Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 9


Hello guys, I see that some of you are confused. So let me clear your confusedness
1- Yes two people are behind them, you have to wait to know who they are
2- The pair will also be revealed in the coming episode.
3- Ragini don’t hate Swara, but think that because of her she was away from her dad
4- I know I don’t introduce Laksh Yet, but will in coming episode too
I know I don’t clear your confusion yet, but trust me, if I tell you the story how you will read! So Enjoy <3


Ragini talk with the person, then she spot Sanskar at the entrance, and was surprised to see him here.

Ragini- Mr Maheswari aap? Sanskar enter the room, but the person excuse herself and goes out.

Sanskar- In fact, I forgot my phone that's why I come back.

Ragini- Oh ok

Sanskar took his phone, Ragini try to sit but failed, because her right hand is broken. She hisses in pain, and Sanskar help her. Ragini see him, and feel something. She cannot describe this, because this is a new feeling to her. Her thought was broke by Sanskar

Sanskar- Careful next time Ragini- Thank you

Sanskar- Can I ask you something?

Ragini- I know what you want to ask! You want to know why I hide the fact to my family? Why I don't give any name?

Sanskar nod, Ragini smile- I don't want my family to suffer.

Sanskar- But I don't understand, you don't want your family suffer, but if something happened to you, they will surely be in pain.

Ragini- I know, but my story is long

Sanskar- You want to share?

Ragini- Maybe another time, we don't know each other, how I can share my story with you?

Sanskar- I understand

Ragini- We can be friend if you want, because I don't have any

Sanskar- What?

Ragini- I don't trust anyone easily

Sanskar- So why you want to be my friend?

Ragini- Because I debt you something! My friendship is precious, not any person can be my friend.

Sanskar- then I will be glad to be your friend Ragini and Sanskar shake their hand, then they smile with each other. Sanskar- I'm going now I have to go, but I'm happy that you are fine

Ragini- Ya nothing cannot happened to me.
Swara enter the room and is stunned to see Sanskar here again.

Swara- Mr Maheswari you here?

Ragini- Haan he forgets his phone

Swara- Oh ok

Sanskar- I got my phone back and a new friend too.

Swara- What? Ragini and friends?

Ragini- Why not? I'm not an alien, I'm human I can have friend

Swara- No I know you are human, but you don't trust anyone, specially men, that's why I'm a bit dazed

Sanskar- I think I'm special nobody can refuse to be my friend (he said playfully)

Ragini- Oye Mr attitude, I propose you to be my friend not you, and you yourself accept it, It's obvious that I cannot refuse it, because it's me who asked you!

Sanskar- I was joking Swara don't know why but feel weird to see them talking like this freely, but she was happy that Ragini smile again after 15 years.

Sanskar- I have to go really now, if not someone will scream at me. Bye

Swara goes with Sanskar and said- Thank you so much Mr Maheswari, after many years I saw my sister smiling. Swara has some tears in her eyes, Sanskar don't know why, but feel that he should wipe them.

Sanskar- It's ok, if you want to thank me, you should invite me some day to drink a coffee.

Swara smile then said- Surely Sanskar goes, Swara come back to the room. She saw Ragini with bandage in her head and think- Who want to kill her and her mom? Why she keeps quiet ?

Swara- Ragini why…

Ragini- I keep quiet because I want some more proof, I don't have solid one to put them behind the bar. In fact, they used someone sickness to hurt me.

Swara- What?

Ragini- Yes, when I will be discharged, you will know who is behind me and my mom.

Swara- You sure?

Ragini- Yes

Swara- Ragini I want to say you something, please reply me honestly.

Ragini nod Swara- Do you really think someone of family did this?

Ragini- The person who are behind this are not my family.

Swara take a sight of relief- Oh thank God. You should rest

Ragini- Where is mama?

Swara- Janki ma is with doctor, because she got discharged yesterday, and she passed trough some much stress. She was very tensed, and with today's drama, she wasn't feeling well

Ragini- Oh no? I want to meet mama now! She tries to get out from the bed, but fail, her whole body was aching.

Voice- You don't need to come to me, me myself will come.

Ragini- Mama you are fine?

Janki- Haan, meri Laado nothing can happened to me. God gives a second chance to live with my children. Janki hug Ragini, and she weeps.

