Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 4

Hey guys! I have decide who will be pairing swaragini, but I won’t tell you now 🙂 I think in the next chapter I will make the entry of our heroes! Keep reading

Viren goes out the room and Ragini get thinking.
Downstair, Viren talk with his mother, sometimes he hug her, sometimes he kiss her. He don’t know what happened to him, but he was extremely happy. In other side, Jhanki was more than happy to be with her family. She look at Viren with so much love, she cries and Viren panic

Viren- Kya hua Ma? Why are you crying? Should I call the doctor?

Jhanki- Nahi beta, I’m happy that’s why I’m crying. You know Ragini came to me everyday, even when I was in Coma, I felt her presence. When she was crying, when she was happy, she talk with me for hours, I heard her. I heard her hatred toward her dad too.

Viren- You know Ma, Di is the best Di ever. She took your place, she don’t let me feel orphan. She don’t let me cried, she taught me to be good. I know why she is like that, but now when you are here, why she cannot be nice with everyone, specially with Swara Di?

Jhanki- Viren your Di is special! She is very possessive with her ones. She love your dad very much, I think more than me. Lekin when your dad took Swara here, she felt deject. She thought that her dad doesn’t love her, and love Swara. I know my daughter, she like Swara, she always want an elder sister, but circumstance made her like this. Time will heal her don’t worry.
Swara came and listen all this, she was hesitant to come with Jhanki.

Swara- I think I should let them alone.

Jhanki spot her and call her

Jhanki- Swara right?

Swara nod

Jhanki- Come, don’t be shy

Swara came with a smile

Jhanki- I’m sorry because of me, you suffer a lot

Swara- Jhanki ma what are you saying? You are not at fault at all. In fact, anyone is at fault, it’s just destiny who play with us.

Jhanki- You are right, you are very smart

Ragini see that and was burning in jealousy. She think

Ragini- First she take the love of my dad then Viren, and now my mom? How dare she?
But wait? It’s like I’m jealous of her? Means Viren was right? I don’t hate her but I’m jealous of her?
No, no it’s cannot be, I hate her? Then if you hate her, why you are concern for her when she was sick, why you gift her anonymously in her birthday? Miss Ragini you love her, you care for her, but don’t want to admit that.

Dadi sees Ragini and signal Swara

Swara- Jhanki aunty, Can I call you Ma like Ragini and Viren does?

Jhanki- Of course beta, I don’t give you birth, but you are my husband daughter, so you have the right to call me, bari ma.

Shekhar and Sharmishta come, and Shekhar was happy, but Sharmishta don’t like it at all.

Sharmishta- Why Bari ma? I’m elder than you

Ragini- Because Aunty, my mom is the first wife of your husband that’s why. If you are not happy you can go

Swara- Ragini, don’t talk like with my mom, I don’t disrespect your mom, so do the same with mine.

Ragini- Respect must be earn, and your mom don’t deserved to be respect

Swara- Ragini it’s a limit for all

Ragini- That’s what I said it’s a limit for all, and my limit touch her end.

Swara- What do you mean?

Ragini- You will know fast enough

Jhanki- Ragini don’t you have shame to talk like this with elders?

Ragini- Mama you don’t begin, please

Jhanki- Why? You will disrespect me too?

Shekhar- Ragini bete…

Ragini- Please, you just stay out of this. Today if we are fighting is due to you only you. So you better stay away from this

Shekhar- I’m your dad, so I have the right to talk with you like this, and I’m in my home don’t forget that! SAMDJI?

Ragini- Which right you are calling you my dad? My dad is dead when he entered in this house with this woman!

Ragini get a tight slap, she was crying.

Ragini- Mama you slapped me?

Jhanki- This is how you talk with your father? I know he did a mistake, but it’s the past, overcome this.

Ragini- NEVER! Until this woman ( pointing to Sharmishta) are in this house, I will never forget the past! Today you slapped me for this man and woman, but tomorrow you will cry blood knowing the thruth!

Jhanki/Shekar/Swara- Which truth?

Ragini- Mama I will tell you something, I will never forget this slap, I never forget anything. Remember this!

With that Ragini take her keys and goes out with her cars.

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