Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 5

Hey guys I want to be clear, ragini will not be negative. Keep reading and comment too Enjoy <3

Recap- Jhanki slap; Swaragini's fight; And mystery around Ragini's past

Ragini goes out with her cars key. She was very hurt by Janki slap. Viren was worried

Viren- Oh no Di is very angry

Janki- So? You think I shouldn't slap her

Viren- Nahi ma, but you don't know Di, when she is angry, she will drive very fast.

Janki- I know my daughter, She cannot be this bad, something are bothering her.

Shekhar- I too think the same
Viren and all goes except Janki and Shekar

Shekhar- Thank you Janki for your support

Janki- Don't think much, I've been in coma for past 15 years, but you didn't come to see. This is the proof that you never love me! Unlike you I does my duties toward my husband

Shekhar- I'm sorry

Janki- It's too late now

She was about to go, but Shekhar hold her, someone sees that and was furious.

Shekhar- Please I'm sorry, but what you will have done if you was in my place?

Janki- I will came and talk with you. I'm your wife, we will surely find a solution, but no you married behind my back. You ask me what I will do, but what would you do, if I married someone else, and then coming to you and told you that I'm married this man, because he is my first kid father?

Shekhar- I don't know

Janki- You know, but you don't want to say it! You would have kill that man and me! You and Ragini anger are same, I know you very much well, I think I knew you, but no, you prove me wrong.

Shekhar- You are right, I cannot be a good husband neither a good father for my two children.

Janki- I know Ragini still love you, she is just hurt because you choose another daughter over her. Viren love her Di and won't go against her wish, but he like you. You did a good job with Swara, she is very nice.

Shekhar- Ragini was missing you, it's good you are home now

Janki- She is not missing, she missed her parents, her dad and mom.

Shekhar- I know, but she build a wall around her after your coma, and she don't let me enter. I'm trying to break this wall but she don't let me. I'm trying and trying, I just get her hurtful word

Janki- It will take time, but I know my Laado, she took care of me, even if I was in coma, still I can heard her, every time I want to wake up and console her, but I cannot. Janki was crying and Shekhar hug her.
Someone was burning in jealousy but yet hide behind a pilar. Janki compose herself and then said- I'm sorry

Shekhar- No need to say sorry, you are my wife

Janki- Kaash I was your love too
With that Janki goes to her room crying. Viren sees that and think- Dad and mom still love each other! I have to tell this to DI and Swara Di. But wait? Will Swara Di accept this? After all her mom is also married to dad! He get thinking but then call Ragini

Voice- Hello?

Viren- Hello, Who are you? Where is my DI?

Voice- I'm sorry let me introduce me, Sanskar Maheswari, your sister meet with an accident, and she is in hospital

Viren's phone fall down, and goes to Janki

Viren- Ma, Ma Di?

Janki- What happened?

Viren- Di meet with an accident

Janki- What? Where she is?

Viren- She is at xyz hospital

Someone hear that and then smile, and then goes out

Janki- Tell your dadi, I will call a taxi

Shekhar- No need come with me

Swara who was in tears- Haan Janki ma, come.

They all come the xyz hospital and find a man talking to the doctor.

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