Broken heart: But still it beats for you my ladoo (epi-2)


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Recap : raglak childhood memories abt rakhi

A man is shown sitting in d garden of a big mansion. He buried his face in his both palms nd he reveals to be sanskar. Tears were falling down from his eyes. His lips were trembling nd his face were evident for d deep pain in his heart.

A small gift box which beautifully wrapped were in his hand nd he was playing with it. He took his wallet from his pocket and opened it. And he slowly took a photo from it and carried it.
It was revealed to his nd raglak .in d photo raglak were giving him a tight kiss.
On seeing d pic a painful smile cm to his lips.

(sanky) sry raguuu nd lucky ur bhayyuu aka bhai could not keep his promised plz lucky where r u mera bacha. Plz cm back ur bhai papa shomi ma kavi di especially ur ragoo longing for u mera bachana. Why god why it always me. First u snatched my ma abt whom I didn’t have any pic. Then my AP ma who was an angel who came to fill d void in my life. Then my lucky who is my heart. I know mistake is mine. I broke papa’s happy family , kavi ‘s heart them my doll’ s nd lucky’s trust, life. I messed up everything. Plz help me to find my lucky nd make him meet his love. I don’t need anything for me plz give back my doll’ nd lucky ‘s smile nd happiness.
He cried his heart out. He fell on his knees nd buried his face in his palms again. Nd look at d pic of sanlakrag again.

A 25 yr old ragini is walking here nd there in d hall with a aarthi thaan in her hand nd muttering to her self. She was countinuesly looking at the door and her watch

(ragini) stupid bhayyuu. Why can him go to office before tieing his rakhi. I was just 5 min late na. I went to temple for praying for him only. But he doesn’t cares. Is his meeting is more important than me

(dp) no mera bachana. He was in a hurry but

(shomi) ha raguuu. If sanky find out his doll didn’t ate anything from me. He will feel angry nd bad.
(shekar) cm princess have smthng
(kavitha) di pyaari pari. Plz have this milk for di

(ragini) no I will not have anything. Is his meeting is more important than his doll!?
She said weeping

(sanky) no meri doll.
Sanky holded cherry shoulder who just cm from his office nd wiped off her tears. A smile cm to rags’s lips but she maintained an angry face.
(sanky) kyun meri doll kuch nahi khaya. Chalo saath mein khatte hai
(ragini) dp uncle tell ur son I am not interested to have fud with her. Ma am going to my room (to shom) . Don’t allow anyone to disturb me
She said looking at sanskar nd turn to leave.
Sanky holded hand

(sanky) meri pyaari doll. Don’t u tie rakhi to me.
She asked her with puppy dog face nd pout lips
(ragini) no
( sanky) abhi bhi nahi
He asked holding his ears alot with tears brimming on his eyes corner.
Ragini jerked his hand nd hugged him tightly.
( shomi) stop this bro doll drama.
(swara) raguuu tie d rakhi. Rats r running in my stomach.
(kavi) jaldi karo ragoo varna lucky uski chance mar lega.

(laksh) vo tho nahi hogi kavi di. Mein pahele meri baari marzi.
Laksh said from behind nd hugged kavita where as kavita caressed his hair

(ragini) kavi di ki chamchaa
Laksh stick out his tongue to ragini
(kavita) both of u stop ur cat fight first. Sanky Pl forward ur hand.
Sanskar forwarded his right hand as his left hand had another rakhi tied by laksh. Ragini did some Pooja na made a tikka on his forehead then tied rakho to sanky
Everyone clapped.
(ragini) bhayyu nikalo meri gift. U should give me smthng best memorable one becoz u made me weight. Bahan ko sadhana pap hai.

(laksh) that’s not fair bhai. Am d first one who tied rakhi to u nd ur my bhai
( ragini) bhayyu don’t give any Dam to this monkey. Give my gift
(laksh) hw dare u chipka to call me monkey
(ragini) mokey

Sanky shouted to stop them
( sanky) this tym I will give u gift together.
This is one will be most precious best nd memorable gift for u guyss. I think u people will like no love it
By saying this pushed ragini to laksh nd she landed on his chest. Laksh holder her close to his heart by grabbing her waist. Both were lost in each other’s embrace.

Sanky cleared his thought to make them cm back to d normal world.

(sanky) what did u thought I will not get to know abt. This tym I brought ur love as ur gift. Ragoo keep my baby brother as ur gift. Lucky them meri doll ko rakh lena.