Ragini break the hug and wipes her tears- No more tears mama

Janki- Haan maybe if I didn't slap you yesterday, you won't have this accident

Ragini- Mama don't worry, it's true that I never imagine that accident in my plan, but it's was writing. 

Janki and Swara shocked tell at the same time- WHAT? 

Swara- Means you was not angry? 

Ragini- Never, I cannot be angry at my mom. But I want to know if my doubt on that person is true. When I have my accident I saw the face, and my suspicious was true. 

Janki- So why you don't tell this to police officer? 

Ragini- Because I didn't have enough proof again that person. 

Janki- But Laado, police will inquire about that person, and will find a proof against them. 

Swara- Haan Ragini Janki ma are right. You did something stupid

Ragini- Ya like you this morning? Imagine if I have not woken up at time? This time you will be in jail, crying at your fate. So chup

Swara- Ragini I'm your elder sister you cannot talk like this

Ragini- Haan I know, so try to be an elder sister, like me with
Viren. ( Speaking on Viren) Ragini said- Oh no Chotte is very angry at me. Mama did he call you? You know where he is? 

Janki- Nahi

Ragini was tensed but Swara said- You know Janki ma, Viren and Ragini are same. Viren is Ragini copy, dono are stubborn. 

Janki, Swara and Ragini smile and said proudly- After all I grow him up. 

Janki was sad, Ragini sees this and then said- Now it's mama's turn to bear his and my stubbornness, and anger. 
Swara- Oh no, not you anger, because it's like a volcano, in fact like dad. 
Ragini keep quiet, and Swara understood- Ragini you know even if you don't like it, papa is your father as well. 

Ragini- I know, please I want to rest sometime. 
Janki and Swara nod. Ragini shut her eyes off, but then see the same picture: Her dad with
Sumi and Swara. Her mom crying, her mom falling in coma. Janki see some tears in her eyes, and close the door.

Janki- I know my Laado is very hurt

Swara- Yes I can understand her too. She grows up without you, even if mom went to her, she was against her, against dad and even me.

Janki- Haan Laado love her dad a lot, and she underwent a big pain during her childhood. Seeing her dad coming with another daughter, while she was the apple of her dad. It's hard to digest that

Swara- You know Janki ma, Dad also love Ragini. Every birthday, he sends a parcel to her without giving his name.

Janki- Really? Swara- Yes, even for you, he keeps every year your gift in a cupboard, hoping that one day he can give you all the gift.

Janki smile sadly- You know I love your dad very much. Maybe it's difficult for you to digest this, but I still love him, but I cannot forget that the day of my birthday he came with you two.

Swara- This day was your birthday?

Janki- Haan, that's why Ragini and Dadi don't talk with your dad. She did a big mistake by not telling me. I would accept you, because you are not in fault. Ragini think you are the reason of our separation, but no. His lie was the reason, he didn't trust me once, and give me a poisoned gift.
Swara weep, and understand that her dad did a big mistake.

Swara- But mom didn't say anything?

Janki- I don't know, because when he came with you, papa Ji divide our house in two sections.

Swara- And after all this you still love dad?

Janki- Haan even if he did a mistake, I married him for the best and the bad day. I don't believe on leaving after having an argument. We should discuss rather giving divorce, even if I give him divorce where I should go with my daughter. Who will keep with her a divorce pregnant woman with a child aged of 5 years? Swara got thinking.

Janki smile seeing her like this and then tell- But don't worry I won't separe your mom and dad

Swara- Why? You don't love dad anymore?

Janki- I'm still, but now he has you and your mom, how can I be selfish and separe you all?
Shekhar heard everything. He feels so low, he admits he did a big mistake, not mistake but sin. He was ashamed to have such a wonderful wife, but cannot keep her happy.

Shekhar think- I still love you Janki, but I think I'm don't have any right on you now.

Janki- But I'm happy because he gives me Ragini,Viren and you two.

Swara hug Janki tight- I'm sorry on behalf to my dad and mom.

Janki- No you don't have to. I'm just telling you all this, like that when you married, you will know how to keep your family together.

Swara- I'm not like you, if my husband did this to me, I will leave him.

Janki- It will mean that you never love him, or your love for him is weak. Love is not just giving or receiving. Love is how to maintain a relationship, how to keep weld two lovers. That's why I told you trust is very important in every couple.

Credit to: Lovely

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