Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 7


Hey guys I want to thank you all for keeping an instant for reading my story and comment it! I’m happy that you all like it. Secondly, I want to tell you that sorry in advance for any fan of Swalak, Swasan, Ragsan, or Raglak because if you still guess who will be the pair, in the end you won’t read my story. I won’t divulge the name of the pair now. Maybe in 2 or 3 the guy will make their veritable entry. Ok? Don’t be hurt or else, I just want you to enjoy the reading, I want you all to be in my story, like you live in. Enjoy <3

Recap- Sanskar entry ; a mysterious person entry, and trying to kill Ragini.

Ragini's heart beat slowly. Swara and Viren saw this and they are aghast. They were crying to see Ragini like this.

Swara- How I wish to see the old Ragini! The Ragini who was fighting with me every time.

Viren- The Di who love me unconditionally. I don't want to lose her, she is my everything.

Swara- Don't worry chotte, she will be fine

Swara hug Viren. Janki sees that and was happy and think

Janki- Swara is very sweet. I hope Ragini accept her fastly. Shekhar sees the bonding between Viren, he was happy too.

Shekhar- See Janki our kids bonding

Janki- Haan I'm tensed for Ragini. Maybe if I shouldn't slap her, she would be fine. She was crying, and Shekhar hug her. Sumi come and see that, she was jealous but don't show. She come to them, and the duo break apart.

Janki- I'm sorry

Shekhar- It's ok our daughter's life is in danger

Sumi- Don't worry nothing will happened to her.

Janki- Thank you Sumi ji.

Sumi just smile, but Janki was tensed.

Janki- Why doctor don't come out? Why it took so long?
Just then the doctor come out and said- Don't worry she will be fine, we will shift her to a normal room.

Janki- Thank God. Thank you doctor. Can I see my daughter?

Doctor- Of course but for now, she is sleeping. When she woke up I will tell you. It's already night, you should go, just one person can stay back.

Janki/Swara/Viren- I will
They see each other, then Janki said- No she is my daughter, and it's my fault that she is like that.

Swara- Nahi Janki ma, I will stay back, remember Ragini said that you are still sick. So You and family go, I will stay with her. I promise I will keep calling you every hour.

Janki- Ok beta, but keep calling me ok?
Swara nod and all family go back

Ragini is taking to a normal room, and Swara follow them.

Nurse- Ma'am you have a couch here you can sleep. Here is the button for any emergency.

Swara nod and then take her phone to call Janki, but she think- Oh no I don't have her number, how I will call her? Haan I will call dad
She dial Shekhar number, and he was sleepy. She saw Ragini turning and go out for not disturbing her sleep

Shekhar- Haan Swara bolo?

Swara- I'm sorry dad, but I don't have Janki ma's number, can you please give her the phone.

Shekar- Haan, bolo Ragini kaise hai?

Swara- She is normal she is sleeping

Shekhar give the phone to Janki

Janki- Hello Swara? Is Ragini's fine? How she is? She woke up? She is crying? I know my daughter she will feel alone! Don't worry I will come and see her.

Swara smile and then said- Janki ma, chill she is sleeping right now, no need to worry.

Janki take a sight of relief and then said- don't take your eyes off of her. I'm sorry I'm a little worried, but you can sleep.
Just then a loud sound come from Ragini's room, Swara cut the call and goes toward the room. She sees no one here but her perf is on the ground. So she take it and place it on her place. Swara feel asleep, then a person come and smile evilly.

Person- Kab tak tum zinda rahogi. I think this is your last day today.
She take the perf and a syringe and put the syringe in the perf. She quickly goes out.

Next day, Swara woke up, and police was here with the doctor. She come to them and said- what happened?

Police- Kaun hai aap?

Swara- Ji yeh meri behen hai

Police- Oh, and you sleep all night here?

Swara- Haan why?

Police- You don't feel anything?

Swara- No but what happened?

Police- This night your sister has been poisoned

Swara- What poisoned? By whom?

Police- I was hoping that you will tell me

Swara- I don't know

Police- You want to say me, that you sleep here, but don't know what happened with your sister? How that's possible?

Swara- I don't know

Police- For now, you are our main culprit.

Swara- What? Why would I poisoned my sister?

Police- I will discover that don't worry. For now don't go outside the city. Will contact you later.

Police goes out and all family come.

Janki- Swara what happened to my Laado?

Swara- Janki ma don't know, police said someone want to kill her last night.

Janki- And where were you? Little angry

Swara- I was here, but don't know anything

Janki- How wan you be so careless? You yourself want to stay back and I allow you. What if my daughter died?

Swara- I'm sorry Janki aunty. Now Swara was crying
Janki just stare angrily at Swara, but doesn't said anything that she will regret later. She goes straight to Ragini, even Shekhar and Viren don't talk with her. She was feeling low, but Sumi come to her, and hug her

Sumi- Don't worry, everything will be fine.

Swara- I'm a bad sister ma

Sumi- It's ok she doesn't died no? So why are you crying?

Swara shocked said- Ma what are you saying?

Sumi- The truth, she is not dead, she is still alive so don't worry.

Swara is left speechless, how her mom can be stone heart?
Police come to Ragini's room and said?

Police- Kaun hai Swara Gagodia? Zz

Swara- Me why?

Police- Arrest her?

Everyone was shocked

Shekhar- What? Why?

Police- We find a fingerprint on the perf, the DNA report that it was Swara Gagodia who touch the perf.

Janki- But that doesn't mean that she will kill her own sister?

Police- Step sister

Janki- What? How do you know?

Police- We know, I'm a police officer so I have to research the background of people.
Everyone was shocked to see Swara being arrest. Janki know that it was just a misunderstanding, but Viren no and said- Swara Di what you have done to my sister? How could you?

Swara- Chotte, I swear that I don't do anything to Ragini.

Sumi was crying, Janki support her, but she shove her and said- This is all because of you and your children. Don't try to sympathize with me

Janki- I know you are angry, but I don't think that Swara is the real culprit.

Viren- But I do

Janki- Why? She don't have any reason to do that?

Viren- She has, Yesterday I told her that I want you and dad married again, but she was silent. I know she don't want my parent reunion and want her mom to have all the right. But Ragini is the first daughter whom Dad recognize in front of law, so Ragini is the one who will inherit everything after Dadu and Dad death.

Janki- No Swara is not like this

Viren- Mama you just come yesterday, you don't know us. You just know Ragini and your husbandd, you don't know others. I know Swara Di cannot do anything but her mom can.

Swara- Chotte, how could you put a blame on my mom? Police officer I admit that I tried to kill Ragini.

Sumi- Nahi Swara don't do that. You are innocent. I cannot see your future destroy. Police officer I try to kill Ragini, because I never like her. I hate her, she was the reason of the gap between me and my husband.

A voice come behind her and said- You are lying
Everyone see who is speaking and was shocked

Credit to: Lovely

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