Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 33 by LovelyAliya


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Chapter 33


Viren comes to his sister’s room and was crying. It’s hurt him to see his sister like this, and mentally he is thinking that he was at fault. He made his mind and put a smile on his face

Viren- Di why are you crying?

Ragini hugs her brother- Chotte, how can they judge me like this? I just want to save your life, if anything happened to you I would never forgive myself. Why they don’t understand me? Why do they think I’m at fault? Loving his baby brother is a sin?

Viren shush her and give her side hug- Di why you are worrying like this?

Ragini- Because even a stranger is pointing my character

Viren sight- Anu is not like this! You know Di, they are a good friend. They shared everything, and when you and jiju are divorced, she was a mental support to him. She didn’t know your existence, she never wants to know. She doesn’t hate you, even if she said the opposite, she just unhappy that you make her best friend suffer. I’m sure she will herself come to you and ask your forgiveness because she was never rude to anyone.
Whenever I saw her I saw ma, she is selfless, always want everyone happy. I always said her that her parents choose the wrong name for her, they should call her Khushi, it’s more her.

Ragini- I think she took my place in everyone heart

Viren- Di it’s not like that, why I think you are jealous of her?

Ragini- Chotte, I’m not jealous of her, but I don’t think she has the right to judge me

Viren- Maybe she don’t have the right to judge you, but being a close friend to jiju she has this right, atleast Jiju give her this right.

It pained Ragini to heard that Sanskar gave a right to a stranger, she was his wife, no ex-wife. She don’t have any right on him now, she lost all her right when she left his house.
Ragini was in her thought when Viren shake her- Di where are you lost come

Ragini- Yeah I will freshen up and come
She goes to washroom and Viren just look at her back and think- I know you still love Jiju, but he hates you a lot. I never saw him like this, I’m afraid if he saw you what he will do to you?

Ragini came back and they go to do they shopping.


AT Maheswari

Anu came back, and was disturb- How can I be rude to her? No! she deserves everyone hatred, but does everyone hate her? Just saying her name everyone cried, what if she want to come back to Sanskar? No, I have lost him once now I will fight for my love.

She was in her thought and her dad saw this, so he came to her
Ajay- Darling what happened?

Anu- Dad can I ask you a question?

Ajay- off course darling

Anu- Dad what if a friend of mine did a big mistake who can be compared to a sin, and another friend was rude to the person? Do you think it’s bad?

Ajay- Say it clear darling

Anu sight and say- I came to know that Uttara’s fiancΓ©, means Viren is Sanskar 2nd wife’s brother, and I meet her today. I was rude to her, but now I’m feeling that I shouldn’t do this.

Ajay take her daughter into his embrace and said- You know why I love you this much? Because you are a carbon copy of your beloved mom. If she hurt someone she will feel suffocated, she cannot be angry at someone. Coming to this story, you shouldn’t have done this because it’s between her and Sanskar. You should remain a third person, you cannot be rude toward her.

Anu sight- I know Dad, but you know I cannot see Sanskar in pain

Ajay- I know because you love him right

Anu comes to her sense and pulls apart with her dad- No… No nothing like that dad.
And she goes to her room

Ajay in mind- Anu you love Sanskar, I can see love in your eyes whenever you talk with him, you see him. You are deeply in love with him, but you don’t want to broke your precious friendship.

He smiles and goes toward Sanskar room, he knocked and wait for a reply. Then Sanskar reply and he entered

Sanskar- Are uncle you here? any problem?

Ajay smile and pat his back- Why? Cannot I come here?

Sanskar- nothing like that uncle, tell me?

Ajay- Sanskar I think me and Anu will shift to our house! Now I’m here, we should move and…

DP who were coming says- You can go, but let my daughter here.

Ajay- she is my daughter first, so we will shift

DP- No

Ajay- DP please don’t be stubborn! You are becoming like a child day by day, this is the side effect of Anu

DP- Ok you want me to act like a mature person, you cannot let her go, it’s also her house. She grew up here, it’s like her house

Ajay- Sanskar samjao tumhare dad ko! Anu is a young lady, she should get married by now, I won’t be here for eternity, that’s why I’m shifting. I have some friends and business partner, I’m sure she will get her happiness.

DP- I know she should get married but she is young

Sanskar- Uncle, I think dad is right, Anu is young, she has a beautiful career in front of her. She should concentrate on her career

Now it was Swara who came to propose some drink and heard they convo- Papa, uncle I think I have a solution for you all

Ajay and DP turn to her- What?

Swara- Simple, make Anu this house DIL and your two problems is solved.

Sanskar who heard what she said, came to her and with an angry tone said- I hope you understand what you said! I ‘m not a toy, you cannot decide this at my place

Ajay- Beta shant to jao, and she is not wrong, I was thinking the same.

Sanskar was shocked- WHAT?

Ajay- look bete, what happened in past is past! I’m not old fashion to think that you cannot remarry or a girl should not marry a widow or a divorced man. I know Anu would be happy with you, I just want safeguard my daughter future, I never ask you, but for me and your chote mami, please for her memory. She always wants you to be her damai, please. Atleast not for us but for Anu

Sanskar- I need time

Ajay- Atleast you didn’t say no, thank you

Sanskar- I didn’t say yes also

All was heard by Anu, she was happy finally she will get her love, but get disappointed with Sanskar reply

Sanskar gets out and didn’t notice Anu and Swara follow Sanskar to a garden. Sanskar was very hell angry

Swara came to him and put a hand on his shoulder, he turn around, and he was more angry to see Swara

Sanskar- HOW DARE YOU SWARA? WITH WHICH RIGHT YOU DECIDE THIS? for god sake I was your sister’s husband, how can you think I can give her place to someone else????

Swara calmly said- You was saying the same thing for Kavita, then you learn to love Ragini

Sanskar- the difference is that Kavita is dead but your sister is still alive

Swara- But you said that she is dead for you, look Sanskar, I’m not selfish like her, I want your happiness. I know Anu can give you this happiness. I don’t know if I’m doing right or wrong, I know I’m doing wrong toward Ragini, but she betrays me and more than this she betray you. I cannot forgive her, even if she had saved our brother’ life. I was ready to do all the test, but she was stubborn and didn’t listen to me. After one month I discovered that she was pregnant

Sanskar stop her and said- Don’t make me remember the past Swara, I know she deserves my hatred, but Anu don’t deserve my coldness, I cannot give her the happiness she wants.

Swara- Think again Sanskar, I have seen love in her eyes for you, and you too deserve some happiness in your life.

That was a blow for Sanskar, but he prefers to ignore this statement of Swara.

Recap- Sanskar decision

New Characters

Anushka Singh- Played by the beautiful Krystal D’souza ( Best friend of Sanskar and secret lover too)
Ajay Singh- Played by Hiten Tejwani ( dad of Anu)

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  5. yaa this anu making awesome ff boring plzzzz ragsan moment and past reveal next part soon plzz

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