Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 35 by LovelyAliya

Hey Lovelies, I’m sorry for the wait but I was busy with my exams and then my cousin bro died, he was dear to me, I didn’t have the mood to update my ff…

Leap of six years

You don’t what is waiting for you in the future if it’s not in your destiny you won’t get it, even if you ask God many times.

A woman was sleeping and a man was awake. The man was sitting and he is watching the moon. He was sad, his eyes show the pain and his redness eyes show how much he is hurt or maybe guilty.

The clock shows 12 p.m and he closes his eyes and the reopen them and read a letter. The letter was used, you can guess by the state of the letter that the reader read it a lot, and maybe know absolutely what it’s written.

Dear Sanskar,
if you are reading this letter that means I’m far away from you all. You know I always love you, since our college time till now. When you married Kavita I was sad but also happy atleast you will be happy. You always asked me why I never come to visit you, why I never call you, just one or two times in a year, I was never busy with dad business. It just that I tried to forget you, but I failed miserably. When Kavita died I came to support you, not with the hope that someday you will be mine, but with the hope that you will be happy, but then again I have to go back to Australia. I never fail to call your mom, to have some news about you. Then when your mom calls my dad to invite us to your remarriage with Ragini, I lost all my hopes again, then again I was happy for you atleast now you will be happy.
Then you divorce Ragini and felt in alcohol, your mom called me and ask me to help you, I’m the one who can cure you. I accepted because I thought that I forget you long back ago, but I was wrong, helping you made me love you more than before.

You always ask me why I didn’t get married, because I was waiting for you, just you.
You know, now when I have you, I got you, I have to leave you, that ironic no?
Yes I have you, I got you, but I will never be Kavita or Ragini, I’m Anushka your best friend, I will never get the love that you gave Kavita or Ragini.
When I saw you two in your room, naked, I was very hurt, how could you? I thought we were best friend, you should have told me that you still want her, you should have share it with me, but no! Then I thought that it was an impulsion because after years you were seeing each other. I was a hope that we can be together despite that, little did I know that my dreams will again fall in the hell.

After one month, I learn that Ragini was pregnant with your child, you know what I smile. Destiny didn’t wish us to be together before and still now.
I cannot be selfish, I cannot let you two apart while you two love each other hugely. I cannot let this child be away from his dad and I know you always want a child.
You don’t have the right to be angry with my decision, I always took good ones. I know Ragini and you will be happy, and you will be a fantastic dad.
I cannot ask you to be your wife in your next birth because Ragini loves you a lot, and I’m sure Kavita also. I got tough competitor.

I don’t know when I will come again in your life, maybe I won’t again, God know. First I have to erase all the love I have for you, then one day I will come again.
I won’t ask you to forgive me because I’m going before telling to you, but trust me seeing your love with someone else hurts a lot.

Don’t be sad or angry with you, you always had this ego, Ragin did this because of her little brother, I’m sure if it was you, you won’t think again to save your baby sister hai na?
Forget and forgive what Ragini did. All the family wants her again in your life. Forget the family deep inside you, you want her beside you not me. I was just there to help you to recover, times that Ragini comes again in your life. You should start again your life with her, it was always Ragini and you know.

I won’t say that I’m happy neither I’m sad, maybe this time I will forget you.

Be happy and always love your family.

Anuskha Singh

A drop of tears came off his eyes and he remembered his past.


Everyone was sleeping, just three souls were awake.
Sanskar, Ragini, and Anushka. The three were in their minds thinking about the recent past. Each of them thinks with a different feeling, one with guilt, one with pain and the last with a mixed of happiness and guilt also.

Starting with Sanskar, he was on his balcony remembering his last encounter with Ragini, her happiness, her moans and the last the shocked and pained face of Anu. He shut his eyes and let out a big sigh

– How can I do this with my best friend, the one who always supports me! I don’t know how she will react. Obviously, idiot, she will not be happy. I know she doesn’t love me but it’s pained to see your fiance with his ex-wife. I should ask her forgiveness and explain her… Yeah, it’s the right thing to do, I’m going right now…
Wait it’s already late, I will speak to her tomorrow.

Anu was in her room, crying? no… she is silently watching the moon.

– Maybe I was never meant to be his and he was never meant to be mine.

