Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 29


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Ragini enters the house like a princess, she was welcomed warmly everyone was happy! Parineeta too was happy but she could not see another woman in place of her cousin sister, Kavita.

Parineeta ( in mind)- Kavita, I know you are happy with this wedding, I know you want Sanskar to move on and lead a happy life, with a good girl. Ragini is very sweet, sometimes when I see her, I saw you, she is very kind, she likes helping other. She helps Sanskar to move on, but she never tells him to forget you, she is a gem. I missed you Kavita, really I missed you very much. When she wait to enter the house, I was recalling when you enter this house with Sanskar, beautiful, smiling nervously. I was teasing you and you were blushing. I missed those moments when you were with me, pulling my legs, cooking with me, talking with each other. I’m happy that Sanskar is happy, look at him, how happy he is! Do you think he loves Ragini? Or he just sees you in Ragini? Mano ya na mano, Ragini aap ki tarah jaise hai! She is not your look alike, but her manners, her smile, her attitude is like you. I hope Sanskar love her very much because she is very sweet! I know I cannot give her your place, but I will regard her like my sister.

Parineeta quickly wipes her tears and welcome Ragini with a smile. She put the sindoor taal down and Ragini put her feet in and walk into after pulling the rice pot with her right foot. Ragini bends down and touches AP, DP, RP and Sujata’s feet. They blessed the couple, and now it was the time for some other ritual or fun.
Swara comes with a bowl full of milk and petal rose and put a ring down. She mixed it and wish a best of luck to them.

Ragini was searching the ring, while Sanskar was just teasing her. He takes her hand and doesn’t let her searching the ring. Finally, Ragini gets the ring and Swara pout.

Swara- Yeh kya hai Jiju? Aap har gaye

Ragini- Oye nautanki, tum meri behen ya unki?

Sanskar get up and hug Swara, shocking Ragini and Swara.
Sanskar- Nahi yeh meri behen, choti behen, tum ko koi samsya hai?

Ragini pout and Laksh come to Ragini and hug her, much to the displeasure of Sanskar and Swara- Koi baat nahi Rags, tumhare best friend is her, so no worries.

Ragini side hugs Laksh and shows her tongue to Swasan- Chalo, kam se kam koi hai jo mere bare main parvah hai.

Parineeta comes- Of course Ragini and Laksh, you are not alone, I’m with you in this clan.

Ragini was touched, she knows how much Parineeta love Kavita, it was tough to see her in Kavita’s place.

Sanskar- That’s not fair babhi, you are always opposite to me!

Parineeta- Kyunki main janti hoon tumhara asli chehra, you will team up with her sister and leave her alone! So, me and Laksh will team up against you two.

Ardash- Nahi Pari, this is not fair, I cannot let my brother along against you three, you will make their life miserable

Parineeta- What do you mean? Am I making your life hell? bolo?

Ardash stammers- N.. Na… Nahi, maine kab kaha ki tum meri life narak bana rahe the?

Parineeta- How mean Ardash, see now I will really make your life like a hell, you will see!
She says that and turns around. Ragini looks at them and comes to her

Ragini- Oye Bhabi, don’t be angry at him, he loves you a lot.

Parineeta- Ragini don’t fall into their trap, they are very cunning. They will talk to you nicely, but this is just a pretense. Theses Maheswari brothers are very cunning!

Laksh- This is not fair bhabhi, I’m in your team, and you are telling that I’m like theses boys ( pointing to Sanskar and Ardash)

Ragini- Oho, stop it now! Bhabhi don’t worry I will be very careful now.

AP comes to them and say- Now stop with your fun! Pari bahu and Swara bahu go and take Ragini to her room.

Sanskar was about to go, but Laksh and Ardash stop him.

Laksh- Are are Sanskar bhai where are you going?

Sanskar- Obviously, I’m going to my room

Ardash- Hum Laksh, today Sanskar want to go to his room quickly?

Laksh- Haan bhai, see how his cheek start to become red

Sanskar- Uff stops pulling my leg yaar

DP- Uffo boys stop it! Today it’s his first night, let him enjoy

Sanskar- Dad you also?

DP- Oho what me also?

