Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 30


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Leap of 5 years

A room filled with darkness is shown. Someone came and pull the curtains letting the sunray enter the room. A lady come over the bed and try to wake a person up.

Lady- Utho

Person- Sone do na ma

Lady- Nahi Laado, today you have to go back to India
( The person is none other our Ragini)

Ragini- Ma I know that's why I don't want to go

Janki- I understand your feeling

Ragini wakes up with moist eyes- how can I face him, he hates me, mama, I have lost my right on him

Janki- You did what you thought to be good, you cannot erase the past, but you can make a better future.

Ragini- I don't know mama, my heart is saying that I did wrong, but my mind said I'm right, he has to support me, encourage me

Janki- You told him a lie, a big lie Laado


In India at Maheswari office

Woman- Sir, this is the file of Mr. Richards

Man- Thank you Anu

Woman- Sanskar be professional, please
( Yes the man is our hero Sanskar)

Sanskar- Are Anu you are my best friend, atleast I can call you by your nickname in my cabin, no one will hear us

Anu- I know Sanskar, but I'm not comfortable, you know I came here to make a name for myself, but because of Dad I cannot.
She pouts and Sanskar smile

Sanskar- You succeed my dear, see you came here and now you are my partner in a short time, I'm proud of you

Anu- Yeah now dad will tell me to marry, maybe it's not a bad idea

Sanskar- Poor guy, who will marry you?

Anu glare at him- You are here for me, you will marry me!

Sanskar face change- Anu please, don't talk to me about marriage, I hate this word

Anu comes to him and held his hand- No Sanskar, you don't hate marriage, you just hate this woman, who destroy you

Anu ( in mind)- Since college, I love you Sanskar, I won't let you be sad, I don't know what happened with this girl, but I will heal you. It's my promise, It's your Anu promise, I will make you fall for me, you will always be happy.

Precap: What happened to Ragsan? Why they are separated? Why Sanskar hate Ragini? What did Ragini do?

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