She smiles sadly

– I was the one who supports him all the time, do I not deserve his heart, his love, his care? The one who snatches his happiness is the one who can give him his happiness. I was a fool to believe that he will one day love me, but what can I do?

My heart never listens to my brains. My heart always seeks pain, maybe in my previous birth I was a bad person and I’m paying it now. Oh God, I never ask you anything, now when I’m asking you something you refuse to give it to me? When my mom died, I never ask you to give her back to us. When Sanskar told me that he love Kavita, I backed off and let him live his life with his love, again I didn’t ask you anything. When Sanskar divorce Ragini, I asked you for the first time to let me be his wife, you gave me the hope and then shattered it the next hour. Still, I cannot be angry with you, because Mumma always said: ” What God has foreseen nothing can stop him”.
She continues to think about it and watching the moon.

Ragini was in his room, she was happy because Sanskar and her were one again, but she is guilty also because Anushka saw them together.

– God kya maine kya kiya? How could I be so unresponsible? I was so lost in my think and I let Sanskar… No, it was not his fault but mine, I should be more responsible, I lost all my capability.
She was just engaged to Sanskar, just one hour and… Oh God… What must she feel? seeing us like this? and she didn’t say a single word?

She was in her room for hours and then come down again with a smile. I know it was just a facade, she cried a lot and I saw in his eyes a lot of feelings of pain, betrayal, love…
She loves Sanskar a lot, maybe more than me. She didn’t say a single word, everyone thought it because she was shy, but no, what can she say: ” Hello, I’m smiling but you know what I saw my fiance and his ex-wife sleeping with each other, but a part that everything is ok”
Maybe I should talk to her? Maybe if I’m explaining her everything she will help me to be with Sanskar?

But she loves him how can she help me?
Wait a minute, why I should be sad for her, I mean I’m still Sanskar legally weds wife so it’s my right to be with him. Sanskar gives me divorce, but I never sign them, and he never asks me also. He wants me to be out of his life but I never wish this.

Oh God, why I’m thinking like this now, like a selfish woman… Where I was when Sanskar need me? I did a mistake in the past and I’m doing another mistake with Anushka.
Please, God help me, I love Sanskar, I love him a lot, I know I did a sin but please don’t punish me like this.
She goes to sleep with a strain of her tears

Next day in Maheshwari Mansion, everyone was talking around the table. One seat was vacant and it was Anushka sit. Sanskar search her everywhere in the mansion. Ajay come to him and ask him

Ajay- Good morning son-to-be-in-law, what are you searching this morning?

Sanskar- Uncle wo I’m searching Anu

Ajay- What uncle, call me papa or dad, after all, I’m going to be you father-in-law soon. You know Sanskar, I was leaving abroad with Anusha for a long time, I’m a modern father, I always wish the best for my daughter, though you were married twice, I was afraid that my daughter will never get a lovely family like yours. I hope you will love her like I love her, maybe more than I do. She deserves your love, and she deserves to be loved.
Anu goes to the office early, maine mana kiya but she was not in a mood to listen so I let her go.

Ek baat main samaj nahi ata, when Anu is like this, that means something is bothering her, and you know her Sanskar she won’t tell me until it’s really important, so I didn’t ask her more. Lekin kal se, yeh ajib lag raha hai, she doesn’t speak or sometimes she is far away from us, don’t know what is keeping her mind so busy.

Sanskar was very sad because the Anu he knows love speaking, and cannot keep quiet for a minute.

At Maheshwari office, Anushka was sitting and thinking about today morning. She came down early and was about to enter the kitchen but she heard Swara, Pari, and AP’ s convo.


Pari- Ma do you think it’s the right thing to do? I mean Sanskar don’t love Anu. How can she live like this?

Swara- To kya? Anu loves Sanskar a lot, I can see this in her eyes. She can be happy with Sanskar. Ragini gets her chance, she is my sister but she did a mistake by doing this. Don’t you remember how was Sanskar when he learned the truth? Don’t you remember how was Sanskar when he asks Ragini to go? Did Ragini accept her doings? Did she think about us? No, she thinks about her… She didn’t tell me anything and take her decision, because of her, my dad gets a heart attack. I should support Ragini I know, but the one who was with Sanskar was always Anu, I think she is the best for him.

