Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 34 by LovelyAliya

I know all of you don’t like Anu, the importance I gave her, but she is a real link to bring Ragsan together! I won’t reduce her importance neither I’m sorry

Chapter 34

Sanskar is alone in the Garden, Anu came here and put a hand on his shoulder

Anu- What make my best-friend so angry?

Sanskar was in no mood, but then calmly reply- Anu tum mere sab se khaas dost hai, and I don’t want to hide you anything. Your dad came to me with a proposition, he want me to marry you.

Anu was happy, and Sanskar continue- I know you don’t love me and I don’t love you

Anu knows he doesn’t love her, but listening to this pained her and think- Kaash Sanskar, kaash tum pata that ki main tuhme kitna pyaar karta hoon tudje!

Anu just calms herself and brush her tears- I know that you don’t love me, I will tell dad to forget this alliance!
She was about to go but Sanskar stops her- Wait Anu, I have not finished yet, I know we don’t love each other, but you were with me all the time, whenever I need you, you were beside me. I don’t know if you are ok, but I want to marry you.

Anu was more than happy, she wants to jump, scream aloud, but remind quiet. She just nods at Sanskar and he continues- I won’t hide this to you, I don’t know if I can love you the way I love Ragini, but one thing is sure, whenever you want a friend I will be there for you. I will be your husband in front of the world, but between us, we will just be friend, best-friend.

Anu was sad, heartbreaking, but then she said- Sanskar I just want you to be honest with me, please answer me!

Sanskar nod and she ask- Do you still love Ragini?

Sanskar- What the point of bringing her here?

Anu take his hand and with a shaking yet firm voice- Do you still love her? Yes or no?

Sanskar just shut his eyes and sight. Anu let off his hand and said- I have my answer, you don’t need to speak

Sanskar just let his frustration inside him and reply- I still love her, but I cannot forget what she did to me. I will never forgive her

But to his surprise, Anu was nowhere to be seen. He comes to the hall, everyone was drinking coffee. He come to Ajay and ask for Anu

Sanskar- Do you saw Anu?

Ajay- Yes, she told me that she want to get some fresh air, so she went to a long drive.

Sanskar- Oh ok, and my reply is yes, I will marry Anu

Ajay was happy, and everyone also, but sad because they still want Ragini to be here.

Ajay- I have to call Anu
He composes her number and she replies- yes dad?

Ajay looks at his cell and then reply- are you ok darling?

Anu compose herself and said- Yup handsome I’m fine anything urgent?

Ajay- Yes when you come I tell you

Anu- Anything serious?

Ajay- Not serious but important, you will be happy when you will hear

Anu- hum.. ok I will come right away

Anu cut the call and say- I know what you want to tell me, I sense in your voice how much happy you are, but I think I didn’t deserve Sanskar love that’s why the first time God send Kavita and then Ragini.
Tears were flowing in her eyes but she came back.

She composes herself and brings a smiling face to the family. Ajay was the first to see her

Ajay- Darling come! I want to say something to you

Anu fake a smile and came to her dad- Yes handsome?

Ajay- I have ask Sanskar to marry you and he accepted, so the engagement is fixe and it will help by tomorrow, isn’t great?

Anu just smile and nod- Handsome, I’m sleepy, I will go and sleep

Ajay- Are you ok darling?

Anu- Yes handsome

Ajay- You don’t look happy?

Anu- I’m happy, I’m really happy, after all I’m getting my love hai na?

Ajay was not convinced, he know his daughter, and this is not the Anu who madly love Sanskar. Something is wrong, he look at Anu who was looking at Sanskar’s back.
Ajay- You go darling

Anu just nods and goes to her room tears flowing in her eyes. She enters her room and saw a picture of her and Sanskar and say- You know what, I’m very unlucky, see tomorrow is our engagement and neither of us is happy. Ragini is blessed to have you, even if she is far away from you she have your love, the love I craved to have. I’m jealous of her, I won’t deny she is lucky to have you.
Deep inside, I want to believe that someday you will love me, but I know you won’t.


Ragini’s dadi was on phone and was speaking to someone. Ragini came down and saw her dadi speaking and it was clearly seen on her face that she is worried.

Dadi- Ji AP ji hum aaenge…. Ji 13 P.M Namaste
Dadi turn around and see Ragini

Ragini- Dadi kiska phone tha?
Thought she know she just want to confirm it

Dadi- Wo AP ji ki hai, she was informing us that there was a function to their house, and hence we are invited.

Ragini- That’s great, I will get a chance to saw them

Dadi- Ye… Yes

Ragini is doubtful why dadi is behaving weird like this, but she drop her thought aside and then comes to Viren.

Ragini- Chote, did you heard that we are invited at Maheswari’s mansion.?

Viren- Ya Dadi just told me, but Di why are you reacting like this?

Ragini- I’m happy, I will get a chance to speak to them and ask for forgiveness and maybe I will patch up with Sanskar.