Sanskar- Nothing dad

DP- Go now, Ragini must be waiting

Sanskar goes upstair and goes directly to his room. He opens the door, but the door was locked. He was surprised and then knock

Swara- Jiju you cannot enter, I have the key of your room

Sanskar- What the?

Swara- Not what the?

Sanskar- Swara please give me the key now

Swara- No no, you have to pay me double, because Ragini is my sister, and I’m your Bhai’s wife! If you want to rejoin your wife, you have to fulfill my demand

Sanskar- What do you want?

Swara- I want two things. Firstly, I want you to keep her happy! I know you will, but she suffers too much during her childhood now I want her to be happy, to get the love, she craved for during her childhood. I’m her elder sister, but she always acts like my elder sister. She is more mature than me, she never thinks about her, but her loved ones are her priority! Now you are his priority, and I want her to be yours. I know you cannot give Kavita’s place to her, and I don’t want you to give her place, I want you to create a new place for her, create a heaven, a paradise for her! Don’t let a single tear to her! This is what we want, Viren and me. We want you both to be happy.

Sanskar- Don’t worry I will keep her happy, nothing can separate us!

Swara- And secondly, I want a cheque

Sanskar- What?

Swara- What what? We gives you our princess, I give you my choti, so as per tradition you have to give me my shagun

Sanskar- I don’t have my cheque book

Swara- Don’t worry, Parineeta bhabi give it to me, so you just have to sign on the paper!

Sanskar- alright
He sign on the cheque and Swara smile.

Swara- Good night jiju and wink at him

Sanskar open his room, and find Ragini waiting for him. She was neervous and look at him throught her veil. The room was beautifully decorated. Many Candle was adoring Ragini’s beauty, Sanskar come to her, and pull her veil. She look at him and Sanskar come near her, she was breathing rapidly. Sanskar kiss her forehead and say

Sanskar- Ragini I’m happy to have you in my life, I love you! I never thought that I will move on! Thank you for coming in my life

Ragini- Welcome my dear husband.

Sanskar look at her eyes naughtilly- So can I?

Ragini just nod and look down

Sanskar- I never knew that my Ragini is shy?

Ragini- Stop it Sanskar, I… I

Sanskar- I know, don’t worry I will be gentle

Sanskar kisses her neck and she shivers, Ragini shut her eyes, feeling shy. Slowly, Sanskar take off Ragini’s dress, she was now with her underdress. Ragini look at Sanskar and then start to pull of his sherwani. The light went off and they consumate they wedding. Two soul became one. Sanskar reborns and Ragini taste the pleasur for the first time. Sanskar was gentle with her, and after the consummation they sleep in each other arms.

NEXT DAY, Ragini was the first to wake up, but she was not able to go down, because of the pain, but she keep calm and doesn’t disturb Sanskar sleep.
She look at Sanskar with a smile and kiss his forehead, and was about to go, but Sanskar tighten his grip.

Sanskar in sleepy tone- Where are you going?

Ragini- Bathing?

Sanskar- We can go together, but for now sleep. It’s early, no one is awake at this time.

Ragini- Yes but I have to bath

Sanskar- Yes like every one, but don’t be unromantic
With that he pull Ragini to his chest, and hug her. This is your place near my heart

Ragini- Please Sanskar, it son’t be good, if I’m late today for my first day

Sanskar- Mom know that we are married, and newly couple need some privacy, don’t worry

Ragini- You won’t let me go hai na?

Sanskar- No, please just 5 min

Ragini smile at him and rest in his chest- Ok just 5 min

Sanskar nod in his sleep. After that Ragini get some sleep too, because being in his arm is a bliss. Sanskar is the one to wake up now, and look at Ragini lovingly. Ragini wake up and look at him, and smile at him

Sanskar- Good morning MRS Sanskar Maheswari

Ragini- Goog morning dear husband
Ragini kiss him, and then try to get up, but she get a small pain in her abdomen, and sit quickly.

Sanskar- What happened?

Ragini- Nothing

Sanskar pick her and goes to the bathroom, and they do they bath together. Sanskar was naughty and start to kiss her and they consummate again.

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