Everyone look confused.
(dp) Sanky will u plz able to tell us what is going on
( shekhar) hw cm this tom and jerry
Sanky let out a sigh

(sanky) I will tell u shekhar papa pappa nd showing ma. shomi ma nd shekhar pa will u give ur princess hand for my lucky. I will promise u that my lucky will keep ur princess as his queen.

(shomi nd sekhar) hamari bade damad phal baar hamse kuch poocha. Tho aise kaise ho ga hum mana kar doon. Hum Mein manzoor hai.

(shekhar) tho mere pyaare frnd dp. R u ready to make our house tsunami as ur second bahu.

(dp) shekhar don’t dare to call my princess as tsunami. Am glad to get ur shona nd ladoo us my bahu. He said hugging swara

(swara) Sanky tell me when this tom and jerry convert to salim nd anarkali.

(sanky) all credits goes to my best kavita. She find out this first. When I asked her for helping me abt their gift. She gave me this idea.
He said side hugging her.
Both raglak still in each other’s embrace. Cm to Sanky nd kissed him tightly nd kavi took a pic of this memorable day

(kavi) vaise lucky kaise lega gift
( lucky) kya kare fight karte karte iski bade aankhon mein kho gayi. Ab pyar kiya tho jeena padega.
Lucky give hi fi to kavi. Ragini made face. Sanky walked up to lucky

(sanky) lucky sry bol
(lucky) ise no never
( sanky) to pa mein soch rahi ragugo kisi or se
(lucky) no
Laksh walk up to her nd dragged her closer nd kissed her on her lips surprising everyone.
After sm tym they parted. Again ragini along with family shocks laksh rocks.Rag stands numb.
(lucky) sry everyone . I couldn’t hold it more seeing her pout lips
( shomi) hone wala damad jo kamse kam hamara khayal tho rakhtha
(shekhar) am with my hone wale damad. Brave step man. Shomi kyun mere bacho ki romance mein haddi ban rahe hoo
(dp) ha chaloo we can have fud.

(lucky) u guyss carry one. We will be back.
He said dragging ragini along with bd ran from there.
Everyone giggled at his cute childish act. Everyone prayed for raglak happiness.
(sanky) I promise u my doll nd lucky I will fulfil ur every wish. God plz keep them like this always.

******flash back ends
Sanky felt a pair of hand on his shoulder. He turned back nd it person revealed to be kavita who is looking like married with a pregnant belly. He slowly made her sit beside him nd hugged her tightly nd kissed her forehead

(sanky) kavi I made big mistake. I broke my doll nd lucky. Hw can I think that my lucky may do anything like that. Hw can I forget that he is my baby brother who brought up my me. Who had my values. Hw can I throw him out of my life hw can I mess my doll’ lym. Becoz me my family broke apart. I broke ur heart. Hw can u for give after what I have done with u. U holder me ur hand when everyone left me u loved me do love me why kavi? Becoz of me u lost ur princess nd ur champ. Plz kavi plz forgive me. Plz tell papa to talk me. Tell ragoo to tie rakhi to me. I can’t bear this more. Plz ask ur god bring my lucky back. I don’t want anything for me. I just want raglak happiness.

He burst out his heart’s pain. Kavita slowly patted his head. Before he could say further she placed her lips on him nd kissed him. First Sanky hesitated later he too reciprocated

(kavita) plz Sanky don’t feel low. Everything will be fine soon. My mind says my champ will back soon. God can’t punish hi more for d mistake which he doesn’t do. God have to give justice to my pari nd her lucky.
She wiped his tears.
(kavita) plz smile
Plz for our doll sake.
She asked him by placing his hands on her pregnant belly

(sanky) sry doll pa snatched u r chachu nd maahi. Soon I will find my lucky nd seek his forgiveness then everything will fall back.
He kissed her pregnant belly.
Mumma papa – they heard their champ’s voice.

A boy of 3 nd half cm to them running. Kavi lean to take him before she could take him Sanky placed him on his lap. Kavita rested her head on his chest. Sanky took her in embrace.

Screen freeze on kavsan face filled with pain.

Why Sanky is blaming him for raglak separation.
If kavi is sanky’s wife were is swara
Why Sanky thrown lucky out of his life.
What happened in their past
If lucky is not at mistake then who was behind whole this

Why dp is angry with sanky
Will lucky forgive Sanky when he get to know d truth.
To get all d answers keep reading nd supporting
Recap: may be ragini nd dp’s convo
Dp’s pov

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