragini?
Why ragini did not stood with laksh?

Hey guyss plz give ur suggestions. Shall I continue or not


  1. Fairy

    Wowwww super interestng ff dear…omg u again nailed it!! Thanku so much for starting a raglak ff πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …m very eager to know about wt had happened btween raglak?? Loved it ..n keep on rockng my dear doctor πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Welcome back dear
    Loved the epi
    U just rocked it
    Waiting for the next one……………

  3. anonymous

    omg.arshi u ended ur previous ff…..did i miss the last episode……can u give me the link?????

    • anonymous

      wonderful story with many questions/suspense………………good start……….plz continue… the updates whenever u have time……..

    • Fouzarshi16



      Yup dr. It ended before one week. I can’t give u link becoz am using my mob to upload it my ff. U can Search on google like this raglak that nyt changed my life epi 37 last episode

      • anonymous

        Hey I read the first one….I liked it very much…how laksh found he was first man for ragini……and A medical story…..I didn’t read it…but I will read it for sure

  4. Nami


    |Registered Member

    Glad u r back with another raglak ff. The story seems interesting. Looking forward for the next update.

  5. Fats


    |Registered Member

    Wow, great start. All the twists in RagLak’s relationship sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to read more πŸ’•

  6. Aasthu


    |Registered Member

    do update sooooon……….I’m sitting with my fingers crossed 4 the nxt 1………I loved all the prev updates of urs……..but my fav is “my doc love”…….going to read it again……….

  7. Loveleen


    |Registered Member

    sry fr late m glad u r back wid another raglak track….i loved ur previous ff alot……n dis one is also having great strt wid suspense

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