Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 6


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Recap: Janki and Shekar talk; Viren want his parent unite again; Ragini accident

They entered at xyz hospital, then come toward the receptionist.

Dadi- My Laado is here

Receptionist- Sorry Laado?

Dadi- I’m sorry I mean Ragini Gagodia, she meet with an accident

Receptionist- Oh and you are

Shekar- Her family

Receptionist nod and tell them to take left and goes to emergency section. They come and see a man talking with a doctor

Dada- Excuse me I want to know where is Ragini Gagodia?

Doctor- And you are?

Dada- I’m her grand-father

Doctor- I’m sorry, but no one can see her.

Janki- What? I’m her mom, where is my Laado?

Doctor- I’m sorry but she meet with a bad accident, she is under observation because she is not stable. Thanks this young man, he took your daughter here

Viren- So you are Sanskar Maheswari? You was the one with whom I was talking. Thank you so much

Swara- Yes thank you very much

Sanskar smile at Swara. Don’t know why he cannot take his eyes from her.

Sanskar- It was my pleasure

Swara- What?

Sanskar- I mean I see the girl meeting with the accident so I thought to take her in hospital.

Swara- Once again thank you. You saved my sister’s life.

Viren- Swara Di, meri Di is not out of danger, so he was not saved Di’s life yet

Viren said with a harsh tone.

Swara- Viren you should thanked him because he was the one who took your Di here

Viren- Thank you Mr MAHESWARI, but for now I cannot concentrate on anyone because my Di cum mother, the Di who took care of me, is fighting for her life. This happened because of mama and you all including you Swara Di.

Viren was pissed off, and go other side. Swara was hurt, and Sanskar sees that

Sanskar- You want to drink a coffee?

Swara- No I will wait for Ragini.

Sanskar- I can ask you something?

Swara- Kahi ye

Sanskar- Your sister fought with you, thats why she meet with an accident?

Swara- Yes, it’s a little complicated and a family matters, sorry I cannot say further.

Sanskar- Ok I understand, I think I should go

Swara just nod and wait for Doctor. Sanskar goes toward Janki and said

Sanskar- I will go now, call me if it has some improvement

Janki- Ji give me your name and number to my hus… I mean Ragini’s father.

Sanskar give a weird look, but then give his name and number.

Swara- Janki ma, papa, Dadi and Dada go to the canteen, and take something to eat, because we don’t know when the doctor will come out. Me and Viren will stay here, we will wait for your return.

All people goes to the canteen, and someone peep in Ragini’s room. No nurse was here, because she was under obeservation, but no one cannot see her, until she can breath normally. So the person enter the room without Viren and Swara knowledge, then take off the mask oxygen and tell-

Person- tututu, you are so small for dying, but what I can do, you are an obstacle between me and my goal. I tried to kill your mother but she survived don’t know how. Lekin haan, tumhara maut ki baad main, tumhari ma zarroor marega. She cannot live without her what she called you? Haan Laado. You will be out and your mom too, so I can live happily and reaching my goal too. You know Ragini I will tell you my secret, I will snatched your family property, money and houses. I will make them ashamed in front the world. No one will care for your family. They will suffer like I suffer.

With that she took off Ragini’s mask oxygen. Ragini was breathing heavily, and her monitor make a loud sound. Swara hear that and goes toward Ragini’s room, but the person hide. Some nurse and doctor came, and see the mask oxygen off, but Ragini’s heart beat much slower. Swara call everyone, and the person escape from the room, but Viren sees that person and was shocked.

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