AP was silent but then speak- Anu is sweet, she is our sun rays, she came in our life like a hope, she helps Sanskar, and I have seen the love in her eyes for Sanskar. Lekin Ragini, Ragini is Sanskar wife. Main mano ki Ragini ek galti ki hai lekin yeh saza bari hai.
I don’t know what to say, Ragini ek shikayaat karane ke liye ek mauka nahi diya. Till now I wish her to come to this house as Sanskar’s wife. I call Anu because she was his best friend, I never wish to give her some pains. I love her like my own daughter, how can I give her pain?

Swara- Why did you accept the proposal then? She will be shattered when she will come to know that you all don’t wish her to be your daughter-in-law?
I was the one who asks Sanskar, I’m also her culprit, she always thinks about other, she always put a smile on our face when we are sad. She never says bad about Ragini even when I was cursing her. I thought she was the one for Sanskar, and I still wish the same.

Pari- Swara bhabhi why are you angry like this with Ragini? Didn’t you forgive her?

Swara- I forgave her long time back, but the memories are here! When Laksh comes to home with a drunk Sanskar, I still remember. Every night, papa, Ardash bhai or Laksh have to go in search for Sanskar, and when Anu came, everything finishes. In one word Sanskar was right, in one week he stops alcohol and in one month he goes again at work. What Ragini did? She goes without turning to see how was the family, how was Sanskar? While Anu takes care of us, of him, we cannot forget this. Ragini cannot come now and reclaim her right. No, it’s so easy.

AP- Ragini did a mistake because she was still a child, lekin hum, bare, we should forgive them and show them the right path. Anu is our daughter but Ragini is our bahu

Swara- I know Ragini is still Sanskar’s wife but Anu made him a man again, help him to recover

Pari- Swara bhabhi I understand your point of view, and I’m sure Chachi also, but don’t forget that if Sanskar doesn’t love Anu, she won’t be happy, she cannot live with someone who already loves someone else. Will you be able?

Swara- I don’t know

Pari- I know you want Anu to get her love, but we cannot force Sanskar also.

Swara- Maybe you are right

Everything was heard by Anu, she heard silently and tears also come from her eyes. She goes before anyone saw her, but DP saw her crying and he also heard what they said.

End of Flashback

Anu watches her rings carefully, everything come to her mind, every word, every image. She was full now, she tried to be strong but cannot.

Anu- Ragini, Ragini, Ragini…

The intercom bip

Secretary- Ma’am a woman is here for you

Anu- Who’s that?

Secretary- Ragini Maheshwari

Anu- Ok let her come

Ragini enters in the cabin and they have a face to face.

Anu- So why did you come? To see if I’m sad or happy?

Ragini- No just to talk with you about

Anu- About Sanskar I presume? What is left to say?

Ragini- I’m still Sanskar’s wife, I never sign on these divorce paper, so technically…

Anu- So technically I’m the one who is between you two hai na?

Ragini- No, I’m mean yes

Anu- Where were you when Sanskar need you? Did you think about what you did? Why did you come now? When he is ok, why did you came in his life again? Cannot you see him happy? Or maybe you want to sleep with him just to rethink about the past? If you just want to sleep…

Ragini- STOP! I didn’t come here to be insulted
! I should be the one to insult you because Sanskar is my husband

Anu- Legally, in front of God no! And what you did was not less than a sin. Even a sl*t won’t do this! You were his wife not now, you are just a stranger better be in your limit

Sanskar came to Anu’s cabin but no one sees him

Anu- Just tell me, if you love Sanskar when he said to you to go why did you go? Why didn’t you tell him the truth? He would have helped you! You never love him, you just want him, you never trust him and his love. Why should I leave him for a woman who never loves him, just tell me why?

Ragini- See I came here because I thought you were sad because of what you saw but I was wrong

Anu- Sure, I’m happy to see the one whom I engaged sleeping with his ex-wife! Be in my place a minute, if I was Sanskar’s ex-wife and you were me, what would be your reaction? Will you be happy? No, you will angry, sad, you will feel betrayed but no, I don’t have the right to be like this, because my dad is happy with this engagement. I was also happy before seeing you both in Sanskar room.
But no again I have to compromise myself, for my dad, for the family… Khair, you came to say to me to be away from Sanskar? Unfortunately, I’m not like you, just because you said it, I won’t agree.

To be continued….

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