Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 3


First I want to thanks you all for your comment! I’m glad that you love it. Regarding the pair, I have not deciding yet maybe some of you will be unhappy or happy I don’t know, but in the case I make the pair without your liking would you stop reading? Sometimes we want a thing but what is writing is better 😉 My opinion :p Be patience Sanskar and Laksh will make their entry later. Enjoy <3 And yes someone guess was right

Recap- Viren birthday; Swaragini's fight; Shekar slapping; Dadi; Viren and Swara plan to unite Swaragini; New entry

Voice- Viren you won't welcome me?
Viren run to the person and hug him tight. Dadi too was shocked and happy too.

Viren- Di this is the best gift ever. I don't want anything now

Ragini- Chotte, it's my pleasure!

Viren- Mama I miss you so much!
(Yes the person is none other Janki)

Janki- Mera beta! She kiss him all over his face. I cannot see you after the delivery! If not Ragini, I won't be able to recognize you. I miss you all very much

Janki sees dadi and come to her- Maa ( she bend own to take her blessing but Ragini stop her)

Ragini- Rukko ma, Doctor said you don't have to bend down, because you are still weak

Janki smile, but take the blessing and said- Laado nothing will happened if I touch ma's feet. It's a benediction for me.

Dadi hug Janki and cry- Meri bahu, in these 15 years I miss you so much

Janki- Ma you miss your bahu or your daughter?

Dadi- My daughter. Laado today you have not gift Viru but all the family. I will call your grand-father. Shekar ki papa come down I have a surprise for you, In fact Ragini have a surprise for us.

Just then Shekar, Sharmishta come to see why Dadi was screaming like this. Shekar and Sharmishta was shocked to see Janki here. Shekar come to Janki but Ragini seeing this tell

Ragini- Don't be so shocked Mr GAGODIA, my mother is alive today because of me, not you. Don't come near her, like I stop you to see Viren I will never allow you to come near my mom

Janki- Ragini don't speak like this! Every human being make mistake, if God can forgive then why we cannot

Ragini- Because I'm not God, and I cannot forget the day doctor come to me and said my mama was dead.


Little Ragini was with Dadi. She is crying, then doctor come out the OT and said

Doctor- I'm sorry, we cannot save your bahu. Everyone was shocked, Dadi, dada, Shekar was crying. Sharmishta and Swara was sad too.

Ragini- No this cannot happened, my mama cannot died, she promise me that she will be with me and chotte baby. She will play with us, she cannot go.
Little Ragini come to see her ma. The nurse was covering her with a blanket. Ragini climb a stool and uncover her mom

Ragini- Mama see your Laado is here, you cannot leave me, you cannot leave chotte baby. You promised me that you will play with us, you will go with us to my competition. Mama please wake up, I know you are sleeping. Theses doctor don't know you but your Laado love you a lot, please see, hear my heartbeats, see how it was racing. You know mama I cannot sleep without seeing you.
She cried and say- If you want I will not talk to papa. I will hate him if you want but please come to me.
Nurse come and see Ragini crying uncontrollably. Nurse try to take her out but Ragini hold her mom tightly.
Ragini- Ma please… Choro mudje… Mama wake up, I promise you from today I will hate dad… Choro, choro, mama needs me.

Janki breath heavily, she has some tears in her eyes. Ragini sees that and is happy

Ragini- I know my mom will never leave me and chotte baby.
Nurse take this chance and take Ragini out, and then inform the doctor, who came hurriedly.

After sometime doctor came out the OT

Doctor- I don't know what happened but Janki is alive, but she is in coma. I don't know when she will wake up. I'm sorry I cannot say it's a good news, because in that case, sometimes patient's brain don't react and then it's can be complicate.

Dada- What complication?

Doctor- like memory loss, some inefficiency in legs, arms, or brains.

Dada- If you can cure her, please do it

Doctor- I'm sorry, just pray to God, because we don't have technological advance for this type of patient. I will try my best to keep her brains active, don't worry.

Flashback end

Ragini was crying, Shekhar has tears too in his eyes. He know he break the innocence of little Ragini, inside she is still a child.

Janki come to her and hug her- Laado don't cry I'm fine now. You cannot speak to your dad like this.

Ragini- He lost this right when he choose this women over us.

Janki- Meri Laado, you know what happened is the past, forget this past.

Ragini- By forgetting the past, will I get the 15 years without my mother? Will Viren grow up with his mother's love? Nahi, nothing can happened by forgetting the past.

Janki- I know you are hurt by your dad deed. I'm sure he is repenting, but he did all this before our marriage.

Ragini- No ma I'm not mahaan like you. You may forget the past, you may forgive this man because he is your husband, but I cannot forget all the birthday of Viren without you, when he cried to have a mother beside him. I cannot forget his tears, nor his pain.

Janki- You cannot or you don't want? Laado, sometimes you have to think before talking. He is your dad, you want or you don't want this won't change. I know I cannot forgive your dad marrying another woman without asking me, or talking to me, but we cannot change the past.

Ragini- Maa, I cannot and don't want too! I'm sorry but I cannot forget all and act being happy around him. Every time I saw him, I saw you crying, I saw Viren crying. You can talk to him if you wish, I won't stop you, I'm no one to stop you talking with your husband. And please stop this, today is Viren birthday, so be happy. I will go upstair, you guys carry on.

Janki- Laado…
Ragini goes upstair not listening to her mother. Ragini come to her room crying.

Ragini- God, I know I don't have to behave like this. I know it's not Swara's fault neither I'm at fault. I cannot see my dad with two wives. How can I see my mothers home wrecking? In these 15 years dad was happy without my mom, after all he get his first love, what my mom fault. She loves dad a lot, why you did this God?

Viren enter the room and sees Ragini crying. He feel bad to her di like this

Viren- Di don't cry. Today is my birthday, you don't have to cry.

Ragini hug Viren- Chotte, I'm sorry I mess up your birthday.

Viren- Di are insane? You give me this beautiful gift, that's my mom. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Basically I have to eat mom head, because of puberty, but I won't because I miss her so much, that I won't let her complain about me. Di mama was right you have to forget the past.

Ragini- Chotte, please stop…

Viren- I know what you will say “ You were not here when dad ditch mom, you don't see her crying, you don't see her in Ot ect…”
Yes I don't see her, and I don't wish too, because this past made you away from Swara di, from dad, and today from ma. If she can forgive dad, why not you? It was her who suffer not you. You suffer because she suffer. And because you suffer I'm in pain too. You Di, you are like my mother, not like but is my mother, and dad. You are my everything, I cannot go against you, but you choose the wrong path. You taught me to respect elder, but you don't respect them. You hate Swara Di, but I don't think you hate her. I think you are jealous of her, because she have dad love, and a mom love too. You think she have all and you are alone, that's why you don't like her. I know you love her too, deep inside you, you know that she is not at fault, but you think the world is your enemy. I'm not your enemy, I'm your little brother, and as a brother I want to tell you I want to far away from you. But if you continue to be stubborn, you will loose everything. You are still have time to give them a second chance, like mama did.

With that Viren goes out, and Ragini get thinking.

Credit to: Lovely

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