Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 8


Recap- Someone trying to poison Ragini; Swara’s arrestation.

Voice- You are lying, you don’t try to kill me.
Yes the person is none other our Ragini.

Swara- Viren put such an accusation on my ma, so I have to protect my mom

Ragini- Till when?

Swara- Tum bhi?

Police officer intervene in their convo- If your drama’s end, can I take her out?

Ragini with a harsh tone- Did I tell you to go? I was the one who was poisoned, you have to listen to me before taking my sister with you understand?

Sanskar come at the same time. He was happy to see the girl who meet with an accident fine, but then surprised to heard that someone want to poison her.

Ragini- I was not conscious, but the one who push my car is the same person who tried to kill me.

Shekhar- What did you said? Your accident was premeditated?

Ragini- Yes, but the person did not act alone. When I’m angry I like to drive fast , it help me to cool my anger down. The person know this well, so he follow me till an lonely road, then push my car out the mountain. I get the time to jump off but slowly falling unconscious. I saw the face of the person and it was a woman. Then when they were treating me yesterday, I woke up and I search for my phone, just then a nurse enter and help me to search my phone. I want to call you, but my phone was not here, so the nurse lend me her phone. She goes out but then someone peep in my room, it doesn’t like a real nurse so I pretend to sleep. Then I record everything what the person said to me, how he want to take a revenge from my family. The same person try to kill my mom some years back, and yesterday try to kill me thrice.

Janki- Who did this?

Viren- I know who did this

Shekhar- If you are insinuate that Sumi did this I cannot believe. I know because of her and me, you have grown up without mom, but that doesn’t mean that she will kill your mom and your sister.

Viren- I just tell I know who did it, I never mention Sumi aunty. I saw someone going out the room of Di when the sound of her monitor make a loud sound. The person was

Ragini- Chotte stop it

Viren- No let me tell the truth

Ragini- We will but not for now. I just want you to release my sister because she is innocent.

Police- We cannot do that

Ragini- May I know why?
Police- Because of the fingerprint

Ragini- Don’t be silly, it’s not a sufficient proof. Just because you found her fingerprints it’s means she the culprit. Even if she was, I’m the victim and I don’t file a complaint on her. Don’t teach me the law, I’m a law student, so I better know the law. Please release her

Police release Swara, and Swara hug Sumi then goes to Ragini- Why you trust me?

Ragini- I always trust you, you are my elder sister.

Swara hug Ragini- You know much I want this love from you?

Ragini- Yes I know, 15 years.
Ragini smile but Viren was angry, Ragini saw that and tell Viren- Chotte…

Viren- Don’t call me chotte

Ragini- Chotte don’t be upset with me

Viren- Why you…

Viren is stopped by Ragini- Viren, it’s elders matter, you don’t have to involve in this matter.

Viren- Di

Ragini- Chotte?

Viren look down then goes out- All family goes out, then Swara spot Sanskar at the door and said- Mr Maheswari, you here?
Ragini was surprised to see him here.

Sanskar- Yes, in fact I came to inquirer about your sister health, but what I heard?

Swara- Sorry it’s a personal matter. ( turning to Ragini) See Ragini he is the one who save you yesterday, and take you here

Ragini- Thank you very much.
Ragini feel something but then brush the thought off.

Sanskar- I hope you are fine now?

Ragini smile- Yes I’m fine thank you

Sanskar- I heard you are a law student?

Ragini- Yes you heard right

Sanskar- Ok I should leave now

Ragini- Mr Maheswari

Sanskar- call me Sanskar
Ragini- Sanskar thank you once again, I have a debt on you

Sanskar- Never mind, I will remind you some day, if we cross again in the way.

Ragini smile. Swara and Sanskar goes out, and after 5 min someone enter the room. Ragini saw the person and was furious

Ragini- How dare you to come here?

Person- Why you don’t tell them the truth

Ragini- Because I don’t want

Person- You don’t want?

Ragini- Yes I don’t want my family suffer because of you two.

Sanskar begin to enter then heard everything what Ragini said.

Ragini- I don’t want Swara to suffer nor my family. You tried to kill my mom, you tried to kill me thrice, but you won’t succeed to make my family suffer. I won’t allow you to do that

Person- We will see

Ragini- If you do something wrong, I will not think twice for putting you two behind the bar! I don’t what you have against me and my mother.

Person- I won’t leave you

Ragini- The Ragini you don’t know is more dangerous than before you, try to make any of my family including Swara crying, I will kill even if after I’ll go in jail! Understood

Person- How hypocrite you are! You hate Swara so why you take her side today

Ragini- I don’t hate her, but I think that she is the main problem between the gap of my mom and his dad.

Person- Your dad

Ragini- No he is not my dad, and I hate him. Kyon ki when he married Sumi aunty, he take all the happiness of our house. He bring bad luck to us, I have grown up without my mom, because she was in coma in past 15 years. I will never forgive him. And you I will take you out of my house, this is my promise!

Credit to: Lovely

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