Broken heart: But still it beats for you my ladoo (epi-3)


Thank you guyss am back as I promised to u people. I know most of d people were shocked to know kavi as sanky’s wife becoz it is needed by my story.
Thank you guyss for d warm response on
my previous epi…

Recap: sanky’s guilt about past
Kavsan emotional talk
Entry of kavsan child

Let’s start guys

A big room is shown a bald man In his late 60’s is sitting in a chair nd looking out through his
window. His eyes were moist to seen two boys
playing with their parents in d play ground opposite to his room

********* flashback back

A room is shown in which 2 small boys were sleeping in a king size bed holding eachother ‘s
Hands. The elder one were slowly patting
young one’ s head in deep sleep . A man in his mid 30’s enters d room nd he was happy to c his sons bonding. He sits beside d younger
one nd slowly carresed both of their heads nd
kissed their forehead. A cute smile appeared both d kid’s lips. He made them sleep properly nd pulled quilt over them. He turn to leave
suddenly someone pulled him. The young one
was holding his hand in sleep. A smile cm to his lips nd he sat beside his kids in a half laying position. Both d kid turned to him nd placed
their head on his chest. He slowly took them in
a bear hug nd patted d kid’s head. He too slowly fell in deep sleep.

The same man is sitting in his study room nd
starring a photo on d wall. The photo is of a a women who is literally beautiful in marwadi attire with a beautiful smile on her lips

(man monologue) why annapoorna u left me nd my boys alone in this world. Today on mother’s day my champs didn’t have their
mother to pamper them
His tears were falling down . Suddenly two tiny hands wiped his tears. He looked back to find his little lucky standing on another chair

(little lucky) papa don’t cry. Sanky bhai kahte hai hum royenge tho ma ko acha nahi lagega. Wo humari pyaari ma hena so ap rona bad
karo.bhai kahte hai ki ma yahan hai ( points towards his heart). Agar ma hamari heart mein tho vo hamesha hamare sath hena papa.
Little lucky took the man(dp) to balcony.
Sanky to joined them.

(sanky) papa look that glowing start its our mumma . She is smiling at us. If we cry she will
feel bad na. Mama always want us to smile.
Mama god ke pas se hame kush dekhne keliya roz athi tho hum mein mama keliyae kush rahna chahiye na papa.

(lucky) pa u look handsome when smiling. This rondu look doesn’t suits u.
He said in his cute voice. Dp smiled between
tears. He kneeled infront of his boys nd hugged them.

(Sanky nd lucky) hamare pass ma nahi hai tho
kya hua par hamare past world ki best papa
hena. Who is our pa muma cm best frnd
Hearing this dp again get tearing
(little lucky) pushpa I hate tears
Said in his cute voice by wiping dp’s tears where as dp nd sanky’s adores there little lucky

Dp is shown sleeping in his room. Suddenly two
little shadow enters his room nd climbs his bed. The little shadow shouts in his ear
Dp gets up with a jerk. He saw his little
shaitaans with a bowl of Maggi in which they placed match stick as candle

(lucky) papa. Jaldi karo varna match stick buj jayega.
Dp looks at his boys with moist eyes nd blows it. He took noodles in his hand nd feed them
together nd boys feed him back. He took his
boys in his embrace nd whispered

(dp) thank u my champs. Its my best birthday
Dp placed d bowl back to his side table nd made them sleep on his chest. A tear escaped from his eyes.
********flashback ends

(dp monologue) everything was perfect in my life. I have my best frnd shekhar beside me. We were living like a family in this same house more than a 40 years. We decided to give our relationship a new name so I married my childhood love shekhar’s sister nivedita. But
everything went wrong when she left me alone
with my few months old Sanky to archive her dreams. Shekhar stood by me. After this annapoorna enterd my life as sanky’s mother
but soon she became annapoorna
durgaprasad maheswari by all means. She gave Sanky motherly love sometimes I got doubt that nivedita can ever gave these much of love to Sanky. Ap was not ready bring her
child for sanky’s sake. She thought if her own child cm to this world she may show difference between them. But a 3 yr old Sanky was
adamant to get his sibling. Am last she gave up
on her son stubbornness. But she ensured that she never made Sanky feel bad in those nine months.she succeed in it too. But again fate
played its roll. Ap died due to heavy bleeding
while gave birth to lucky. I was broken at that tym. But my 4 yr Sanky showed maturity he handled his baby brother well. For lucky his
Sanky bai comes first than anything. Everyone
adored their ram lakshman jodi. Par us din sab kuch badal gaya. Phir se mein toot gayi.
He thoughts were disturbed by a knock on his

(dp) cm in
D person cm in placed hand on his shoulder

(dp) princess
Person reveals to be ragini. She sat infront of
dp nd placed her head on his lap. He gently
stroked her hair. Tears were falling down from each other’s eyes. They sat there for a long tym

(dp) mere bacha. Plz excuse this old man. I
couldn’t save my children happiness.

(ragini) no papa. U tried ur best to stop bhaiyya.

(dp) kash us din mere zindagi mein nahi hota. Kash

(ragini) I couldn’t even stand for him. I was never perfect for him. I betrayed my love. That’s why god is punishing me by separating me from him. I deserve this.
(dp) no mere bacha. U r bounded by a promise. U were d one who brought d truth infront of everyone. U r d one who fought for him. U r d one who brought justice for him. U r d one who trusted him blindly

There were again a deep silence.

(ragini) still I have d image of broken laksh. Hw he looked at me with hope. I could have stand
by him. I was a bad lover. Sry for separating u
from ur son

(dp) u have a reason. Ab is budde ki ek hi
sapna hai. Marne se pahle apani lucky ko ek bar
dekho uski dulhan ki saath. Meri bachi plz cm back to ur hm

(ragini) no papa this house reminds me my
lucky’s insult, I can’t live in this with d people who accused my lucky. I can’t come their face everyday. I promise I will cm to meet u every sunday. Don’t ask me to stay here.

(dp) mmm

(ragini) papa I want to spent sm tym in laksh’s
(dp) don’t give more pain to ur self beta

(ragini) that room still have his fragrance his
presence. I would like to fill his presence in me. Its give me a hope to love its can only give me peace. I still lives to meet him once nd ask him sry. His memories r enough to give me hope for
my life.

(dp) my son will be never able to find a girl like

Ragini slowly stood up nd walked out. Nd turned back at door

(ragini) papa. Plz talk to bhayyu . Don’t lock
Urself in ur room. He already lost his lucky. He
won’t be able to take it more

(dp) u forgive him

(ragini) long back. After all he is my lucky’s bai. His world.
She gave him faint smile nd walked past.

(dp) laksh plz cm back beta look ur papa is not crying. U always want to c me happy na then
place cm back my child. U r papa is craving to
c my champ. U always says na “pushpa I hate tears” . Look there is no more tears in my eyes

Screen freezed on dp’s face.

Plz forgive me for typos.
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Thanks for everyone who cmmnted on my ff. But am little bit upset with response but its ok. Plz cmmnt if u feel like worth reading
Keep smiling stay happy
Love you all????

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