Viren- Maybe, Di I’m tired, see you tomorrow ok

Ragini- Chotte, you didn’t eat anything, how can you go and sleep?

Viren- I’m not hungry, you carry on, mom finished her dinner.

Ragini- Ok bye chotte.
Ragini thought it really weird. She had her dinner and goes to sleep, she was happy.

Ragini- Tomorrow I will ask them for forgiveness, I’m sure they will forgive me. I will ask Sanskar too, I will explain him everything.


Next day at Gagodia’s mansion

Ragini wakes up late and then goes downstair. Everyone was doing their chores like everyday, Ragini tries to talk to them, but they quickly give a reply and point to be noted, they didn’t meet her eyes while speaking, even her mom. This was the drop of water that overflows the vase.

Ragini- Mama, why you all are like this?

Janki- Like what?

Ragini- You didn’t talk to me properly and don’t look at my eyes!

Janki- Why should I look into your eyes?

Ragini- uffo mama…

Janki- Ok ok next time I will loke into your eyes when I speak to you khush?

Ragini- Mama that not what I mean

Janki- Uffo laado, please hurry up

Ragini- Yeah We are going to Maheswari hai na?

Janki- We?

Ragini- Yeah dadi told me

Janki- No, just Viren, maaji and papaji who will go, not you!

Ragini- Mama I want to ask them for forgiveness

Janki- Do you think among all the people they will get time to listen to you?

Ragini- Mama they will

Janki- Laado don’t argue, you won’t go

Viren came and then said- Mama let her if you will try to…

Janki- Chotte you stay away from this matter, she will not go, I’m her mother I know what it’s good for her and what not.

Janki goes upstairs being angry and Viren follows her leaving a numb Ragini.
She follow them but get shocked

Viren- Mama why don’t let her go? One day she will know the trust

Janki- How will she react to see her love getting engaged to some other woman? How? I’m her mother, not her enemy! She won’t be able to see that

They heard a noise and turn to see a crying Ragini. They come to her and she cry hugging her mom

Ragini- I deserve this mama, I know

Janki shush her and she continues- But I will go, giving this lucky woman my wishes.

Janki- Are you sure Laado?

Ragini- Yes mama


Everyone come down, Sanskar was in his 3 pieces black suit Armani, he was looking damn handsome, and Anu come down wearing a beautiful blue navy and gold lehenga, she was looking dull, but then put a fake smile on her face. Sanskar wants to talk to her but she remains busy with relative.

Gagodia’s came and Ragsan sees each other.
Ragsan wants to run and hug each other, but then reality stroke Sanskar and he turns away. Tears fall from Ragini’s eyes, she wants to go to Sanskar, hug him, telling him that she loves him a lot, she never want to hurt his feeling. She just want to be with him, feeling him.
Sanskar looks at Ragini and thinks- You are always the same, you didn’t change. How much I want to be with you, but what you did, I cannot, I just cannot! He shut his eyes.

Anu saw them and tears flow from her eyes. When she was about to go to Ragini, her dad come on stage and say

Ajay- Ladies and gentleman, First I want to thank you all that you join us for this marvelous journey. Like you all know, today it’s my priceless daughter and my friend son’s engagement. Sanskar beta, Anu darling come

They come on stage and Ajay request them to exchange the ring. They did under the happy eyes of Ajay and teary eyes of Ragini. She cannot see that so she goes upstair. Sanskar saw that and after all ritual ends, he excuses himself and follows Ragini, he knows where she will be.

He comes to his room and saw her looking at his photo. Ragini senses him and turn around. Tears full in her eyes, she came near him and said

Ragini- Congratulation Sanskar

Sanskar- Thank you Ragini

After a long silence, Ragini said- Sanskar ek akhri baar can I hug you?
Sanskar hesitates and Ragini saw that with a heavy heart, she start to go out, but Sanskar stops her and hug her. Sanskar didn’t want to let her go, after a long time, his love, his life was in his embrace. Same was with Ragini she didn’t want to let Sanskar go, she just wants to be in his embrace forever.
Ragini break the hug and said- I’m sorry Sanskar, I never want to …
Sanskar put his finger on her lips and said- shuu, I just want to feel this moment with you.
Sanskar comes to her lips and starts kissing her like there is no tomorrow. The kiss becomes a passionate one and in no time they were on the bed. It was like the heaven, they feel each other after so much time, and then they make love, forgetting what their situation is.

Downstair Anu search Ragini and didn’t find her, so she look for Sanskar, but they were nowhere to be seen. She decides to go to Sanskar room, she excused herself then go upstair. She finds the door open, and she enters, but then what she was shattered, all her dreams, all her thought. She saw Sanskar happily hugging Ragini, their clothes downstair and a sheet on them. Tears were flowing a lot, she want to go away, and then she doesn’t know how, but she make some noise, and Ragsan looks up. They saw a crying Anu and then they understand what they did. Before Sanskar can speak something Anu comes to her room and look at the ring on her hand.

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