Broken heart: But still it beats for you my ladoo (epi-1)


Thank you guyss for warm response on my prologue.
R u guys excited to know what happened in d past, why they got separated


Recap: laksh nd ragini ‘s perception abt their past. Sanskar cm to meet ragini.

A man shown standing outside ragini’ s cabin. From his look nd attire we can say that he is also a doctor. A nurse cm to him
(Nurse) Dr. Sanskar maheswari u can meet her.
He nodded in thanks nd went to meet ragini

(Ragini) good afternoon Dr. Maheswari. Did u want any help from me.
She asked without looking at him

(sanskar) ragoo. I cm to meet to for sm personal matter. Papa is not well . He wants to meet his princess. Can u plz cm nd meet him.
(Ragini) Mmm. I will meet him.
(sanskar) atleast give a smile ragoo. Why r u punishing urself for d mistake u didn’t do? Plz atleast call shekhar uncle nd sumi ma once. Why r u punishing them for my mistake.

(Ragini) if u done with it u may leave Dr. Sanskar nd inform papa I will cm to meet him in d evening

Sanskar want to say something but he kept quiet nd silently walked out. He turned back @ door

(Sanskar) can’t u give a chance to ur bhayyuuu
Ragoo. I know I have done a mistake not it was crime. Becoz of me only u lost ur love, my baby brother laksh. Then plz don’t punish urself papa, shekhar uncle and sumi ma for my mistake.

He said moist eyes.

( ragini) hw can I forget that day. How could you accuse laksh when he had ur value. U took care of him like his ma. Don’t u have faith in ur upbringing. For him u r his god. But in one sec u made him stranger. Hw can u believe that my laksh did it u. U know very well ur lucky can’t do anything that hurt you. That day I only lost my life.
But my laksh lost his everything his love his brother whom he considered as his god his papa cm best frnd, his kavi di, shomi ma,
Hw I can forget that what shekhar gagodia done to me. Becoz of him only I lost my laksh, my everything

Plz just leave just leave me in my state. I don’t need ur pity. U heard it I don’t want to people in my life. His memories are enough for me to live my life.

Saying this she fell on d floor nd cried his heart out. Sanskar stood still there sm time. After a long tym ragini got up nd opened side drawer of her cabinet.
There is sanskar photo along with 2 rakhi. She touched d photo nd took one ore rakhi frher pocket placed it along with another.

(Ragini) happy rakhi bhayyuuu. Sry I can’t tie this rakhi to u until my laks forgives u

A girl of 6 years sitting in a side wall. Her eyes r moist. A boy of 12 years came her

(Boy) : hey ragu why r u sitting alone
(Girl) :sandy bhaiya dekhona I don’t have any brother to tie rakhi. I asked lucky but he denied it bhaiyya. Why here’s always rude to Me bhayyaa.

(boy) : so my doll dont want to tie rakhi to me na. So u forgot ur sanaya bhayyaa.

(girl) no bhayya. I will tie
( boy) go nd tie ur lucky.
(girl) no one love me. She suddenly cries( fake tears)
(boy) hey my doll. I was just joking. Tie fast then only I will give u d gift.

Girls ties d rakhi. Nd do sm pooja

(girl) my gift
(boy) first give my kissy
Girls kisses his cheeks nd boy gives her a chocolate box suddenly a boy of 8 cm running

(boy 2) sanky bhayya. I was searching for from long back. Give me ur hand
Sanky shows his hand. Boy 2 was angry to c d rakhi on his hand.

(girl) hey lucky this time I crossed ur changed. He is my bhayyuuu nw.
She said with sticking her tongue out.
D second boy have tears in his eyes. Sanky walked up to him nd showed his right hand. Second boy back happy ties d rakhi he brought. Then he smirk at girl
(boy 2) he is my bhai. Nd always remain.
( girl) u r right. He is ur brother only she said with moist eyes.

Sanky hugs both of them.
(sanky) u both r my siblings . I will stand for u everything. I will be there for u in whole life. Ur my champ nd doll.
The girl still have tears.
(Sanky) lucky say sry to rago
( lucky) sorry vo bhi isse
No way
(sanky) lucky
(lucky) sry ragoo
The girl winks at him. Suddenly lucky kisses her both cheeks. Girl shocks nd lucky rocks. Sanky smiles at their cute antics.
( ragini) u broke ur promise that day bhayya. U left ur champ nd doll when they needed u most. U broke my trust bhayyuuu.

After getting ready laksh went to orphanage. He met d mother nd wished nd went his doll

(laksh) nidhi ur bhayyu is here doll where are u?.
He search whole room. He saw two little legs behind door.

(laksh loudly) lagta hai doll is angry with me.
He walks slowly nd took her nd place her in his lap.

(nidhi) Yup ur doll is angry. Why didn’t u cm last sunday. I waited so long. But u didn’t showed up.
She said with pout lips nd angry face

(laksh) so my nidhi is angry with her bhayyu. U don’t want to tie rakhi to me. Then ok I will this chocolate to another girl

(nidhi) am not angry bhayyuuu just acting.
She ties rakhi in his hand makes him eat laddoo. He adores her

A 16 yr old ragini tiring rakhi to sanskar nd adarsh.
(pari, adarsh wife Sanky’ chachu’sDIL, new bride) ragini why don’t you tie rakhi to lucky.

Laksh who were having juice spit it. Both shout together a big Nooo

(laksh) I can’t protect this chipka for my life long
( ragini) here no one is dying to be ur sis monkey
Both give angry glares to eachother. Nd goes from there
(Laksh, present monologue) that nyt I didn’t know what I fell for her. When bhabhi asked her rakhi tie on my hand. I felt strange, angry. In our childhood also I never allowed her to tie rakhi. At that time am unaware my feelings. But she was deeply nd madly in love with me. But ladoo
Nw I know why I didn’t allowed u tie rakhi. O want to be ur better half rather than ur rakhi brother. Love you ragoo. Jahan Bhi ho plz stay happy love u lots my dr ladooo

Screen freezes on raglak face.

What was mistake of Sanky?
Hw shekhar is related to their separation?
Is Sanky only d reason for their separation. Is there anyone’s?
what was d mistake ragini was talking abt?
What happened on d day?
Why Sanky accused his baby bro laksh?

To get to know all these plz stay tuned. Hope u people liked it. Sry for typing mistake. Bye take care nd throw ur suggestions nd cmmnts

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      U have to wait more my dr. Doll. I will reveal their past little bit on every epi with present incidents

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